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#4 Why isn't b4nny in the olympics? in TF2 General Discussion

finally a good thread

posted 6 days ago
#8384 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 1 week ago
#19 who are the most toxic tf2 players of all time? in TF2 General Discussion

who was that former tf2 player who was kicked off their ow team in the early days of overwatch because he incoherently screamed the n word in a matchmaking game?

posted 2 weeks ago
#13 reckoner > any other 5cp map. prove me wrong in Map Discussion

jokes aside how can you like reckoner when you can do things like this on it

posted 4 weeks ago
#6 Faceit 6v6 update plan coming soon in TF2 General Discussion
TimTumdbktheyre so confident for how it turned out last time
the faceit 6v6 platform before b4nny got involved was fine (at least in EU), just not enough people played it

this might be rose tinted glasses although na and eu faceit could have run pugs differently, but i remember the default elo being way too high which would force new players into brutal rolls were their team is pissed at them for the poor balance when that's not their fault
this isn't a problem with 12 experienced players but i thought the whole point of faceit was its accessibility for newer players who might not know about pug groups and such

posted 4 weeks ago
#11858 stream highlights in Videos


posted 4 weeks ago
#11854 stream highlights in Videos


posted 4 weeks ago
#2691 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

a very safe sounding song, its not really for me

posted 1 month ago
#21 Graph Map of 2021 TF2 Players in TF2 General Discussion

Is there any way to make it a pdf with searchable text?
either way i cant find myself [U:1:106127991]

posted 1 month ago
#25 The Top 10 Fragmovies of All Time in Videos
Shears#1. Fanom ESEA S6 highlights by subtitled: https://youtu.be/tRNARy0DwKI

seeing entire fights from perspectives of the whole team is more incredible to watch than stratosphere airshots. i wish every team frag vid did this

posted 1 month ago
#6 The Stock Shotgun isnt the same as every other one in TF2 General Discussion

its crazy how long things like this, or iron bomber for example, go under the radar

posted 1 month ago
#70 rahThread: The story behind your alias in Off Topic


illyamy mom chose it

also this but my dad for playstation network in 2008 or so

posted 1 month ago
#114 ban iron bomber and market gardener for s39 in TF2 General Discussion


posted 2 months ago
#112 The Case of Elijah 2.0 in TF2 General Discussion
lithiumIf you cheat in a video game in China you go to jail. This is how it should be in America

ive thought running pyro to mid should be met with jail for a while now

posted 2 months ago
#66 The Case of Elijah 2.0 in TF2 General Discussion

if you post a manifesto like that I'm assuming you cheat idc even if you go sub 150 dpm every log

posted 2 months ago
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