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#5 What do you wish you had realized/learned sooner? in TF2 General Discussion

-Learn to not be defensive when your mistakes are called out
-Mindless DM grinding is not really efficient time-wise, and there are many ways to improve
-If playing for a team feels right, you should probably join them instead of trialing for 4 more teams
-Play the class that seems the most fun to you instead of making excuses as to why you cannot play it
-Take breaks from the game when you don't feel good

posted 1 week ago
#11 Coronavirus and Copenhagen in LAN Discussion

If Denmark does not close its borders by the time LAN comes, it would be nice if we used this post (or another one) to list whp will still be there, that way we still get to meet people.

Also I did not buy cancellation insurance either, but seeing as it is bit of an uncommon scenario, I've seen people saying that you can try to at least call customer support to get a cancellation. Depends on the airline though I'd assume.

What I'm holping for right now is for the event to be rescheduled, so if that happen maybe customer service would just offer us new flights instead of a refund since I assume that would be easier for them (disclaimer, I know nothing about planes)

posted 3 weeks ago
#4 Ascent.EU poaches credu, Ora Elektro falls, and LEGGO is reborn from the ashes in News

Say hi to JWB, our latest hire who will surely be more punctual than the rest of us !

posted 1 month ago
#27 Top 10 TF2 plays - November 2019 in Videos

I actually agree with Luke here, if you factor in the impact of a play, a single frag on a demo that was probably going to crater, on a last push that was very likely already won, in what looks like to be a mix is not something that would qualify as an impact play. It is an absurdly cool shot however so I think number 4 fits it well.

Also Luke has been saying often that very few plays from high-level games end up being sent to him (and most of them are found by Beater). I am assuming that a lack of really clutch clips from non-gimmick classes is born out of a lack of submissions rather than deliberate avoidance in the selection process, and by looking at the frag clips thread you can see that there are plenty of nuts moments each month that could very easily end on the podium.

Luke has expressed many times his ranking method and has been (I think) pretty consistent with it, so I think that while I understand the frustration shown here, I think we should respect his formula.

posted 2 months ago
#1 YeeHaw: "I've realized I'm naturally a competitive person" in News

I would like to thank YeeHaw publicly for being really cool with the numerous delays that happened.
I made a collage of the delays as well

stay tuned for the next article of this kind, where papi will talk about leading and stuff

posted 2 months ago
#8 4am uber-chain massacare in The Dumpster

generally people on tftv don't like pub highlights. Don't think you did anything wrong, its just a tough crowd.

posted 2 months ago
#4 is looking for talent! in TF2 General Discussion

Other writers dunk on me because I got a press pass at i65 so they are jealous of my status as the only real writer.

posted 2 months ago
#84 frag videos that inspired you to play competitive in Videos

posted 3 months ago
#40 Christmas presents thread 2019 in Off Topic

I got a sign that says fuck

posted 3 months ago
#11 name my cat! in Off Topic

Rocket Launcher

posted 3 months ago
#21 girl advice in Off Topic

posted 3 months ago
#26 Movie recommendations in Music, Movies, TV

What we do in the shadows is jolly good fun, and if you liked it they're apparently doing a TV show of it.

posted 3 months ago
#6 Christmas stream ideas in Off Topic

Since you like playing DOOM, check out if there is like a Christmas conversion mod for one of the old dooms ?

posted 3 months ago
#3 how to disable christmas lights in Q/A Help

I cannot believe Canadians are waging the War on Christmas.

posted 3 months ago
#11 ETF2L S34 GF: Ascent.EU vs. Ora Elektro in Matches

Se7en opted to drop out of the season just a few days before it started. They were replaced by the second-best team in the Prem Qualifiers, The Bus Crew.

posted 4 months ago
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