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Brasil Fortress Invite Season 6 recap
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November 2, 2020

For the last Brasil Fortress of this year, the South American community's expectations were high, with the competition this season being a bit higher than other invite tournaments of the year. From legendary veterans returning to the scene to rookies playing invite for the first time and trying to make out a name for themselves, the teams had the perfect mixture to make this tournament so exciting to watch.

Regular Season

The group stage was a bloodbath, three teams in particular brawled each other through the weeks. Coming to playoffs Sailor Moon, GLO SA and Team PhallanX were all tied at 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss at the end of the season and managed to qualify for the playoffs over the competition. Taste the Secret however, cruised through opposition, dropping only 5 rounds in a 5 week season and sending a message to the entire continent that they were the team to beat. '

In the semifinals, Taste the Secret beat Sailor Moon in two very stalemated games while Team PhallanX reverse swept GLO SA after a trilling 1st map to lock horns with Taste the Secret in the finals.

Grand Finals

Taste the Secret vs Team PhallanX

  • Scout: cyberninja vs life
  • Scout: Unlead vs chikorit4
  • Roamer: Zolak vs aratinga
  • Pocket: legit vs jumpman
  • Demoman: helnot vs Carlito
  • Medic: maddox vs maybe

Starting the series on the right foot, Taste the Secret claimed the high ground by picking Gullywash as the first map, one of the worst maps based on performance for Team PhallanX. And the result was no surprise: Helnot powered Taste the Secret to a 5-0 in just 15 minutes, even with flashes from Aratinga, getting key picks throughout the map, they failed to get a single round on the board.

Team PhallanX had their chance to equalize the series by picking Clearcut as the second map, a very uncommon map in South America and a newcomer to the map pool. However this gamble on the lack of experience of Taste the Secret didn't pay off. Unlead powered an insane performance and neutralized Carlito's efforts to clinch a 4-1.

For the third map, Taste the Secret picked Sunshine and put Team PhallanX in an awful spot, being down 0-2 and having to play against the best Sunshine in South America. It seemed an impossible task for Team PhallanX. But they managed to swing the momentum back in their favor, after an insane backcap play from life and chikorit4, it was looking like they could lead the charge for a comeback. legit, however, had other plans. The Pocket stood tall for Taste the Secret, grabbing picks, and forcing ubers, driving home a 3-1 for Taste the Secret, and leaving a golden cap out of reach, ending the series with a last minute round 4-1, cementing their spot at the top of South America.

Brasil Fortress is over, but there's more South American action to be had, with LBTF Season 17 just underway, which you can catch in English and Portuguese on CappingTV.

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