News Author Published
ETF2L considering changes for Season 36 by dempsey Apr 29
Ascent's Latest American (ad)Venture by asianbobagirl Apr 26
Prospective ProMod released for RGL Season 3 by Recurse Apr 23
TF2 and CS:GO source code leaked by Console- Apr 22
froyotech picks up skeez by Recurse Apr 21
Alex.exe crashes into 100B, botmode stops responding by asianbobagirl Apr 21
The Newbie Mixes Team Drive returns by Recurse Apr 21
black swan swoop into RGL Season 3 by Recurse Apr 19
TF2 voice actor Rick May passes away at 79 by ire Apr 13
DCS steps down as ETF2L Head Admin by dempsey Apr 13
April Fool's: ETF2L bars UK players from Season 36, citing Brexit by Recurse Apr 1
Lockdown Throwdown online event announced by Wiethoofd Mar 24
RGL S2 LAN Playoffs: Update with the Coronavirus by exa_ Mar 16
Copenhagen Games 2020 Cancelled by dempsey Mar 14
wer das liest ist doof taps out by dempsey Mar 9
Ford Gaming drops sponsor, picks up marmaloo by Recurse Mar 8
Gazy and voxtec add up to 6ix by JWB Mar 7
ETF2L Highlander Open #3 signups close on Friday by dempsey Mar 4
froyotech pads their roster as blaze bows out for LAN by ire Mar 1
laz suits up with Kings Crew for New Jersey crusade by ire Feb 28
Who will make playoffs in RGL Season 2? by louster200 Feb 21
Ascent.EU poaches credu, Ora Elektro falls, and LEGGO is reborn from the ashes by JWB Feb 14
Copenhagen Games 2020 TF2 prize pool & format announced by Wiethoofd Feb 10
da wizzerdz guild put a spell on you by ire Feb 10
Pugging six joins the mix by zxp Feb 5
UGC signups open for early 2020 seasons by Wiethoofd Feb 5
Naught less than sublimity by zxp Jan 30
karnax and crew become extremists in Season 35 by zxp Jan 29
The LAN Downunder 2020 revealed by justjazz Jan 27
Ora Elektro signals towards Season 35 by zxp Jan 27
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