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#1047 rayshud in Customization

I'm aware that the ready up buttons are cut off and will have a fix for them + a potential new main menu (with access to the competitive lobby) out soon.

Sorry for the delay! This is something that I should have fixed a long time ago.

posted about 5 years ago
#25 New Portal TAS in Other Games
joejoe347Can someone explain the difference between a tas speedrun and a normal run?

The Wikipedia article does a pretty good job of explaining it:

A tool-assisted speedrun or tool-assisted superplay (frequently abbreviated TAS) is a performance of a video game constituting of a controller input sequence, usually produced by means of emulation with features such as slow motion, frame-by-frame advance, memory watch, and re-recording (save states) of gameplay used to create the input sequence.

Which essentially means that a TAS is something that's usually made more to show off what a particular engine can do rather than showcase a player's skill. "In theory" an individual player could replicate the actions done in a task, but in most cases it's highly unlikely because it'd require multiple consecutive single-frame/precise inputs. RNG is generally manipulated in TASes as well to really push down the time on a particular run as low as it could possibly be.

A "normal" speedrun often referred to as an RTA, or real time attack, which is a full run performed in real-time (with no re-records or anything of the sort) by an individual that showcases that particular individual's talents in a particular game.

Here are a few more TASes that are pretty interesting watches if you enjoy 3D Mario games:



posted about 5 years ago
#25 TF2 update for 1/20/16 (1/21/16 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion
cocoonThose rank names sound pretty stupid.

What cirlo didn't mention when he pasted in the ranks was the commented out line of code at the top that stated that the names were just placeholders and not confirmed to be final.


// work in progres..temp names
posted about 5 years ago
#7 AGDQ 2016 in Off Topic

Super Mario Maker's levels are, if I remember correctly, going to be modified versions of some of PangeaePanga, mitchflowerpower and Carl Sagan's insanely difficult levels, which should make it an enjoyable watch. In addition to this, the entire Super Mario World section that comes right after should be good too.

If you like kart racers, the Diddy Kong Racing race between Toufool and MrsGizamaluke should be a lot of fun to see; they're the top two runners for that game and category and are only 12 seconds apart in terms of PB. It's all racing and no overworld movement, so it should be quick and exciting.

In addition to everything that's been said, the 120 star Super Mario 64 race between the top three players (Simply, Puncayshun and Cheese05) is always a good watch too.

Other runs that should be a lot of fun to see (both because of the runs themselves and the runners) are Galaxy, Splatoon, Portal 2, HL2, Punch Out/Super Punch Out, Banjo Kazooie, Pokemon Yellow, Paper Mario, Legend of Zelda MM 100% (really crazy run!), Shovel Knight, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Ori and the Blind Forest.

Stochast1cMuch like Tetris before it, Stepmania is a must see.

Yeah, Staiaian is insane. While he's not technically doing a "speedrun", the amount of technical skill required to do what he does is crazy. Here's a few examples of him playing:



Also, I'll be there the whole week but as of right now don't have access to the venue due to an issue with my registration. If any of you are planning on going or are in the Herndon, Virginia area, let me know and I'd be down to hang!

Finally, if you guys want a place to hang during the event and have a chat to talk in separate from the main GDQ chat, I'll be hosting it on my channel for the entire week. There were a decent number of people (~40-60) that hung out there during SGDQ this past summer and most people that went there seemed to have a good time hanging out. :>

posted about 5 years ago
#284 The Tough Break Update in TF2 General Discussion

I haven't read all of the posts on this yet, so I don't know if this was already mentioned or not yet, but:

This update also included something in MainMenuOverride.res (the file that contains the Main Menu HUD elements) called "ShowWarButton". It's visible value is set to 0 so you can't see it, but when it's enabled it displays the text "War is here!" and doesn't do anything at the moment.

The command connected to it is called "showcomic", and based on the picture posted by Paladin_IMS, I wouldn't be surprised if the two were connected in terms of matchmaking affiliation.

