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#13 Rename Whitelist.tf in TF2 General Discussion

bad attempt at a shitpost

posted 2 days ago
#5 dexter’s lab goes off the air in News

welcome to the team Failure. you'll fit right in ;)

posted 2 days ago
#52 Environments - TF2 Edit in Videos

racist transphobe cant handle having to actually defend his beliefs! more news at 8

posted 1 week ago
#4 6s role carry potential order discussion in TF2 General Discussion

i actually agree that roamer has a higher carry potential than pocket, just most players dont reach that potential. mike showed what a roamer constantly making plays can do (though tbf he did take more heals than most roamers would)

posted 1 week ago
#1 6s role carry potential order discussion in TF2 General Discussion

recently i watched thorin's series for dexerto trying to find the western LoL goat, and i noticed how he categorised the players by role and went through the different roles in order of "carry potential" (in this case, mid > bot > top > jungle > support).

this got me thinking, what do you think this list would look like in tf2 (roles ordered by carry potential, not who the goat player is)?

you could go by heal % received (with med at the bottom by default), in which case it would likely generally be pocket scout > demo > pocket soldier > flank scout > roamer > medic

however you could maybe make an argument that flank scout should be higher because scout class, or that pocket soldier should be lower because its often played pretty supportively even if youre taking a fair amount of heals. or maybe you might argue that medics or roamers outperforming their counterparts can have a bigger impact than this list takes into account.

obviously team and player playstyle can have a massive effect on this but it would be interesting to hear some people's thoughts

posted 1 week ago
#10588 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 weeks ago
#4 wtf happened in The Dumpster

we hired him as a writer but he changed his name to hide his identity in his new role. he now goes by Aelkyr. please send help, Recurse is going to have me assassinated.

posted 3 weeks ago
#50 pegging in Off Topic
hamahamgenuine question why does tftv stalk former tf2 community members when they're not even discussing things tf2 related?

I wouldn't call it stalking, they're just making a thread out of his tweet. lange will always be a part of tf2 even if he isn't an active member of the community anymore. I doubt he has an issue with the creation of this thread.

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 How to make medi gun/teleporter beam look brighter in Customization

dxlevel 81 makes a lot of particles brighter, including medi gun beams, etc
put -dxlevel 81 in launch options (would recommend putting your res in too as switching dxlevel will fuck with your res), then remove it after the first launch with it on as it slows down the launching time

posted 4 weeks ago
#11 Important INquery (Etf2l Fucks Up Again) in TF2 General Discussion
MisterDannyFrom having looked at the guys history, it does seem a little far fetched that someone that last played a season of ETF2L in early 2017 in season 26 to not be allowed to play in low 3 years later, especially because he only played 1 game in a qualifier since then, but then again we are talking about a former prem player trying to play in the second lowest division the game has to offer, so what gives?

even if he only played 1 qualifier game (although according to OP he also played s33 in d1, the data for which has now been lost), the fact that he made it onto a prem qualifier team shows that he is still prem qualifier level. he would obviously far outperform low medics and bring calls to his team that other low teams wouldn't have, would not be fair.
gemm makes a good point, just mix if u wanna play with your way higher skilled friends

posted 1 month ago
#22 Will there ever be another in Off Topic


posted 1 month ago
#33 unironic "how do i get a life?" thread in Off Topic
HidiYou're out of school, I assume high school? That's already a start.

I dropped out of secondary school (I believe the equivalent or close to your high school) early due to anxiety and the government wouldnt fund me to go to a special school (im autistic) because apparently I am in fact perfectly capable of fitting into mainstream school even though thats clearly not the case

not trying to make this into a sadpost but yeah its not really "a start" :)

posted 1 month ago
#53 Will there ever be another international LAN in LAN Discussion
bearodactylWhere has he said this? In the short term yes I'm sure he prioritizes RGL or similar invite LANs over RGB or whatever, but did he actually say that froyo does not intend to attend any further iseries/cph/international LANs? Would be an unfortunate development for the game, unless there end up being more cali LANs that froyo would presumably be more likely to attend. The main reasons for them not attending iseries as far as I understood was blaze didn't want to spend the money and time but by all means the new team might have completely different priorities (i.e., skeez and jay would probably be keen to go, definitely moreso than shade and blaze in the past)

he said on stream at one point that he doesnt support insomnia lan among other things (like pugchamp) because they "encourage stagnation". presumably he means in rulesets, though this doesnt really make sense.

posted 1 month ago
#22 unironic "how do i get a life?" thread in Off Topic
yahooGame so bad rn even addicts quit lol

I was never addicted, I just used tf2 to distract me from my real life issues

posted 1 month ago
#4 froyotech picks up jayhyunpae in News

happy for jay

posted 1 month ago
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