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#46 Your career as a weapon name in Off Topic

Back Scratcher

posted 1 month ago
#26 enemy target prioritization in TF2 General Discussion

What about the Sentry Gun?

posted 2 months ago
#104 Predatory behaviour within the community. in Site Discussion
hauntsji always knewsaltyy043not big surprise

Looking back on this thread and feeling very puzzled. Personally this thread was a massive surprise to me. I woke up to be informed that there was drama on tftv about coyo, but I never would have expected this. For how long did people know about coyo's practices before these screenshots were submitted to the public?

posted 2 months ago
#80 Predatory behaviour within the community. in Site Discussion

The first time I heard of coyo was when he commented “THE MEGA” on my steam profile mid 2019. I noticed he was good friends with an ex-teammate of mine and from what I understood this was what their circle of friends would call me as a joke - poking fun at my alias.

During i65 in the daytime, I was at home, and coyo sent me a friend request on steam. I accepted, he asked if I wanted to play scout for his new project team and I said yes, not knowing if this was a joke or not. He proceeded to call me a freak and removed me from his friends list.

Fast forward to 2020 and I had become much more active in several EU players’ twitch chats, and I can recall some instances where I’d pop in to say hi and coyo would coincidentally be in the chat at the same time and @ me - again making fun of my name on twitch at the time “TF2Megalodon”

I also remember a time when we were set to scrim against his team and during the pregame he did nothing but focus me as a sniper whilst flooding the in-game chat with “TF2MEGALODON”

A discord account was even created at a later point in time called themega, and there was a brief period where that account was posting in the ETF2L scrim channel, which I frequently used at the time.

I was very worried at this point, because there was this guy who I knew nothing about that was seemingly hellbent on getting some sort of reaction out of me. Most of all I felt upset because there was someone in the community who was generally pleasant and kind to everyone else, but for some reason they never reciprocated that behaviour with me. I can’t really put into words how it made me feel, but I was definitely uncomfortable.

Last year I got the chance to talk to him in mumble through a mutual friend - he just seemed like a normal guy who was interested in TF2. He invited me to his discord server, and we played a few pugs together.

I’m posting this because I don't think if this news had come to light that people would believe me or take me seriously if I said that I was being harassed by a member of the community - at least in an emotional way rather than sexual. Coyo has never sent anything remotely suggestive to me and my age has never been a topic in any of our conversations.

Hopefully I can bury all this for good now after bottling it up for so long.

posted 2 months ago
#84 If you could bring a dead game back to life in Other Games


posted 4 months ago
#6 Looking for a team to push 2fort intel in TF2 General Discussion
Senor_Tu_Muertothose pesky turtle engiees

posted 4 months ago
#6 Duplo assembles for the next season in News
jnkinice formatting

Also smallest of nit picks: Swi has also played on 6ix in Season 35 where they've placed 2nd in Prem. He played 71.4% of the regular season games(5/7) placing them straight into the finals with their seed, unfortunately he didn't make the grand finals so I guess 3rd place highest it is?

His biggest achievement however in my opinion has to be the fact that he is the only player on ETF2L to have won Division 1 4 times, twice on scout and twice on soldier, making him the most accomplished player in that Tier.

Yeah this is a fair criticism all things considered. With regards to swi's "best achievment", I could have listed both of those achievements instead of jumping to a subjective conclusion. I'm glad you pointed that out - I can see why that can be an issue. I'm also aware of swi's four Division 1 wins, and of course it wouldn't have hurt to include that in there as well.

Having said that the article could have easily gotten too bloated in exploring each players' achievements and results to great detail. Especially abla who's been to significantly more LANs than the rest of the players on the main roster. I wanted to go for an easy read that didn't stray too far away from the subject of Duplo as a team and the Premiership division.

posted 4 months ago
#26 No Hats Mod + HeadsFeet, 2020+ Edition in Customization
jeebsauReturning once again for the most recent Screamfortress update. Should work fine but if you notice anything, let me know and I'll fix it!

No Hats:



Using Headsfeet - Players with the "Pyro Shark" cosmetic equipped appear headless - Send Help!

posted about a year ago
#30 Is consistency always a good thing? in The Dumpster

Consistency is a good thing - Keeping you consistently banned, that is.

posted about a year ago
#1 Name Change in Requests

From “TF2Megalodon” to just “Megalodon” , Please.

posted about a year ago
#8 Major FPS drops in Q/A Help
DwapkingHave your task manager open and take a look at what's using up CPU when it happens. For me steam client webhelper would spike up to 80%+ of CPU from time to time. Keeping the friend list closed (on desktop and in the steam overlay) solved that for me.

I think I did check task manager at some point and saw nothing out of the ordinary - then again I'm not 100 percent certain... Will check the next time the issue happens!

posted about a year ago
#6 Major FPS drops in Q/A Help
BuildBruhmight be something updating or scanning in the background? if its around the same time of the day, id give disabling antivirus scanning a go and to manually set window 10 (if u use it) "active" hours to late night or early morning

Yeah great suggestion, though as far as I can see in Task Scheduler Windows Defender isn't scheduling scans during active gaming hours. However, I've now set specific triggers just in case.

posted about a year ago
#4 Major FPS drops in Q/A Help
scaryhave you done the easy shit like verifying game files and such

I have done that, yes.

posted about a year ago
#1 Major FPS drops in Q/A Help

Since April this year I have been experiencing random FPS drops that happen when playing the game. They can last up to 10 seconds, and can occur randomly. I observe at least one during a night of playing. My game runs buttery smooth otherwise @ 240Hz with an i5-8600k and GTX 1080.

I'm using mastercomfig low, with nohats, custom crosshairs, m0rehud, and custom hitsounds. Launch options are updated according to mastercomfig docs.

My temps seem perfectly normal when ingame, and I always keep all my drivers up to date. I also think its at least worth noting that I always notice the issue occurring at around the same time of day, several hours after booting up my PC.

posted about a year ago
#149 2nd Place B4nny in TF2 General Discussion
GazWhat exactly is the issue?

There isn't really an issue and I think we can all move on without getting hurt. If certain members of nerdRage want to continue being keyboard warriors then so be it, I advise their opponents to just mute them if they become an annoyance. It's not like any of your taunts have any backbone behind them anyway. After the S38 Grand Finals for example, as soon as production invites your team to a post-game interview on stream and politely asks you to be respectful, the players on your team that were either personally attacking the enemy team as a whole or targeting individual players including yourself instantly submitted to their plea and refrained from doing so again during said interview - A point in time where your words would have carried the most weight behind them.

posted about a year ago
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