Picture of the button here:


posted about 5 years ago
#1022 rayshud in Customization

rayshud v2015.12.17 has been released!

This update contains support for Tough Break, including contract support and an updated scoreboard (that looks a bit neater).

Please let me know if you find a bug with anything, as I'd like to get these resolved as soon as I can! Thanks!

This version includes the following changes:

- Changed the scoreboard to only show the server time left amount, rather than the full label.
- Updated the scoreboard to look nicer with the Tough Break update.
- Added in contract support for the Tough Break update.
- Added in miscellaneous support for other Tough Break elements.

You can download the update here:


or via the installer by Tree here:



Screenshots of the new (edited) scoreboard:


posted about 5 years ago
#1019 rayshud in Customization

rayshud v2015.12.16 has been released!

This update begins the transformation of my HUD that I've wanted to do for a long time. Instead of releasing it all at once and filled with bugs, I figured it'd be best to release each little bit to you guys as I finish it.

Also, in addition to this, the older scoreboards will eventually be fixed (to get rid of that nasty green color on destruction, among other things!), and be re-uploaded to the Github repo if you still wish to use them. That being said, I don't plan to use those scoreboards moving forward, so that means they might not get installer support and will not be updated if new scoreboard elements are added -- You're welcome to maintain them yourself though.

Please let me know if you find a bug with anything, as I'd like to get these resolved as soon as I can! Thanks!

This version includes the following changes:

- Removal of the Halloween background from the main menu.
- The release of an entirely new scoreboard (with support for 6s, 9s, and MvM; all resolutions)
- An updated font with fully completed 6s and 9s for a cleaner look.

You can download the update here:


or via the installer by Tree here:



Screenshots of the new scoreboard and fonts:

Default 16v16 Scoreboard



6s Scoreboard



9s Scoreboard



MvM Scoreboard



Font Difference (Old vs New)



Note: This scoreboard causes minor clipping with the tournament spectator HUD. That will most likely be the next thing I release, followed by new menus (and a button for matchmaking).

posted about 5 years ago
#991 rayshud in Customization

rayshud v2015.10.28 has been released!

This update should fix most of the Halloween stuff. I wasn't able to get the item server working though, so the souls counter might be out of place/look bad. I'll fix this later if this is the case.

PLEASE tell me if you find a bug, as a lot of this was untested due to lack of access to the item server.


This version includes the following changes:

- Updated the main menu for Halloween (new cycling ad container, Halloween background)
- Added in support for the new Halloween item rarity colors.
- Added in support for new player statuses.
- Updated the matchmaking menu in preparation for matchmaking.
- Added in the Souls item effect meter.
- Updated HudAnimations_tf.txt to reflect new animations.

You can download the update here:


or via the installer by Tree here:


posted about 6 years ago
#30 MAJOR TF2 update for 10/28/15 (Scream Fortress 7) in TF2 General Discussion

They added in a new file in addition to the updated competitive menu:


Looks like they're slowly working towards an eventual release soon.

posted about 6 years ago
#5 Will tf.tv prepare for the influx of mm players? in TF2 General Discussion

While it's not 100% confirmed, it's at least in the game files at the moment that both 6s and 9s will be supported in matchmaking. If you're using a HUD that's updated for the matchmaking lobby, you can see this in the dropdown:


posted about 6 years ago
#982 rayshud in Customization
oblaholy shit that looks good

perhaps that background is a bit too hurtful on the eyes, especially on the main menu? that's just my two cents.

Originally I was going to have a dark and light theme and have it so you could choose your theme in the installer and go with it that way, but I figured that'd be slow and take me quite awhile to prepare for a release, so I wanted to come up with a decent middle ground for the time being. Here are the two other background I had originally used:



I might still do something with them, even if it's just throwing them in the materials folder and telling people to rename the files if they want to use them, but for the time being and the initial release I think I'll stick with the current background for now since it's a good middle ground in my opinion.

posted about 6 years ago
#980 rayshud in Customization

Hey guys.

