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Venomcrest Pythons slither into Prem
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October 26, 2022

Venomcrest Pythons are making their second appearance in Premiership this season, after a 5th place finish last season they’ll be looking to earn themselves a playoffs spot this time around. The Pythons proved they deserve a spot in Premiership last season, but it’s time to look to impress instead.

A kind of spiritual successor to Vibrams Middle Finger from Season 39, the yak and tiram duo are back with another squad built around them. The roster will be staying almost the same from last season, with a new addition and a minor shuffle. junnu, who is replacing varnu, and hai make up the Scouts for the Pythons, with junnu on Combo and hai moving over to Flank from Combo last season. The Finnish duo have made appearances in Premiership before: hai making his debut in Season 28 and even achieving a respectable 4th place finish with nunya in Season 29. Since then he’s hovered around the higher tiers, but made his return for a full season of Premiership last season with the Pythons on Combo Scout. junnu made his Premiership debut in Season 33 and more recently played with CHARLIE’s Team in Season 37, and although they struggled to properly succeed in Premiership they weren’t the worst of the bunch.

On Soldier the Pythons are repping tiram, Roamer, and kn, Pocket. tiram and kn both have a decent amount of experience playing in Premiership, with kn being the more inexperienced of the two. tiram and kn, the mge terroriser, will be hoping to hit some nasty airshots in Prem, but on a yak team they might be resigned to jumping around and drawing eyes for yak’s 500 DPM.

yak, or Joseph__, is a long time enjoyer of TF2 and sticky bombs. Making his first ETF2L appearance in 2013, he definitely has the experience to help bring his squad together and do the calling for the boys. yak has even played in more Premiership Qualifiers (8) than most players have seasons. Everytime soldier's try to bomb in on mids they'll be hearing yak yak yak yak.

Finally rounding out the team is poy on Medic. Poy isn’t a stranger to the top divisions, and LOL HL players will recognise her as an established Premiership Heavy. Not new to the pressures of high-level play, poy is a solid choice for the Pythons.

Evil mastermind yak monologued to us about this season and a certain player :

TEAMFORTRESSTV: Your roster is relatively unchanged from last season, with only junnu joining. How important is keeping the same players to you ?

Keeping a consistent roster is quite important to the long term success of teams imo. The teams at the top generally don't change too many players between seasons. I think as you play more with the same people a lot of comms don't need to be said (and can focus on other stuff) because you just know what people are going to be doing. I think it's really sad to see how flick has decimated his own roster but I am really excited to see how Ronz performs in a new environment.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: You finished last season in 5th place, but Prem seems to be hotly contested this season. Do you think that you've got what it takes to reach playoffs ?

I think that there is a very good chance that 6 or perhaps 7 of the teams have the potential to reach the playoffs. I think it's going to be an extremely close season, made even tougher by playing against Ronz. But I think there's a chance we'll pull through if we keep making improvements.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: You've often been able to take points or maps off teams that most people would deem superior to you. What makes you able to succeed where other teams can't ?

They are not superior unless Ronz is on the team.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: How did TEAMFORTRESS.TV unjust snubs over the seasons make you feel ?

I prefer really not to speak. If I speak I am in big trouble. In big trouble and I don't want to be in big trouble.

Final note: Always respect Ronz

Here to get another cheater banned, Venomcrest Pythons is :

  • Pocket Scout: junnu
  • Flank Scout: hai
  • Roamer: tiram
  • Pocket: kn
  • Demoman: yak
  • Medic: poy
-9 Frags +


-4 Frags +

go poy :3

go poy :3
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15 Frags +

Didn't read

Didn't read
8 Frags +

Respect Ronz.

Respect Ronz.
9 Frags +

Respect ronz

Respect ronz
8 Frags +

Respect Ronz

Respect Ronz
-3 Frags +

You should have respected ronz

You should have respected ronz
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yak aint dutch fuck that

yak aint dutch fuck that
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