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Don't blink or miss Witness Gaming
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October 26, 2022

Witness Gaming, the reigning ETF2L champions, are returning with golden boots to ETF2L for the 2022 Autumn Season. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; wG know their strength and are one of the few Premiership teams that are not changing their roster heading into the next season.

Witness Gaming may have found themselves a dream team to continue competing with in the upcoming seasons. Even before last season started papi was adamant that the Witness Gaming EU project will be around for the long-term. With many teams and players constantly shuffling through the revolving door that is Premiership, wG have secured a solid position to hold in Premiership. If they can continue to improve throughout the season and show up to the RCADIA LAN in Hamburg this November in strong form, we could be witnessing the start of the wG era.

While ETF2L seasons are ever prevalent, LAN is where wG will be directing their true hunger. The RCADIA LAN will be the second major TF2 LAN in Europe after the return of the Insomnia series to Birmingham and it is the perfect chance to figure out the pecking order in European TF2. While at i69 wG had a great run through the tournament, defeating European rivals tf2easy in the loser’s final 2-1, they experienced an unfortunate end to the tournament in the Grand Finals against a strong froyotech, appearing to slow down and run out of gas as the match went on into the night. However, with froyotech’s dissolution - only b4nny staying behind to rebuild -, wG could potentially become the champions of international TF2 in the future.

To get the low-down on wG's past success and future plans, we caught up with Demo-turned-Medic-turned-Demo-again Domo.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: You finished in second place at i69, after a closely-fought Grand Final. Did that result change the way you approach the game, or on the contrary did it make you think you were on the right track?

Going into i69 we had deep discussions about how we wanted to play. For the most part, these ideas haven't changed. We, of course, learnt a lot from the games we had vs Froyo, since no team in Europe is able to replicate the aggression and mid-game adaptation which they bring to the table. However, since we're no longer learning the fundamentals together as a new team, we have had more time to practice the weaker side of our game and are more than ready for Hamburg.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: You have made the switch to Demo from Medic again last season and performed admirably. Is there a class you prefer over the other or are you content with playing whatever the team needs?

Demo for me has always been where I'm most comfortable and is the lens I see the game through. I hope to remain in this role for the foreseeable future, but ultimately, I want to continue playing with my boys for the rest of my TF2 career and if that means putting me back on beam, I know I'd flourish

We also spoke to Pocket papi:

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: What do you make of the numerous changes made by ETF2L for this season?

Pick ban ruins scrims. Good job banning the broken banner, maybe ban the rest! Give badlands it owns

Keep your eyes open for Witness Gaming this season, you will not regret it.

  • Pocket Scout: toemas
  • Flank Scout: ixy
  • Roamer: Silentes
  • Pocket: papi
  • Demoman: Domo
  • Medic: mulaa
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Give badlands it owns

Give badlands it owns
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Give badlands it owns

Give badlands it owns
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Domo is my favorite EU player

Domo is my favorite EU player
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Prime-SanityDomo is my favorite EU player

mine too

[quote=Prime-Sanity]Domo is my favorite EU player[/quote]
mine too
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