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#54 book megathread in Off Topic

I've been reading The World According to Color : A Cultural History by James Fox and it's been an absolute pleasure thus far. The book is split into chapters, each about a specific color and how it was used and its meaning altered throughout history. It's very readable (I don't have any formal art training and I never struggled) and its super interesting. Would recommend to anyone even slightly interested.

posted 1 month ago
#14 RCADIA Fortress Hamburg Thank You Thread in LAN Discussion

as usual, big thanks to production, admins and casters for working tirelessly through the issues to offer us a great LAN despite being mostly trapped in a dungeon cell on the first floor.
HUGE shoutout to Chiers for smoothly running everything and being super nice while doing so. Also sick engi cosplay.
shoutouts to everyone I hung out with : Hugo, mak, leth, karaoke master piggles, sintyre, drhappiness (finally free from admin work), and, nation, swamp (especially after one beer), b_fisch, qbown, warped, Samus, DCS (thanks for the powerbank btw), nas boii, tob, schocky, danny, mulaa, ronz, dwo, june (Season 35 throwback!!! We don't talk about 36.) and everyone else that I might be forgetting.
shoutout to mackey5, mirra and tidB, for the CPHG 2019 throwback, it was lovely.
shoutout to zhern for not going through the numerous pre-LAN death threats and for beasting the B tournament.
shoutout to KO for the greatest heist ever tried.
shoutout to bum for the unauthorized recordings, helping me find people and some bold flirting maneuvers.
shoutout to Josh for some very nice chats and a surprisingly close armwrestle match.
shoutout to tiia and nicco, the wonder twins. It's always so nice to see you both !
Finally, a big shoutout to Oracle : Apollo, Bv, Dowel, Lukas (Thompson), Wylenn and honorary member Sinika. When I started online gaming, I never thought I could make such good friends and I feel incredibly lucky to have met each and everyone of you.

see you all soon I hope

posted 1 month ago
#27 RCADIA FORTRESS HAMBURG: Feedback Thread! in LAN Discussion

Agree with everything said comparing this LAN to iSeries, rental prices were fucking sick as well. Having the hotel and the venue in the same building was super nice too.
BIG agree on the lighting, was hard to see and I feel like it made me sleepy + I kept knocking over one light fixture close to me.
Only thing that I would add is that I really enjoyed having a Grand Final that started earlier than usual. I know Insomnia gets delays all the time so it was not the admins' fault but having it start around the late afternoon makes it so much better for the afterparty and for people who have to leave early in the morning.

posted 2 months ago
#63 If you could bring a dead game back to life in Other Games

Planetside 2 deserved better

posted 2 months ago
#3 RCADIA Fortress TF2 Community LAN in News
marsAre people really still calling it "eSports"?

the tftv newsroom is at each other throats everytime this get brought up so we decided to find consensus and use the term "Electronic Sporting" from now on

posted 3 months ago
#3 2038 are dreaming of a bright future in News

Look it was when I wrote the article okay

posted 3 months ago
#12 The League Of Shadows- RCADIA lan fundraiser in LAN Discussion
flickharishawara in a maid costume what the fuck how did u get so lowAfter much deliberation we have decided that it might be fucked up and we dont want to go that low. As a result we will be trying to think of other goals and will take any suggestions into consideration.

fridge cosplay

posted 3 months ago
#3 ETF2L Autumn '22 Premiership Qualifiers in News
rivkaHemp truly did have some impressive performances last season with BOOBPANZER

I swear there's a good reason as to why my spellcheck decided this was a word

posted 3 months ago

can someone post the shut the fuck up clip again ?

posted 4 months ago
#23 i69 closing/thank you thread in LAN Discussion

shoutout to kay's good cooking (temrane, Theseus, Scarlet, Solar, deere) for a super fun and chill time, it was lovely.
shoutout to Jmaxchill and JWB for being my cool writer buddies
shoutout to xypher (Acecle, lilcute, coyo, DigyB, Nintails, Ascend), was nice finally meeting some of you and seeing the rest again
shoutout to Enzo for helping me speak with xypher (-coyo) on day one when they were still afraid of me
shoutout to Cosmo for helping to carry on the Porg e-Sports legacy by wearing matching pants with me for the whole LAN
shoutout to all production staff that I barely got to see because they had jobs to do, you all make the dream work (also I think there should be like an opposite day where you get to play while being produced by prem people, that way we can hang out)
shoutout to the casters that I got to see a bit more, you're also very important and you all looked great on screen
double shout out to turbotabs for buying me lunch, truly turbodad
BIG shoutout to lawjr for managing to play a map on my PC, im sorry it crashes when people get married in game
Shoutout to the "ex-Prem" players that were all so nice to talk to : Piggles (with the wide smile), Crayon, mak, Grenja.
shoutout to SVIFT danny and sneaky the cat, hope to see you both at next LAN
shoutout to Matek, Shaddowdude, Chez, Assassin+ and Dejvi (+Matek's date) for taking me home to their airbnb so I could watch the Arsenal game, I ended up staying 18 hours, the food was delicious and it was a ton of fun.
shoutout to Akio for lending me her blåhaj so that I could fake a tinder profile picture
shoutout to kuno for giving the tightest hugs possible on top of being certified cool
shoutout to Lukas/Thompson for still being all around great, now with epic hair to boot !
shoutout to McV and doggos, we didnt speak too much but its always cool to see good old gaming clans
shoutout to the people I met and said goodbye to at 5 am on the last day (Josh, Faust, Gazy, morale, Lux, jun0, the "krokit gang", Toast, nas boii who was so nice)
angry shoutout to zhern for dodging me despite going to my row to take creepshots of computers
shoutout everyone else i couldnt make fit in one category : mulaa, Domo, habib, Pitts, Rahmed, Not Steven, DCS, Samus, nhaaj, marten, yohn, apolo, tobi, croc, condawg, charlie, BeaverN, CeeJaey, Storm, kindred, Connie, Kireek, Jortand, Kireek's polish friend who brought sweets (Im not good with names sorry), oJ and anyone else I forgot.
also shoutout to the mysterious uWu bandit who left a bunch of notes saying that on my PC. I will find you.

You all make LAN special

posted 4 months ago
#11 TF2 LAN EVENT IN GERMANY, 25.-27-11.2022 in LAN Discussion

gonna try to cu@

posted 5 months ago
#28 TF2 update for 6/21/22 (6/22/22 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

Anyone getting strange deathcam freezes or is it just me ?

posted 7 months ago
#6857 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Anyone has an idea as to why I don't have a timer (neither round nor map time) on 5cp maps ? I have timers on koth and pl so I'm a bit puzzled. Using the matchhud that leth made, foster's scoreboard and toonhud, could any of those collide ?

posted 7 months ago
#20 is looking for new talent for 2022! in TF2 General Discussion

bumping this, im washed up and dempsey is working like 3 jobs so we're solely relying on numbers boy Jmaxchill to write about this season. If you somewhat follow EU and would be interested in writing, feel free to hit me up at Aelkyr#8581. No previous experience required but we'll probably make you do a sample article (on the topic of your choice).

Perks of the job

  • Flexible hours
  • We have experienced editors looking over everything so we're not gonna throw you off the deep end + it can be a nice way to improve your writing skills
  • Looks nice on a resume
  • Fun working environement (access to a meme channel, everyone is pretty chill...)
  • enigma only demands half a liter of your blood now

Starting wage : no
(we might be able to get press passes for insomnia so if you were planning on attending but not playing you could save some money but I really can't promise anything so don't join solely for that)

posted 7 months ago
#16 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion


posted 8 months ago
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