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* RGL Season 15 preview
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May 28, 2024

The team registration deadline has passed us, and Season 15 has begun. Invite in particular looks to be an exciting time, capped off by a LAN event for the teams that place in the top 4. Here’s a rundown of the Invite teams you’ll be seeing in Season 15.

* 28 May 23:00 EDT Update: RGL has confirmed that there will not be an eighth team promoted from Advanced to Invite. The division will proceed with only 7 teams.


  • Pocket Scout: golden
  • Flank Scout: TheGreatMage
  • Roamer: tristen
  • Pocket: Unicorn Wizard
  • Demoman: MiG21-bis
  • Medic: ally

Anglerfish should be a familiar name for those who have watched the more recent seasons of Invite, but the roster for this season is a bit different. The team is replacing ziamangry on Pocket Soldier with Unicorn Wizard, and ally has moved from Scout to Medic replacing the outgoing degnan. golden has moved from Demoman to Scout, and MiG21-bis has arrived on the scene to take over the Demoman role.

Anglerfish played in the Season 15 Qualifier, where they earned their spot in Invite. We talked with Unicorn Wizard to get a sense of the team’s direction after their qualifier victory:

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: When we talked with tristen in our last article, he said the goal in the qualifier was to win a match. You guys have gone above and beyond that and are now in Invite. Moving forward, what does a successful season look like for Anglerfish?

I think we're all excited to be able to compete. A successful season is, in my head, one where we get better and are able to play at our full potential way more often. We are definitely able to contest teams in the mid-Invite range, based on the fireside cup and scrims we've had. We just really need to work on our coordination and complimenting each other as players. I think we can realistically place 5-6th, if all goes well.


  • Pocket Scout: shamoo
  • Flank Scout: pabwo
  • Roamer: loafe
  • Pocket: pauldogg
  • Demoman: SIN K4RMA
  • Medic: Dank

This roster is very similar to that of Greasy Dothogs which got second place in Season 12. In fact, for the majority of the preseason, the team featured Rekuso on Flank Scout and Kryptonite on Roamer, just like in Season 12: until the flank duo unexpectedly departed just before the registration deadline. Filling in the gaps are pabwo on Flank Scout, who is primarily known for his Invite-winning highlander gameplay with Witness Gaming, along with up-and-coming soldier loafe, who played Season 14 with The Mafia. The team also dealt with instability in the Demoman role during the preseason, trying out several options until ultimately landing on the team’s former Demo SIN K4RMA who opted to join the crew shortly before the deadline.

We talked to Pocket Scout shamoo who had this to say about the team’s roster and goals:

Me and the rest of the team are very sad about rekuso and kryptonite leaving, but the good news is I’ve successfully suckered loafe and pabwo to join the team and carry me. I don’t know how I keep getting away with it. I believe pabwo will come in and instantly be the best sniper in Invite and loafe is already a top 1 roamer. Our goal is first place.


  • Pocket Scout: gungon
  • Flank Scout: yight
  • Roamer: saxophone
  • Pocket: b4nny
  • Demoman: habib
  • Medic: hubida

froyotech, depending on your perspective, could be considered either the heroes or the villains of competitive TF2. Not that they’ve done anything villainous, but sometimes you want to cheer for an underdog, and if there’s any team in the game's history that isn’t an underdog, it’s froyotech. The team is going forward with a relatively similar roster to last season, featuring only a couple changes. The core of gungon, saxophone, b4nny, and hubida is staying together, all on the same roles as last season. However, habib has returned to the team to play Demoman for the first time since Season 11, replacing logan. Last but certainly not least, top Invite multi-classer yight is joining the team on Flank Scout in his first season of sixes since Season 8. This last move is likely a surprise for most people, not just due to yight returning from a break, but also from perceived “philosophical differences” between yight and b4nny.

We talked to b4nny, the leader of froyotech, about the upcoming season and the new roster:

This is a pretty unique roster for us this season, but we are all excited for the opportunity to compete at LAN and hope to put in the work to earn our way there.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Can you tell us about the yight pickup? I think this is something a lot of viewers didn’t see coming. How did it happen?

We had some trouble finding a 6th and then things just aligned that yight came forward as an option after all the usual suspects were unavailable. He's a skilled and experienced player, and I think in the time he's been away from the game he has matured a lot, which gave us a lot of confidence in the choice to pick him up. He's certainly going to have to shake off a bit of rust and adapt a bit to the current landscape of things, but I think he'll do well on our team.

Like A G6

  • Pocket Scout: cap
  • Flank Scout: bomo
  • Pocket: kobe1920
  • Demoman: logan
  • Medic: LOLGUY

Unsurprisingly, the return of LAN finals brings the blessed arrival of established Invite dynasties ready to show everyone how it’s done. One such roster is Like A G6, who won Invite back to back in seasons 10 and 11. The team features Roamer SOOOOOOAPYMEiSTER, Pocket kobe1920, and Medic LOLGUY, who all decided to take a break from online play after their Season 11 championship with G6, returning only for LAN. The scout duo of cap and bomo return to G6 after having played together in Season 13 with Witness Gaming. Demoman logan, who has won Invite 5 out of the last 6 seasons also makes his return, reuniting the squad in full that won RGL Season 10 and RESUP Philadelphia 2023. No doubt about it, this team is scary and one of the favourites to win it all. BBall enthusiast and Roaming Soldier SOOOOOOAPYMEiSTER talked to us about LAN and the team’s feelings going into the season:

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: How does the inclusion of LAN change motivation for you guys? Can the viewers expect to see a “locked in” version of G6 that other seasons haven't shown?

