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SVIFT swaps soldiers simultaneously, brings in nubbi and Josh
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November 24, 2020

After an opening to the season that left more to be wished for, SVIFT have made the decision to swap out their old Roamer adysky for nubbi, as well as replacing ever_x with Josh.

adysky is an old-school name that many players will recognise, with multiple Prem seasons under his belt on Demoman before his switch to Roamer saw him reach the highest levels with Se7en. However, after losing a match to main rivals Ascent.EU as well as succumbing to Faint during the DreamHack cup, SVIFT have opted for a switch up

counou offered to shed some light on various details behind this move :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Was adysky leaving the roster a decision on his part, or him being cut by the team?

There were factors on both ends which influenced the decision, such as ady realising his workload was larger than he expected. But ultimately it was a planned roster move.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : On paper adysky seemed like a great pick-up for the roster, was there problems with chemistry within the team?

Paper and practice are often two different beasts and while ady is no doubt a proven top tier player, he naturally was feeling less motivation to play due to external factors and an overall lower tier of competition than during his 7 days. As such, he felt like he wanted to step down but didn't want to disappoint us, so in a way our decision to swap him for someone that was very keen to prove themselves worked out for both parties.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : How did you guys end up picking up nubbi?

nubbi merced a few times when ady had work and having just stopped playing valorant was very keen to get back into a team.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Since nubbi played on SVIFT with nas and seeds last season, are you finding it easy to integrate a new player into the roster mid-season?

That team was an officials only team so the answer to that is no seeing as there wasn’t much previous ‘chemistry’ to go on. But integration so far has been fine, nubbi is a nuts player, he is very young and has lots to learn, but everyone knows how good his dm is and how slimy he can be on the flank or in sacs.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Ascent looked really strong in the DreamHack tournament. Do you think this change will give SVIFT the edge it needs to beat Ascent.EU?

Ascent is an incredibly strong team and no roster change can guarantee any sort of performance increase against them. We’ll work hard and play our game and see what happens.

nubbi played for SVIFT in the last season, where he achieved a second place finish after losing out to nerdRage. nubbi, who’s known for his memespoon plays and “phat nukes", will be a welcome return to the roster. This now means that this current SVIFT roster is 50% of the squad that managed to drop only a single point in the Season 36 main season. With the addition of reigning champions counou and Josh, SVIFT are looking to build a super-star roster, but will that be enough in order to defeat Ascent.EU?

Ascent.EU managed to snag the top place in the recent DreamHack tournament, with SVIFT finishing in a lowly 4th. However, this could be attributed to growing pains as they did play with the addition of nubbi. Time will tell if the change will be enough to help them overcome their rivals and keep their pursuers at bay.

nubbi was also able to elaborate on his thoughts regarding the move :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : What motivated you to come back now ?

i tried to play valorant for around 2months and it didn't really workout with the team i was in and then i also realised i dont wanna put that much time into gaming anymore and then i started to play a bit of tf2 again just a pug or 2 a day and then a spot opened up in svift and i knew everyone in that team and i enjoyed playing with them in the past and it was only half the season left so i decided to join and play the rest of the season

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: How was it playing with them in the cup ?

some part of the cup was pretty fun and i enjoyed it but i was a little bit dissapointed about some results we had, but i think the reason we lose those games was the fact that i started to play with svift just a few days before so we weren't 100% used to eachother yet, but i feel like when we fully get used to the changes we have a good chance this season

Josh also played in the Dreamhack tournament with 3 frenchies is the winning number, edging out SVIFT during the 3rd place match in what could be described as an awkward icebreaker. He'll be stepping in for ever_x due to the latter opting to step down to focus on real life matters. One of the pillars of the historic LEGO squad that went from 8th place to competing in the Grand Final between Seasons 20 and 24, Josh definitively has more than enough star power to justify his presence. His more recent achievements leave nothing to be desired either, with his comandeering presence no small factor in nerdRage's triumphant run during Season 36

Josh also provided us with some majorly important answers :

counou is noob

Hoping these new soldiers will fit them like an old cardigan left under someone's bed, SVIFT is now :

  • Scout: counou
  • Scout: Gazy
  • Roamer: nubbi
  • Pocket: Josh
  • Demoman: Nas boii
  • Medic: seeds
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Don't believe counous lies, he is cutting everyone for nerdrage playe

Don't believe counous lies, he is cutting everyone for nerdrage playe
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Don't believe counous lies, he is cutting everyone for nerdrage playe

Don't believe counous lies, he is cutting everyone for nerdrage playe
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