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GlobalClan.EU evict nuthouse, annex z0diack
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November 11, 2020

Just before their Week 3 official in Premiership, GlobalClan.EU decided to cut their Scout nuthouse. GlobalClan.EU have had a rough start to the season, playing Ascent.EU and The Bus Crew in their opening two games. Against Ascent.EU, the favourites to win this season, GlobalClan.EU was only able to pick up a single round across two maps. And against the solid mid-table team The Bus Crew, they could only cap the last point twice. After these two rough openers, the decision was made to remove nuthouse from the roster and replace him with z0diack.

However after picking up z0diack, GlobalClan.EU had to play one of the toughest opponents they’ll face this season: SVIFT. SVIFT are my personal favourites to win this season, and GlobalClan.EU could not manage to scrape a round away from them. Although it may seem on paper that nothing has changed for them, this was not the best official to prove themselves in. As a lower-table Premiership team, they’ll want to play against some of other lower-table teams to prove the roster change was worth it.

So who is z0diack? z0diack has been knocking around in the higher divisions for a few seasons now, but this will be his first shot at playing and proving himself in Premiership. z0diack built up a reputation in the lower divisions for his mechanical ability with any class with a shotgun. There’s no better opportunity for a player to prove themselves in Premiership than with GlobalClan.EU: the team full of Premiership debuts. Other Premiership teams who will be looking to pick up a player or two next season will definitely be watching GlobalClan.EU for any potential talents that might be worth poaching.

We spoke with z0diack, smile, and troy about the new changes to the roster.


TEAMFORTRESS.TV: So, you're making your debut with a team full of players who have no prem experience. How do you feel about playing in a totally fresh prem team?

z0diack: I mean ixy has been playing since the dawn of time and was slaying in high when i was messing around in low but everyone else has the potential to play really well hopefully we can put up some good games against the lower half of prem

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Are you and the rest of the guys worried about changing the roster mid-season?

z0diack: I was worried coming in late to try and fit into my role but i did play with them before they were global clan in the preseason so i had an idea about what needed to be done

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Finally, do you think you guys have the potential to be the "best of the rest" and get 5th or maybe even 4th place?

z0diack: I feel we have the potential to get to mid table prem if we can improve throughout the season we could get 5th/6th, the top 4 teams in prem are pretty solid at the moment so i dont think personally we can break 4th place but if we can mint


TEAMFORTRESS.TV: So first question is obviously: what led to the decision to cut nuthouse?

smile: nuthouse would kinda just do his own thing, and we wanted someone who was more willing to coordinate plays with the rest of the team.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: So the team felt the need to switch him out even after only playing 2 very strong teams so far this season?

smile: Losing our first 3 officials had nothing to do with the decision. It was simply that his playstyle didn't combine well with everyone else's

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: How did you guys end up coming across z0diack and deciding to pick him up?

smile: He messaged me asking what happened to nuthouse I said that he got cut, I then asked him if he had any interest in playing and luckily for us he did.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Considering you guys have had probably the toughest games of the season already, what are your hopes for the rest of the season?

smile: Just to improve as a team and collect a couple of points in officials against the other bottom prem teams.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: So is it fair to say your current goal is to triumph over the other lower-table prem teams and aim for a solid 5th place?

smile: sure

Lastly, troy proved to me my literature degree is useless by flexing his writing skills on me:

Hello Demps, it is me, troy, how do i feel about cutting nuthouse and getting z0diack you have asked? why its quite easy let me explain it to you in a short yet descriptive text truly capturing my emotions. me and nuthouse went way back back to our days of playing tf2 bhop together as we were both very good and high level world record holders, i of course was the better of the two, we were married too and we loved playing together on the flank as we would hold hands at enemy gamers and nuthouse would give them the business and i was his motivational support, im sure he/she feels the same way. when smile decided he didnt like playing with nuthouse because nuthouse was tall strong and beautiful and smile himself is a field goblin, all of us were gutted to have our favourite anime lover gone from the squad of gamers, im still struggling with alcohol to this day. smile didnt even suggest any scouts to any of us on the team over at goblinclan.europe he just got shappie and mr 6ft 3 z0diack. shappie had intercourse in his trial but that wasnt enough to impress the danish legend that is smile, then when mr 6ft 4 z0diack joined he instantly impressed us all with his exotic accent and told us he was 6ft 5, zod literally went absolutely bizarre in his trial, swooning us all with his accent and yorkshire speech which is way better than ascends accent and ascend is only 5ft 6 while as ive said zod is 6ft 6. z0diack also helps with correcting smiles calls when his 2 braincells are going head to head on if we should go for a demo solo when enemy team is on gully last and z0d tells him right off. z0dders is also one of the only brits whos accent doesnt make me want to commit warcrimes. thank you for reading my really good and cool interview, i hope you all enjoy this and dont bother with smiles interview as smiles fingers are broken and he cannot type rn but his interview is also a lie and utter poo. thank you. represented by HENCH GAMING

Going into Week 4, GlobalClan.EU is:

  • Scout: z0diack
  • Scout: ixy
  • Roamer: troy
  • Pocket: fugazi
  • Demoman: smile
  • Medic: greenrab
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troy once again being mvp

troy once again being mvp
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smile has an english flag lol virgin

smile has an english flag lol virgin
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I'm not a Brit >:(

I'm not a Brit >:(
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Definitely a risky cut...

Definitely a risky cut...
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congrats on no longer being a brit smile im proud of u

congrats on no longer being a brit smile im proud of u
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Ixy has been cutting people to get to the top since 2015.
Never trust that sneaky snake.

Ixy has been cutting people to get to the top since 2015.
Never trust that sneaky snake.
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