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#10 Copenhagen Games Personal Feedback in LAN Discussion

Kinda look like Ombrack

posted 7 hours ago
#7 Copenhagen Games 2019 Open Group Preview in News

This article was written last sunday so apologies if there is any out-of-date info

posted 5 days ago
#12 Wandum copenhagen games AMA in LAN Discussion

MGE me coward

posted 6 days ago
#12 Copenhagen Games 2019 Invite Group preview in News

Who's this dude

posted 1 week ago
#12 ETF2L Season 32 Coverage Feedback Thread in TF2 General Discussion

the writeups will be back I swear, but if I could get someone to help me with it that'd be nice.

wtzwhy did aelkyr block me on snapchat

You blocked ME

posted 1 week ago
#37 what is the best and worst looking hud in Customization

posted 3 weeks ago
#11 ETF2L playoffs system in TF2 General Discussion

I disagree with most points made here
"It's boring" : It's more matches of top-level TF2 action, which is always a big + personally. It also adds the opportunity to build a narrative, with the first games being like a appetizer, the upper bracket final a potential preview of the grand finals, and every game in the lower bracket being a fight for survival.
"makes the season irrelevant" : In my opinion, the better team should win regardless of any advantage given but I understand that there need to be some sort of incentive for finishing first and being the first to reach the Grand Final. The BO4 could be re-instated, I didn't really mind it or perhaps we could say that the picks and bans are always determined using the finishing positions of the regular season, except for the Grand Final where it would be the first to reach it. From a purely spectator standpoint, I never felt that the top seed needed any sort of advantage but this is obviously an issue on the players' side so my opinion isn't really that important.
Bloodis covered the part about double elim pretty well, so I'll just conclude by saying that the s21 format was interesting when the top 3 teams are all quite close, but recent seasons have less of that, and removing very entertaining games like between 3 and 4 would be a shame.

Quick disclaimer : I only really watch TF2 (or any other sport) for the narratives that build themselves and I understand that other people might enjoy watching it for other reasons.

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 Olgha and his friends + Raf need a coach in TF2 General Discussion

Get Dumm in, he's been reviewing demos longer that I've been alive.

posted 1 month ago
#60 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

You're right, there has been some misunderstanding on my end due to my lack of technical knowledge, like no tknowing the difference between sv_pure 1 and 2 and in message #37, I did not catch that you found a simple fix.
It's just that I've never seen Valve release any sort of hotfix, so to me the loss of spy as a decent class for multiple months outweighs the eventual benefit that Valve will eventually fix this. I guess it's just personal preference at this point. Regardless, sorry about my poor reading of your second and third posts.

posted 1 month ago
#57 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

This is all faith from me, but Valve does not always wait for massive community backlash to fix stuff. People like sigsegv have seen many bugs they submitted eventually fixed, and all they did was post video evidence and send emails.
While I have faith in Valve eventually fixing the thing, I really don't believe that they will change their update "schedule" for this. With no hints of any update in sight, we'd be looking at 4 months of unplayable spy assuming the update drops in early July, or 7 months if it eventually happens during Scream Fortress.
Also, the comp community is too small that even if we all started abusing this, we wouldn't make enough noise for Valve to consider us. You'd have to get pubbers on board, and they won't care since pubs are on sv_pure 1 anyway.

To me the options look like this
Situation 1 : We try to limit the spread as much as possible so that most players don't have to play against this, while hoping that Valve does something next update.
Situation 2 : We somehow rally a large enough portion of the community under our banner, make spy unplayable everywhere for at least half a year and we're still left hoping that Valve fixes it since it does not affect pub play so it's not really a priority.

I understand that it is frustrating to have to wait for Valve to fix their game for absurd amounts of times even 10 years after the launch, but seeing as the TF2 staff is made up of 2 and a half dev and a potted plant, I really don't think we can do anything to rush them by making spy utter garbage.

To me our most realistic options have to be built by us, either a plugin blocking that or a way to detect it for AC review, but I don't know a lot about the technical side of the game so I don't know how feasible that would be.

posted 1 month ago
#51 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

This scorched earth tactic seems dubious considering the sheer amount of time that Valve takes to update the game.

There is never going to be a hotfix for TF2 in 2019. Valve has already been noticed. We know for a fact due to their silence on other, more damaging bugs (sticky det bug, uber building during pauses) that they may very well not bother/be able to fix it. The only thing that this tutorial accomplishes is that more people now know how to abuse the game.

BumFreezeAelkyrWhat? so youre saying valve wont do anything, so the community has to do something, but we shouldnt tell the community?
If they havent fixed it from emails 3 years ago, making everyone publicly frustrated about it is a great kick in the ass for valve to do something

Well surely there's got to be a better way to reveal this information than a cheating tutorial on a forum, like a more private doc or something. I'm not a really a computer dude so I don't have a tangible example, but I'm sure there's got to be something.

posted 1 month ago
#48 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

Skeez you can be mad at Valve for that AND be annoyed at this thread, the two are not mutually exclusive. I just don't think Valve even answer to their email, so me ranting about them in a videogame forum will do nothing.
While I understand that the solution is likely to come from the community, there's got to be a better way to keep track of the technical side of things than a thread (with a nice clear title for search engines) that is able to help any wannabe cheater.

posted 1 month ago
#32 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

This type of thread where you show people how to exactly replicate a cheat to denounce its usage is exactly why people gave delfy shit for his "exploits" videos. The only thing that this is about to accomplish is that people who want to use this cheat now have a helpful tutorial online to help them. You really didn't have to put the instructions there, the vid was enough and I struggle to see your reasons behind it.

posted 1 month ago
#2 what is the best and worst looking hud in Customization

what's the deal with toonhud being hailed as bad looking ? Y'all know its just an hud that's easy to customize right ?
Mine looks like m0rehud honestly.

posted 1 month ago
#25 Copenhagen Games 2019 prize pool & format announced in News
samifaceeven once they announce the 6s prizepool (soon/hopefully this week), you guys would be surprised how difficult it would be to get 8 teams committed to an event where it's all opt-in/teams pay for themselves.

maybe there are 8 top teams of similar skill level (id be shocked if this were the case but let's pretend), good luck having their final roster and all travel sorted in time to announce and promote in any meaningful way. i actually think 4 is the smartest move here.

edit: to clarify they do specify playoffs are open + invite, so 4 open and 4 invite for double elim- plenty chance for good enough teams to make it to playoffs.

My bad then, I must have misread somewhere since I thought that Open and Invite would have no overlap whatsoever. I still think that bumping invite to 6 teams would be reasonable, but I've never organized a LAN so you probably should not listen to me.
Thanks for clearing it up, I have faith this is going to be a great LAN regardless of the numbers of teams in Invite.

posted 1 month ago
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