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#2 thank you thread in LAN Discussion

shoutout to all the players and spectators
shoutout to everyone who donated to the fundraiser
shoutout to EssentialsTF / Printstream for letting us borrow their hardware
shoutout to wonszu, supra and everyone who let us borrow equipment for production
shoutout to TurboTabs, Beater, Benpl, Not Steven, Meer and Wandum for some fantastic casting and for rolling with everything I threw at them
shoutout to Samus and Beater for goated observing
shoutout to Jon for fixing our FPS
shoutout to Antimation for sitting at home the whole time and churning out content for us
shoutout to Audiofall for capturing hype moments, interviews, and everything that makes LAN LAN
double shoutout to Samus for jumping on production so I could speed-eat pizzas
shoutout to supra and mały for LAN servers, anyone who complimented me on a smooth event direct that to them
shoutout to Sodium for solo adminning the event and making it work
shoutout to the BaseStack staff for putting up with us, feeding us endless pizzas and shots, and letting us stay well past closing time every night

shoutout to supra for making it happen, we're coming back next year right?

people at the bar afterwards asked me if it was worth it. if spending lan locked in the production box was really what I wanted. if I knew how un-appreciated producing is. if I knew nobody cares. I got to build and run the production of my dreams. everything I wanted has been enabled by staff, casters and players. in return I have received nothing but gratitude, praise and appreciation.

could I take what I've learned from TF2 elsewhere? easily. I can and have walked into productions for other, better paying games, but these three days have shown why I can't walk away from TF2. the days and weeks of work aren't going towards some corporate production for a crowd I've never met. they're going towards the best lan I've ever been to, for a community that (for better or worse) I care about, and that has shown it cares about what we do.

it was worth it. you made it worth it. thank you.


posted 1 day ago
#1 thank you thread in LAN Discussion

thank you poland :)

posted 1 day ago
#6's Invited Teams in News
buudhey guys i'm pocket soldier opti is roamer :P (also grix is swedish not norwegian)

in my defence the other grix is norwegian

posted 6 days ago
#11 ire has passed away in TF2 General Discussion

As a writer, as a caster, as a producer, as an admin, a coordinator, a mentor, an organiser, Ohia put her heart and soul into this community, as with so much that she did, and I can only be glad I got to work with her for the short time I did. After what she had been through, to have reached the light at the end of the tunnel and be gone almost immediately... rest in peace, and all love to the family that you built.

posted 1 month ago
#24 Favorite lan memory? in TF2 General Discussion

besides meeting everyone, karaoke and earnestly debating cheatfeed with a blackout drunk toemas, stage observing the i71 finals was something else. production at home means sitting quietly in your room pressing buttons and watching twitch chat shitpost. production at lan means hearing drunk nerds roar when piggles airshots sil or sneaky headshots toemas.

posted 2 months ago
#74 2024 #winter in LAN Discussion

final bump for production signups, we need producers, observers and casters so if you're interested sign up at

posted 3 months ago
#34 2024 #winter in LAN Discussion
suprawhat we did last year was to handle casting to tftv over a VPN

good luck with that, I reckon most of tftv would be there in person not online

posted 5 months ago
#2 i71 shoutouts/photos in LAN Discussion

shoutout Jon, Adam, Charlie, Kirsty for the event
shoutout wan, bum, eepily and Turbo for the casts
shoutout Samus for observing and in particular for saving me from obsing NR6s
(bonus shoutout to turbo and samus and congratulations!)
shoutout Sodium and Charlie again for the admining and the TF2 zone
shoutout twiikuu for the servers and the cable coiling
shoutout all the teams and players, especially Reddit Nation
shoutout the CROWD, stage observing is now all I ever want
shoutout the hi viz stage crew for getting so confused when people cheered for Tony's mid win that they thought they'd won the round
shoutout the NEC's internet for waiting until after finals to break
shoutout to every observer in the venue for uniting against my keyboard & binds
shoutout to everyone I met and talked to between or after matches in a lan-fueled haze


posted 5 months ago
#13134 stream highlights in Videos

posted 5 months ago
#11 It is bowies birthday in Off Topic

happy birthday bowie!

posted 10 months ago
#12939 stream highlights in Videos

posted 10 months ago
#4 Fully Charged #61: ETF2L Autumn 2022 Awards Show in Events

Definitely happening Saturday for sure

posted 10 months ago
#12903 stream highlights in Videos

posted 11 months ago
#3 /for fence bare their fangs in News

scout players >:(

posted 11 months ago
#12865 stream highlights in Videos

posted 11 months ago
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