G6 has been hooked on LANs ever since the Fullerton LAN in 2022. Honestly, it's the main thing that keeps us playing these days. As for what the viewers can expect, I've always felt that our team performs best on LAN. I'm not sure why that is—maybe it's the lack of distractions, crowd, or the atmosphere—but as always, we will do our best to put on a good show!

Witness Gaming

  • Pocket Scout: branslam
  • Flank Scout: highfive
  • Roamer: laz
  • Pocket: ash
  • Demoman: artist
  • Medic: skeez

While the name Witness Gaming shouldn’t be unfamiliar to fans of Invite, this iteration of the roster features players we haven’t seen in a while. Roaming legend laz is returning to Invite for the first season since Season 9, and a similar story is true for ash, who last played in Season 10. Top Invite legends branslam and highfive make up the Scout duo, and Demoman artist, who has played the class for Witness for several seasons now, comes back to the team which gave him his debut. This core of five looks to improve on its podium finish at the last RGL LAN Playoffs in 2022 with the addition of skeez, who last played Invite with Like A G6 in seasons 10 and 11.

We reached out to branslam to talk about the upcoming season and the team’s goals:

unc gaming

Unfortunately, nobody in the teamfortress.tv news team knows how to speak branslamese, so his insightful words got lost in translation. We decided to reach out to his Scout partner highfive to elaborate:

To expand on what branslam said just a little bit, we're excited for LAN and are sick of losing all the time. Problem is we're sort of old and kind of suck ass right now but hopefully by the time LAN’s rolled around we've converted enough rage into enough new skill to win the damn thing for once

GlobalClan Ice

  • Pocket Scout: Scratchh
  • Flank Scout: yumyum
  • Roamer: Grape Juice
  • Pocket: quacks
  • Demoman: peniferous
  • Medic: hannah

Unlike the other Global Clan team in Invite this season, these gamers are ice cold. While that was super corny, it could actually be said that the opposite is true: they’re red hot. The squad from last season featured Scratchh on Flank Scout, who moves into the combo with the departure of shamoo, Grape Juice on Roamer, quacks on Pocket, and hannah on Medic. While this team wouldn’t be considered by most to be in the top echelon of Invite, this core comes into the season fresh off of a third place finish in Season 14, and their potential is worth paying attention to. Joining the team is Flank Scout yumyum, who last played Invite in Season 13 on The Darkest Knights, placing third; as well as Demoman peniferous, who won Season 12 Advanced and placed 4th in Season 11 Invite with GPG. In any case, this team seems to have the potential to upset teams like froyotech, G6, and Witness.

Grape Juice gave us the scoop on how the team is feeling going into the season:

We're really looking to build off of what we had going last season with our 3rd place finish, particularly exciting for me since this is the first time I've managed to play 2 consecutive seasons with the same core. The competition is really strong this season so we're all looking to put on a good showing and secure ourselves a playoff spot to compete at LAN, which we think we're absolutely capable of.

The Mafia

  • Pocket Scout: nehcro
  • Flank Scout: raven
  • Roamer: nurfu
  • Pocket: slugmundo
  • Demoman: deimos
  • Medic: dinkolaw

Last but not least we have The Mafia, a team that played Season 14 and is back for more. Last season's iteration featured Pocket Scout nehcro, Roamer nurfu, Demoman deimos, and Medic dinkolaw, who all return to play together again. New to the team is Flank Scout raven, who made his debut with ROME in Season 12 ahead of this, his first full rookie season, and Pocket Soldier slugmundo, who played Season 11 with GPG. The team finished fifth in Season 14, and we reached out to Medic dinkolaw to talk about The Mafia’s goals moving forward:

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: After getting 5th place last season, what are the team's goals now? Is improving to 4th to get to LAN on your radar?

The mafia getting 5th as a move up team last season was a huge success for us. This season we want to get 4th which I think is truly possible. I have a great team that wants to stick together and improve, all while having a good mentality. It’s always been the goal for the team, and the formula for success in my opinion. We also intend on making it to LAN whether or not we make top 4. It will be our first LAN together and we are super stoked for it.

Those are the teams you can expect to see in this season of Invite. Currently, the division features 7 teams due to the sudden death of The Goofy Gorillas who were the second advancing team from RGL Season 15 Qualifier, and RGL may look to move up a team from Advanced to maintain 8 teams. Tune into RGL and Fireside Casts to check out the best teams in North America play!

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invite is so back :)

invite is so back :)
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looking to be a competitive season! excited!!!

looking to be a competitive season! excited!!!
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Top 3 teams look stacked! When was the last time we had 3 legitimate contenders?

Top 3 teams look stacked! When was the last time we had 3 legitimate contenders?
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its like season 9 and 10 combined teams to make the most stacked invite showcase the community has ever seen in the last couple of years. LAN is gonna be so fucking hype

its like season 9 and 10 combined teams to make the most stacked invite showcase the community has ever seen in the last couple of years. LAN is gonna be so fucking hype
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wait this season looks good???

wait this season looks good???
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all this in a lan season is gonna make s15 one of the most memorable invite seasons in a while
even low-mid invite looks like anyone's game at a glance

all this in a lan season is gonna make s15 one of the most memorable invite seasons in a while
even low-mid invite looks like anyone's game at a glance
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avengers endgame ahh season

avengers endgame ahh season
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slugmundo The chosen one

slugmundo The chosen one
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i'm not american

i'm not american
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G6 is back woohoo!!

G6 is back woohoo!!
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