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#4 RetardGameing needs your help in The Dumpster

you all sound like total losers

posted 4 days ago
#5 tauntsliding was the planking of tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

I'm trying desperately to have a take on this but i just can't

posted 4 days ago
#2 RGL S11 W7A: 3D3M vs. THE COVENANT in Events

you'll never guess who won this exchange

posted 5 days ago
#4 Hello everyone in The Dumpster

finally a reason to check the dumpster

posted 5 days ago
#7 What Are They Keeping In The Granary Mid Crates? in Off Topic

what? you think there's anything noteworthy in those crates? something worth fighting tens of thousands of midfights over? lmao yeah right i bet you also think that they take the map out of rotation in order to update their reserves. who cares that everyone who's worked on a granary pro version eventually went missing that's a mere coincidence. yes of course no one knows the original developers of the map that's just how valve operates. honestly i kind of doubt there's anything at all inside and i think it's best for everyone if you thought so too

posted 1 week ago
#1 Eltorro64Rus is a genius in Off Topic

Hello teamfortress.tv,

I'm unsure how many of you already know this but there is a genre-creating, generational talent that is refining their craft right under our noses in the tf2 community: Eltorro64Rus. By no means a household name, I believe most of you may already be familiar with some of their work such as Gravity Fails and Gravel Poot. These whimsical, short-form sfm videos seem frivolous at a first glance, but looking at how Eltorro's career has developed shows an astonishing progression of craft, refining humor, technical expertise, and ambition.

When viewing early work, we can already see some of the soon-to-be staples get experimented with. With videos such as The Binding Of Heavy (TF2) one already notices a willingness to crossover multiple video game properties, a cohesive soundtrack constructed of other game soundtracks, the heavily distorted faces, and most importantly the dreamlike, surreal settings and plot. The surrealist tone is consistent from the very beginning. Even in more grounded videos such as Soldier Thinks He's A Medic the unpredictability and sheer abandonment of logical continuity makes for a disorienting and dreamlike watch. Even a full decade later, we can still appreciate the innovation and experimentation in this early work.

As Eltorro honed their craft we began to see some new elements be introduced. For example, Box Of Cox serves as a nice case of the new use of distortion over certain voice lines, as well as chopping voice lines together to synthesize new phrases. We can also see in Bliss a willingness to adapt current popular culture (or at least what was current a decade ago) to their own form with inclusions like an unexpected punchline. Evidently, a more consistent technical prowess is growing, with smoother overall animation and more detailed settings. Also worth mentioning that this is when Eltorro64Rus tried out a continuous miniseries with Scout's Amazing Adventures, which is the only series attempted.

A few years following and we get to a sort of "golden age" of Eltorro which contains the aforementioned Gravel Poot and Gravity Fails, alongside other classics such as Hardhat and Lazy Mountain. As expected there is a noticeable development in theme, environment, and animation quality while still honing in on what made their previous work so excellent. A new concept arising here is the use of cosmetics or simple objects as unique attire for the characters, and Gravel Poot in particular demonstrates this in addition to the pushing of new boundaries in the surrealist space.

While I appreciate the "golden age" absolutely, I consider it a misnomer as all the work leading up to and including the golden age was that of experimentation & steady refinement. What comes after however, is the true stride of Eltorro64Rus, in my opinion. In a few years we can already see a massive improvement in animation quality, focus, and sheer density of artwork on display. Prop Fortress and Vampire Street Building serve as quality examples. While a style debuted much earlier in works such as Full of sandwiches, the permanent distortion of traditional Team Fortress 2 classes' faces to display a completely new character is redefined in Bread Land, shattering the previous standard of facial distortion for mere comedic effect or to animate talking.

This post-golden era stage is better defined as modern Eltorro64Rus, as it continues to this day. But before we get to present day, there are still years-old works of theirs that are simply a joy to watch, as they're a complete masterclass. Comparing Bloody Bodybuilding to Eltorro's early surrealist pieces leaves an astonishing contrast , as though they were able to pull the very essence out of their early works and translate them to a technically impressive, dense work. Speaking of dense, The sheer density of Rock, Death & Scissors is astonishing, with a minute-long experience completely packed with popular culture references, jokes, and visuals. Finally, Spidertale Demo-Verse brings the craft full circle, and stands as a spiritual successor to the decade-old The Binding Of Heavy (TF2).

