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#63 RGL S3 Div 2 Happenings Thread in TF2 General Discussion

To be fair, ShiningStar started the season on Medic - which lasted all of the offseason and one week. You could say the problem lies in the inconsistency. If any player that has made Advanced playoffs is to be restricted from their main in Div.2, then that should be stated for all applicable players, including Shining.

posted 3 days ago
#2 Favourite team core of all time? in TF2 General Discussion

Classic Mixup. More specifically, Platinum and enigma who were on every iteration from the team's debut S9 to the finale in S17. They were the two names always representing mix^, always contesting b4nny's team. Of course they featured other stalwarts like harbleu, TLR, and A_Seagull across that stretch but yeah. Whether it's gameplay / skill, leadership, and maintaining a roster over a long period of time, Plat and enigma were standouts.

posted 1 week ago
#14 6s role carry potential order discussion in TF2 General Discussion
alfaTo me carry means being consistently good which is much harder to do on roamer as some of its gameplay is really map dependant and some games you just can't possibly do anything because scout class. If this was promod TF2, soldier = scout.

I don't think that being consistent is the same as being a carry. I agree that it's harder to do on Soldier nowadays because haha Scout scattergun go brrr but Roamer still has carry potential, or at the very least more than Medic. Not to mention that usually the carry has crazy stats, which is something easily defined on a fragging class, and much less so by the Medic. Imagine a Roamer who is constantly getting the Medic or a 2K with every other bomb or something. You'd absolutely feel that impact way more than if there was a Medic who never died / had sick surfs.

posted 1 week ago
#2 stock or original??? (serious answers only please) in Off Topic

Is that the Huntsman?

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 RGL S3 IM Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

I haven't casted any IM yet this season...until now. Clearcut week continues as Portal 2 Pro Gamers (beast team name) face off against Kudos. Both teams are 6-3 and currently sit within the top 8 of the division. Not much is known about these gamers, but a handful of them have had a season or two experience at the lower RGL levels (along with some non-6's history on top). At the end of the day though it's KOTH so should have some exciting things in store. The action will start at 10:30 EST.

Match: https://rgl.gg/Public/Match.aspx?m=7652&r=40
Stream: twitch.tv/terywj

posted 2 weeks ago
#55 RGL S3 Div 1 Happenings Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Assuming I get info I will cast Mofu March (7-1) vs. Kronge Realm Black (6-2). Clearcut shenanigans galore.

Match: https://rgl.gg/Public/Match.aspx?m=7371&r=40
Stream: twitch.tv/terywj

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 what happened to warmfront in Map Discussion
toothAlso, speaking of football fields..... anyone remember cp_ashville??? LOL

Oh gods the PTSD...

posted 3 weeks ago
#11 what happened to warmfront in Map Discussion
MarxistSome people complained about the FPS performance loss on the map due to lack of optimization present in the map at the time.

Imagine if we had to play a map with FPS performance issues this season. Imagine.

posted 3 weeks ago
#120 RGL S3 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Another old-school name makes a return to the stage today, as 2wycked esports (3-4) take on Ultralord and the Sheens (3-4). 2wycked was an Open staple during the 2015 era of ESEA, and features players like displace, SmashySmashy, and Invite Soldier extraordinaire tojo (on Medic). They also have great names such as "skdnfujodsbnu9ihuiejkjfv," "vonflare smokin kush on i94," and "sobigallmytoesarebigtoes" - all true aliases, check the roster if you don't believe me. They are coming off a two game winning streak in which they dropped zero rounds.

On the other side is Ultralord and the Sheens. I don't know much about these gamers, but a handful of them have multiple ESEA Open seasons under their belt. Results this season have been all over the place - as often is the case in such a large Main division. Key victories against lf 2d gf and Tune Squad (both teams also composed of other old-school returnees) suggest that these guys might have something lined up against 2wycked too. Whatever the case may be, all the action awaits us on Snakewater.

Match: https://rgl.gg/Public/Match.aspx?m=7324&r=40
Stream: twitch.tv/terywj

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 TF2 Olympics in TF2 General Discussion


Also I'm drafting aim #1 overall in next season's Passtime fantasy league.

posted 3 weeks ago
#26 RGL S3 Div 2 Happenings Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Villa draws to a close* in Div.2 with this Friday's matchup between HRTeam (4-1) and Vanilla Dice Black (2-3). Nygma and co. have rocketed off four straight wins after going down 5-0 against Milkies in their season opener. One of these victories included a nailbiter 5-4 vs. Cat Posse. And speaking of nailbiters, that has pretty much been the story of Vanilla Dice's season thus far, their matches - win or loss have all had the scoreline of 5-3 or 4-3 with the exception of one loss (also at the hands of the Milkies). Should be an entertaining one.

Match: https://rgl.gg/Public/Match.aspx?m=7102&r=40
Stream: twitch.tv/terywj

*Disclaimer: Not actually the case, as Ape Masters Bosnia is under a roster reform so they've yet to play their matches but for all intents and purposes this would be the last Villa match of the week, cheers.

posted 1 month ago
#7 ESEA Season 34 Open Happenings/Discussion in The Dumpster

Where are the power rankings wbacon!?

posted 1 month ago
#4 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion

Teams that should be playing at the highest level not doing so? In our community? News to me.

posted 1 month ago
#67 RGL S3 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
flatlineTEN SEASONS???

I don't know if you played UGC or anything but your last recorded season was ESEA S23.

posted 1 month ago
#65 RGL S3 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

After another Newcomer game there's more Main action to be seen. We'll be treated to another Sunshine showdown between Hairline Treatment Centre (3-0) and ASAP Mob (2-1). HTC houses some familiar names such as kore4n, who placed 5th in S1 Main with dragons are pretty cool, and alfredodan - RGL S1 IM champion as part of the Stangers. Also, flatline returns to 6's after a ten season break (welcome back brother). Not much is known about ASAP Mob but it seems a handful of them have played in RGL IM, and some have a couple of ESEA seasons to boot. If last night showed us anything it's that you never really know in TF2. Can Hairline Treatment Centre keep their undefeated record? Or will ASAP Mob tie it up. Find out at 10:30 EST.

Match: https://rgl.gg/Public/Match.aspx?m=6930&r=40
Stream: twitch.tv/terywj

posted 1 month ago
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