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1699 jake_ow Explaining DPS Decisionmaking Live
278 RGL RGL 6v6 Newcomer Cup - Day 1 - Sponsored by STN.Trading
73 shrugger washed up dm
26 Bowswer5 ESA tourney | Player for YEET SQUAD | !discord !lefty
10 Yup final vanilla fortress season 7 :) invite pov
10 Mangachu raid
9 Rocket_Scientist NEW EMOTE (just waiting on pc tower to arrive now) | !facecam !keyboard !monitor !mouse !pc
6 Cookie day 243 of quarantine, send tp !songrequest !points
5 boxcar suffering
4 AlesKee tf
4 Moist Master Taiwanese nut show
4 Ggglygy Here For Wasabi; Not a Good Time
2 Alona weekday raid
2 Yari pugs, 20s delay
1 meb trying for 500k points
1 junetf ds2 ascended mod feat ttv/stochast1c!
1 Shiki p a n i c
1 Stochast1c DS2 Ascended w/ June
1 asianbobagirl scrims
1 MiT_Epona Useless testing stream
1 dummy valorant smurfin probably
1 ire circles now, scrims later