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tf2easy revamps roster, readies revenge
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March 1, 2023

The end of 2022 was certainly a mixed bag for tf2easy. Their offline performance during RCADIA Fortress proved they were able to challenge Witness Gaming with an epic, end-to-end, 5 maps Grand Final, although they still failed to dethrone their rivals. However, any hopes of a Grand Final rematch online where quickly dashed less than a week afterwards, when tf2easy got knocked out in the Lower Bracket Final by the League of Shadows in three close maps. Now with june and Nicky replacing auto and Gazy, tf2easy will be looking to forget yesterday’s missteps and consolidate on their promising results instead.

Replacing Gazy on the Flank Scout will be no small task, as the German pyrotechnician had been on tf2easy since Season 38, close to two years ago now, but Nicky is not exactly a stranger to the team either, being a part of the original roster that won Season 36. A reliable fragger and a constant threat on the flank, Nicky is also one of the keenest Premiership players out here, being on their 12th consecutive season in the top level. tf2easy certainly were able to take away a lot from their loss against the League of Shadows : a sense of humility, a demonstration of their weaknesses. Oh, and they took their Medic too. A product of tf2.pickup.de, june has been on a rapid ascent since her Premiership debut in Season 41, and this move feels like the logical next step in her Prem career.

Josh, nubbi, morale and Nas boii will all be returning to their usual roles, eager to help integrate their two new teammates with their experience. Among the most experienced players currently in Premiership, Pocket Soldier Josh had already been in the top flight for two years when June created an ETF2L account. The combo is rounded out by morale on Pocket Scout and Nas boii on Demo, both of them playing alongside eachother for the 6th season running so this is one cohesive unit. Last but not least, Hungarian prodigy nubbi is still on Roamer, ready for yet another season of styling on enemy gamers.

morale was able to answer our questions and offer rich details of the inner workings of tf2easy :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: With two new recruits and a couple of months since last season, how is the atmosphere within the team ? Has it changed in any significant ways?

All good, nothing much has changed at all, just singing Deutschland Deutschland über alles a lot less.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Nicky and June are quite different players from Gazy and auto at first glance. Would you say they had to adapt, and if yes, how much?

Everyone has to adapt every time they come into a new team, no one is ever an exception to that, some may acclimatize quicker than others, but that’s it. They’ve been adapting well so far, and they will continue to as we build back up our game.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: This is looking like a fairly stacked season; do you even notice this sort of thing or are you solely focused on dethroning Witness?

You look at the level of teams and you think: ‘Yay this will be fun for once’, and then you remember we still don’t have Badlands.

No, that would be very naïve, one game at a time.

WIth their two new players in tow, tf2easy now is :

  • Pocket Scout: morale
  • Flank Scout: Nicky
  • Roamer: nubbi
  • Pocket: Josh
  • Demoman: Nas boii
  • Medic: june
8 Frags +

19 Frags +


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