News Author Published
torrit..sukintoes hopes to set foot in Premiership by Aelkyr Jan 21
ozfortress Season 24 announced by obla Jan 21
ebsikl smashes his way into Invite by Recurse Jan 20
ETF2L Season 32 announced by Aelkyr Jan 18
Ascent.EU loses Elacour, goes all in with alle by Aelkyr Jan 15
Hell's Kitchen comes up to the pass by Recurse Jan 13
Meat Market restock with corsa, cukei, and Alex.exe by bleghfarec Jan 11
Mentality speed ahead with alfa and mirrorman by ire Jan 11
Ascent put a new Invite roster in their pocket by bleghfarec Jan 8
ozfortress' A Midsummer Night’s Cup #2 announced by tohca Jan 7
SVIFT.EU scoops up counou and moves to Faint Gaming by Aelkyr Jan 2
King's Crew ends interregnum with Rio and monsta by Recurse Jan 1
Velocity set a gold standard with a refreshed roster by Recurse Dec 29
ESEA Season 30 announced by ire Dec 17
froyotech adjust their aim back to yomps by bleghfarec Dec 16
AFLAN 2018 this weekend by Aelkyr Dec 13
Episode III cancelled by uberchain Dec 11
Velocity snip off Jarrett; glue on sighguy by Recurse Nov 22
ESEA Season 29 prize pool split announced by bleghfarec Nov 10
SVIFT EU loses marten, casts Ombrack as replacement by Aelkyr Nov 10
Ora Elektro starts Movember with some Scruff by Aelkyr Nov 5
ESEA introduces in-game medals for Invite by bleghfarec Oct 30
wer das liest ist doof rebuilds with Dr. Phil by Aelkyr Oct 30
The breaking of the fellowship by Aelkyr Oct 28
Ascent.EU saw opportunity with Connor as Nursey steps down by Aelkyr Oct 21
Se7en rubs shoulders with Domo as kaidus steps aside by Aelkyr Oct 20
Mentality bear a new Medic and Max out their roster by ire Oct 18
nunya forfeits the season by Aelkyr Oct 15
Faint Gaming passes out of Invite by bleghfarec Oct 11
OMNI5 ESports resurrect Goku to replace cin by Recurse Oct 7
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