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#8 cp_entropy (5cp) in Map Discussion

badlands mid traincars my beloved

posted 2 months ago
#28 4 suggestions for RGL in TF2 General Discussion
MidasOPif you dont want to implement pick bans please at least do something different than weekly maps, its so tiring playing the same map for 4-5 straight nights and then potentially not touching it again for 7 weeks before playoffs

NGL I think primarily grinding a single map for a week straight in scrims and offis was one of the biggest morale killers for every team I've been on so I hard agree there. The point about teams using pick/ban to avoid new maps is also very valid though

posted 3 months ago
#6 CSG Autumn Season 22 Fragmovie in Videos
AMSI also appreciate any feedback on things you liked and/or didn't like, those things I can take into consideration as I begin to work on the i69 fragmovie as my next project. <3

AMS edits are always a treat to watch, and this one was no different! Loved the atypical song choice and production quality in particular.

Some personal nitpicks:
-Feels like the specific keyframing of ramping in and out of slow motion could use some more detail and attention in some places for optimal impact IMO, many times it felt slightly too abrupt or perhaps slightly mistimed. From the beginning to about 1:20 feels close to perfectly paced but after that it loses focus a little bit in some sections.
-Some of the transitions, smooths, and camerawork felt like they dragged a bit, or were perhaps filler to help pad out the length to match the length of the song. This might tie back into my first point about pacing.
-Could use a few more smooths where the camera isn't moving in a completely straight, linear path for variety

posted 3 months ago
#24 All time best player per role in the world? in TF2 General Discussion

Surprised no one has mentioned Raymon yet. Unreal mechanics and consistency on the medicinal class

posted 3 months ago
#80 World Championship Football in World Events

Two matches now in the ro16 where a keeper has saved 3 penalty kicks in a shootout, absolutely unreal

posted 3 months ago

People seem to think I'm insulting the quality of other fragmovies in recent years so let me be clear:

That stuff is still high quality, especially in production value we've come a very long way in general.

This video is the first fragmovie I've seen in a while that dares to take a different approach to editing and visual style. While I think there's definitely room for improvement, I gotta give mad respect for putting something like that out there. How many times have you seen a hand drawn, animated version of an airshot clip?

posted 3 months ago

only truly original fragmovie I've seen in years, well worth a watch

posted 3 months ago
#26 Nostalgia thread in Off Topic

My first exposure to 6s, almost a decade ago now, was through a PUG group called CritFail PUGs, had their own website and everything with honestly pretty good UI, before PugChamp was a thing. Lots of great memories from that group but unfortunately all I have left of it is this crusty ass fragshow.

Shoutout to the days when MixChamp was regularly populated too, good times

posted 3 months ago
#4 RGL S10 Main Week 8B: Bulk Detonator State of Mind vs. bungalow alert! in Events
DavyCIs there a reason for these teams to rematch in main season?

I think multiple other teams died midseason so that could be why

posted 4 months ago
#3 LF creative help! in Off Topic


posted 4 months ago
#81 If you could bring a dead game back to life in Other Games

Red Faction: Guerilla multiplayer had surprisingly deep, extremely fun PvP

posted 4 months ago
#4 Next Chapter of RGL in TF2 General Discussion

Had to double check to make sure I wasn't in some weird dream after reading this.

Wishing Taylor the best, curious to see what their approach will be to managing RGL.

posted 4 months ago
#22 Quality Single Player Games w/ Short Stories in Other Games

Limbo is great and will take you a single digit number of hours to beat most likely.

Going to heavily second Outer Wilds and Disco Elysium, they take a bit of investment but both are unforgettable and completely unique games.

Slay the Spire is the best rougelike I've ever played. It's actually balanced well lol

posted 5 months ago
#3 cosmetic loadouts in TF2 General Discussion

posted 5 months ago
#4 TF2 update for 9/26/22 in TF2 General Discussion

rip snakewater demos, again. For the love of god this is why version numbers exist

posted 5 months ago
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