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NeedMoreSwag rebuild, rebrand as happymeat by JMaxchill Nov 14
Garda Panteri shuffles into Premiership by Aelkyr Nov 4
NeedMoreSwag races into Premiership by Aelkyr Nov 4
TOILET CLEANER MASTERS scheduled to enter Prem by Aelkyr Nov 4
Ora Elektro lights up Prem once more by Aelkyr Nov 3
The League of Shadows is here to burn down Prem by dempsey Nov 3
teo roam into Premiership by JMaxchill Oct 28
Witness Gaming gets a shiny new European roster by Aelkyr Oct 28
habibi dares into Premiership by Aelkyr Oct 24
ozfortress Season 32 Premier Preview by Zildjian Oct 21
ETF2L Season 40 and Preseason Cup announced by JMaxchill Oct 6
ozfortress Staff Changes and Season 32 Announced by Zildjian Oct 6
Estrogen took the last Invite spot (and my homie) by Tery_ Sep 23
GlobalClan Fire invest in The Doge by Tery_ Sep 22
GlobalClan Ice defrosts some familiar faces by Tery_ Sep 22
New season of MyAnimeList announced by Tery_ Sep 13
Invite feeling so fly Like A G6 by Tery_ Sep 12
MILKIES arrive to Invite by Tery_ Sep 10
nunya? nunya what? by dempsey Jul 29
GlobalClan.EU globalizes the clans by Aelkyr Jul 20
Ora Elektro alternates line-up before returning to Prem by Aelkyr Jul 13
Garda Panteri gets ready to tackle Season 39 by JMaxchill Jul 11
vibrams flip and soar into Premiership by dempsey Jul 10
4Toast look to ascend Prem by JWB Jul 10
GREMLINS get ready to terrorize Prem by Aelkyr Jul 8
★★★½ stars in Season 39 by Aelkyr Jul 6
RGL Midseason Cup announced by nyna Jun 25
Nations Cup #8 playoffs guide by Aelkyr Jun 14
DreamHack Community Clash 2021 EU Invite Group preview by Aelkyr Jun 12
AsiaFortress Summer Skirmish announced by apples Jun 7
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