Finally, we reach the present day. While I think current-day Eltorro is clearly unparalleled, actually taking the time to watch and appreciate how the craft has been honed and developed gives a newfound appreciation. The popular culture references, unexpected punchlines, thematic density and chaos, by now flawless animation, and most importantly masterful surrealist dreamscape have all been talked about enough. They are all still present in videos like Pissmas Miracle, Heavy Weapons, and Better Call Mom, there is no need to mention it further. It is self-evident by now, this is a victory lap.

Just over a week ago now He's Gonna was released. I say this only to point out that Eltorro64Rus' artistic career is still ongoing. I cannot imagine how they can improve any further, but I have thought the same 5 years ago and many more thought so a decade back. I would be remiss to have watched this savant become who they are today without saying something, anything so that they might be appreciated in their lifetime unlike so many artistes before.

Eltorro64Rus is a genius.

posted 1 week ago
#9 RGL PUGs Public Alpha in Projects
Nygmanot constructive criticism

it took you years to learn how to copy paste the pugchamp website but somehow make it look worse ????????????

not to just blindly defend these because i dont even like pugs but who cares what the ALPHA version of a site looks like?

posted 2 weeks ago
#46 Need help documenting b4nny in TF2 General Discussion

tftv and 6s is one of the most concentrated drama circlejerks ever lmao even if there was a legit drama-baiting takedown vid tftv would one-up it in a month tops with another hl pedo scandal or cheating or something even more pointless

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 Interest in a potential Me/Marxist TF2 podcast? in TF2 General Discussion

would be cool, and you could even have squid and slin as your first guests to ask what happened to their podcast

posted 3 weeks ago
#21 penis owners in Off Topic

i dont like that i felt compelled to make this


posted 3 weeks ago
#12858 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 weeks ago
#6 penis owners in Off Topic
dbkif u aim for the side of the bowl its quieter

beta male behavior catch me pissing on the wall

posted 3 weeks ago
#23 Need help documenting b4nny in TF2 General Discussion
hannahYou could focus on a specific event, for example when in RGL s6 Witness Gaming beat froyotech in grand finals

i like this idea but dont really like the smash bros comparison that gets thrown around so often. there's been multiple explicit attempts to do a smash bros documentary for tf2 like this and this and while they're nice and they're good videos they aren't really impactful
either way though i think if a 6s video reached a casual audience in a big way and garnered a ton of buzz that would still be wasted if there isn't a clear and easy path to start playing. a lot of people know of and even regularly watch b4nny but have never played 6s just because it can be a confusing and intimidating thing to get into

posted 3 weeks ago
ondkajaIs the showdown happening today?

and to the surprise of no one, b4nny feared a real challenge

posted 4 weeks ago
#51 RGL S11 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Since brody is now a big leagues advanced player and not doing preds I'll hop in for week 4. Idk if ill do any future weeks I was just looking at main a lot doing an update/write-up


  • WANG > sexo
  • Cat Noises > Ninjago
  • GYROS > Worstcase Ontario
  • Perutech > Yakub
  • gup > Fat Peter
  • Ice Road Terror > moments from mutiny
  • Edmonton > Rizzlam
  • ctap2luigi > swiftyservers


  • WANG gang > gup
  • Cat Noises > sexo
  • GYROS > Perutech
  • Ontario > Ninjago
  • Ice Road Terror > Yakub
  • mutiny > Pancakes4Breakfast
  • Edmonton > ctap2luigi
  • Rizzlam > swiftyserver

Close/interesting matches might be GYROS v. Ontario, gup v. Fat Peter, Edmonton v. Rizzlam, ctap2luigi v. swiftyservers, Cat Noises v. sexo, Yakub v. Ice Road Terror, ctap2luigi v. Edmonton, & Rizzlam v. swiftservers

posted 4 weeks ago
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