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246 Bren OW scrims later
246 RGL Don't Press Tab vs Man Crush Monday - RGL Invite HL S9 Semifinals - zagron & exile
80 cin slob2
51 alfa seethe + cope
17 K4RMA testing to see if i get chokes or packet losses
6 PapaSmurf323 feeding in the offlane
5 kasper matchie-wachie!!~~ (3 min delays chips)
5 ShoeboXX [NA/ENG] TBC Pagle <Aligned> Shoehuntr | WoW Classic Kara Raid 8 EST! Moar EFT raids afterwards! ¯\
4 Moist Master invite losers bracket pootis pov
4 FireStarW Prey Mooncrash Day 3 (I am not scared but I am stressed)
3 dingo tbc 2s then 3s
2 Gritoma dryouts
1 emo Kara on Mage
1 cizziah oni is back after a week of absence??
1 BrannMolvik NA Advanced + offi 8.30+9.30
1 MiT_Epona Ultra Eldegoss - I am looking for jobs as a CPA let me know what you got
1 zaboomafoo juan gasoline
0 sandblast losing HL !fordcord