News Author Published
duwatna steps down from Ascent, passes to marmaduke by Recurse Sep 20
Ora Elektro eyes Maroš and papi by Aelkyr Sep 16
OMNI5 ESports sporadically return to Invite by boxcar Sep 16
Faint Gaming hope to stabilize with yight and phlps by Recurse Sep 15
Ascent.EU builds up some steam by georgebaii Sep 12
Another SVIFT invasion of North America by Recurse Sep 11
Faint Gaming EU swoop up Corbac by Aelkyr Sep 10
A different Mentality for Season 29 by georgebaii Sep 10
Faint swap two for two, adding bear and xaler by Recurse Sep 9
Raymon and kaptain return to Se7en by bleghfarec Sep 9
ozfortress Season 23 announced by obla Sep 8
King’s Crew: An Unexpected Journey by Recurse Sep 4
FROYO BLACK comes to light by Recurse Sep 3
froyotech ascends with aim, Nursey by Recurse Sep 3
TFCrew bow out by bleghfarec Sep 3
Ascent unveil new Invite roster by bleghfarec Sep 2
ETF2L Season 31 Announced by bleghfarec Sep 2
Faint Gaming announce new Invite roster by Recurse Sep 2
Insomnia63 viewer's guide by bleghfarec Aug 23
Insomnia63 Invite Group preview by Aelkyr Aug 22
ESEA Season 29 Announced by Gritoma Jul 28
highfive waves goodbye to Ascent, phlps joins by Gritoma Jul 17
Ascent.EU forfeits the season by Aelkyr Jul 8
SVIFT SA overhaul roster by bleghfarec Jun 30
krafty gets tossed in the bin by Aelkyr Jun 30
Mentality cut kawa, bring in mirrorman by bleghfarec Jun 27
Josh jumps on the bus with PolygoN gone by Aelkyr Jun 22
Copenhagen Games 2019 announced by bleghfarec Jun 20
Velocity eSports EU brings some pocket change by Aelkyr Jun 19
OMNI5 ESports disband by bleghfarec Jun 16
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