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Jarrett: "Just gotta keep doing what we're doing and we'll get there I think." by bleghfarec Feb 18
froyotech dominate Se7en, book ticket to Grand Finals by bleghfarec Feb 18
Ascent eclipse Velocity eSports, proceed to Lower Round of 4 by bleghfarec Feb 18
Velocity eSports and black swan to Lower Round of 6 by bleghfarec Feb 18
Se7en edge out over SVIFT NA, advance to Upper Bracket Finals by bleghfarec Feb 18
froyotech roll over Ascent in Playoffs opener by bleghfarec Feb 18
Rewind II group stage recap by bleghfarec Feb 17
Ready Up: Competitive Team Fortress 2 documentary premiere date revealed by Hudsen Feb 16
Rewind II viewer's guide by tsc Feb 15
2018 Copenhagen Games announced by Hudsen Feb 3
SVIFT drops out of ETF2L Season 29 by uberchain Jan 31
Ascent.EU rebuilds roster for ETF2L Season 29 by uberchain Jan 28
SVIFT NA rebuilds roster for Season 27 by Hudsen Jan 25
Running with Scizors returns to ESEA Invite by Tery_ Jan 23
Invite recruits Hooligans For Hire by Tery_ Jan 21
The Sparkle Gang signed by TFCrew by Tery_ Jan 21 updates for Season 27 by Tery_ Jan 20
Black Swan adds to their flock by Tery_ Jan 20
Velocity eSports picks up showstopper by Hudsen Jan 19
Se7en reforms roster for Rewind II by gemm Jan 17
SVIFT goes down under, picks up Mad Men by concorde Jan 16
Rewind II invites and closed qualifier announced by tsc Jan 14
Ascent reforms roster for ESEA Season 27 by Hudsen Jan 8
Lowpander disbands by uberchain Jan 7
froyotech parts ways with sigh, acquires yomps by Hudsen Jan 5
Rewind II details revealed by tsc Jan 3
RGB LAN 2 details announced by tsc Jan 3
yomps leaves Ascent by uberchain Dec 30
ESEA announces TF2 league changes by tsc Dec 25
Ascent undergoes roster shuffles by uberchain Nov 21
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