It's been quite a while since anything more than quick patches have been released to the HUD, and last night I had a revelation. For the longest time I wanted to do this big "overhaul" update that included all sorts of new stuff (including an updated installer), but work on the installer has been slow, and school and my own stream have been keeping me really busy the past few months to the point where I either haven't had the time or the desire to work on it.

Sounds like a retirement message, huh? Well..

Think again.

Back in June of this year I re-did most of the main menu, started re-doing the tournament spectator HUD, switched over the main HUD font to a more aesthetically pleasing Cerbetica, and added in a new loading screen. They were all going to be packaged up with a new scoreboard, re-designed menus, and more HUD crosshairs. But why make you guys wait? I've been sitting on some of this stuff for literally months, and instead of letting it gather dust in my tf folder, I figured I should share it with the rest of the world.

While I'm not entirely done, I think it's only fair to show you all what I have done at the moment, my plans for the future, and how you can help shape those plans. I want to be as transparent as possible.

Without further ado, here's the new main menu and loading screen:



and here's the new default font (it's been around for awhile, but most people don't know about it):

Left: old font (cut off 6s and 9s), right: new font (rounded 6s and 9s)


While none of this is out yet, I plan to release all of this in small pieces in a transition process, rather a full overhaul. You can expect all this new stuff in addition to a potential new scoreboard (which will eliminate 4x3 resolution conflicts hopefully) as early as this weekend. The tournament spectator HUD, new crosshairs and re-done menus will probably take a bit, but this will allow you guys to help me find the bugs in this stuff sooner rather than if I had just dumped a million new things on you all at once.

How can you help?

Because I want to be transparent as possible during this whole process and give you guys the best possible product I can, I'd like to get some feedback. This can be in any form really, just something constructive and more than "I don't like this". It gives me a starting point and can help me form ideas as to what I can improve upon, things that I might want to do differently, etc. However, do keep in mind that if I feel it wouldn't benefit the majority of users it might not be added/changed.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this new chapter in the life of the HUD and I'm really quite flattered that as many of you still use it as you do!

Thanks again!

posted about 6 years ago
#978 rayshud in Customization

rayshud v2015.10.6 has been released!

This update isn't technically mandatory. All it does is edit the main menu and quickplay menus to support Invasion and remove traces of Gun Mettle, but I figured I'd throw it out there anyways.

Also, I know the green scoreboard isn't totally finished, but I'm in the process of re-designing the scoreboard altogether so I might potentially just finish that up and release the new scoreboard alongside the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This version includes the following changes:

- Removed traces of Gun Mettle on the main menu; added in support for Invasion.
- Added in an Invasion splash screen image on the quickplay dialogue to reflect the new update.

You can download it here:


or via the installer by Tree here:


In other news, rayshud.com has expired, but you can now get to this thread via http://hud.raysfi.re/

posted about 6 years ago
#47 MAJOR TF2 update for 10/6/15 (Invasion Update) in TF2 General Discussion
STOGEOKAY, so apparently I was crashing when joining servers due to my HUD so disregard whatever I said above. Either update or use default for now.

The only thing flame's messed with in his HUD in regards to the invasion update was something involving the main menu (changing the cycling ad to match that of the invasion update instead of the Gun Mettle update) and the quickplay menu (making the quickplay screen display a splash image for Invasion maps).

Any crashing you might've experiences due to this update is not caused by the HUD you're using, but rather the update itself.

You can see all that he changed in his Invasion commit here:


posted about 6 years ago
#8 Possible MM Rulesets (Rumor) in TF2 General Discussion

To further provide proof of the beta pass, you can actually get into the competitive matchmaking lobby by modifying GameMenu.res, and if you make a lobby and try to start a search, you're given the following screen:


posted about 6 years ago
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