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#5 Ascent.EU defend their summit in News
DuMmTmTFTV writerlings every new season:

go scrape the bottom of the barrel for more twitch content idiot

posted 3 days ago
#4 Piano Hitsound in Customization

gamers with perfect pitch be like "demo took a C#"

posted 2 weeks ago
#206 RGL Ban Wave in TF2 General Discussion
boxcarmelon_tf ár lá

ban the admins for supporting terrorist groups

posted 2 weeks ago
#146 RGL Ban Wave in TF2 General Discussion

Interesting that RGL has a zero-tolerance stance on slurs, since I remember an RGL admin talking about how they should be allowed to say certain slurs in the tftv discord.

also cant wait for RGL to come back to Europe and all the Russians get banned for saying pidaras

posted 3 weeks ago
#33 The decade in review in News
MiwsCan't help feeling a bit stung that Copenhangen Games 2018 (first event with both HL and 6s having a prizepool) and Copenhangen Games 2019 (biggest 6s prizepool in God knows how long) aren't mentioned. Oh well, guess we will have to work even harder for CG20 to be remembered this decade ;)

EU was a bit of a mess to cover, we had a deadline and I wasn't around for a majority of the time the article was being worked on so the entire EU portion was either done by NA people or rushed EU peeps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

posted 3 weeks ago
#21 The decade in review in News
irepeople who worked on it: (might forget someone sorry)
NA Contributors: Recurse, ire, ppaleun, Tri-, Enigma eXtine
AU: mitch, ory, quid
AS: concorde, K1lled
EU: Aelkyr
SA: Aratinga

Love you all

Yeah no that's fine I just though we were friends

posted 3 weeks ago
#35 BTS LAN: In Memoriam in News
louster200This is a really oddly put together article with a lot of information missing and incorrect. I was there from the near-beginning once staff started getting brought on and in just a short article there's quite a bit.... wrong.

agreed, its a weird one and I think it was a bit rushed

posted 1 month ago
#17 Spotify Wrapped 2019 in Music, Movies, TV

yea i'm a 20 something white guy, how could you tell?

posted 1 month ago
#23 RGL Ban Speedrun Any% (WR) in Off Topic
89zombiezwait since when does RGL ban for shit in scrims? i thought they released a statement saying as long as it wasnt on an RGL platform they wont do anything about it

I got into an argument in the RGL staff discord about this. Essentially RGL seems to have no limit of where they think their jurisdiction ends, some admins said they'll ban for scrim activity, and some even said they'd ban for stuff reported from pubs

posted 1 month ago
#161 FORMULA 1 MEGATHREAD in Off Topic

gasly literally just fucking screaming into the radio lmao

posted 2 months ago
#160 FORMULA 1 MEGATHREAD in Off Topic

hamilton absolutely needs a penalty

so happy for my boy gasly though

posted 2 months ago
#6 Environments - TF2 Edit in Videos

music bangs

posted 2 months ago
#208 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

wow those slack logs

what a spiteful unfunny eejit

posted 2 months ago
#57 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Wow my opinion of dashnerr has fallen further than I previously thought possible

Sorry to hear about this Console, I'll give you a hug next Lan we attend

posted 2 months ago
#80 Can you justify why you're not vegan in Off Topic

I have nothing against animals being farmed/killed for produce.

If the argument is against the quality of life said animals have, I do agree it should improve, but I don't think it's up to the consumer to change this. Government regulations or some higher-body should be seeing to this shit, not the average clueless consumer (same shit goes for carbon emissions, crack-down on corporations, not individuals)

posted 2 months ago
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