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#3 LFT adv/invite demo in Recruitment (looking for team)

next up

posted 4 hours ago
#9 * RGL Season 15 Preview in News

avengers endgame ahh season

posted 2 weeks ago
#40 lft season 4 scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

posted 2 weeks ago
#36 Timeguessr in Other Games

anyone else get the 9/11 one which is an absolute lay-up on date and location?

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 A Famine of Medics in TF2 General Discussion

I have no idea how anyone enjoys playing medic at all, even less so in pugs

posted 1 month ago
#24 Uni_Wiz LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

everything you could ever ask for

posted 2 months ago
#85 RGL S14 Div-1/Advanced/Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

RGL listened to their playerbase and made a mid-season change for the better? what is it, opposite day?!?

posted 3 months ago
#12 RGL S14 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

RGL S14 Invite Power Rankings - Week 4ish

1) froyotech
Clearly the best team right now. At the time of this post, they have yet to lose a round. Not much else to say.

Despite dropping metalworks to Global Clan, I would label COZY! BLACK as the 2nd best team in invite. A big reason for this is the addition of dingo and sigh to the roster. I am not sure if these are permanent replacements or who they are replacing, but adding those hard men to almost any roster in NA TF2 will result in an upgrade.

3) Global Clan
After the death of the Boys Night team and securing a win over COZY! BLACK, it seemed like Global Clan was the clearcut 2nd best team in invite, but The Mafia had something to say about that. Since they lost that map and COZY! BLACK added some talent, I am putting Global Clan at 3rd for now, still comfortably in the top tier of invite.

4) The Mafia
I thought this team would surprise some people and after 4 matches they already have. After a big bomb from loafe in the final seconds, The Mafia were able to upset Global Clan on bagel. Mafia stocks are on the rise, buy them while you still can.

5) Anglerfish
Unfortunately for Anglerfish, these nail-biting matches have not gone their way. Losing to both The Mafia and Global Clan by 1 round each, it seems they are on the cusp of greatness. I am excited to see how they matchup against the lower tier of invite teams to see if they can handle their business.

6) MAGA County
Due to the very small sample size we have of MAGA County at the time of this post, it is tough to rank them. They had a narrow victory vs ROME with wonder going absolutely beast mode, and with a player of that caliber among a few others, it feels weird putting them this low. This team definitely has the potential to shoot up the rankings, but since they have only played one match so far I can put them down here without feeling like I'm wrong for it.

Speaking of small sample size, that also applies to ROME. Besides that aforementioned match vs MAGA County, their only other match was a 0-5 loss to COZY! BLACK. It is hard to say with these results, but I do believe ROME is improving. At the end of the day, they are in the highest division of NA competitive TF2 and it is tough to put them above any of the other teams listed. After the fireside documentary, they certainly have people rooting for some upsets this season, myself included. #ALLROADS

posted 3 months ago
#44 RGL S14 Div-1/Advanced/Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

RGL S14 Advanced Power Rankings - Week 4ish

1) Grantus Vincere
I have had the pleasure of casting two of Grantus Vincere's matches already this season and damn do they look good. I can confidently say there is not a weakness in their roster and some of these players have been due for a breakout season in advanced, as I think this will be for them. So far they have rolled everyone in their path besides The Village, who they squeaked by with a 4-3 victory on clearcut.

2) g*ming
Despite what I heard about this team being a no/low scrim team, they are proving to be one of the best teams in the division right now. Being one of the 2 remaining undefeated teams with impressive wins over The Village and SuperZAZA Bomb put them at #2 for now. Their upcoming match vs Grantus Vincere is must-see TV.

3) The Village
I knew my initial ranking of this team did not make sense (same for Grantus Vincere), but I had to double down and write it anyway to really make myself look stupid. This is clearly one of the best teams in the division despite their current 3-2 record. Unfortunately, they drew the short straw as far as early season scheduling goes, playing four of the top five teams in their first five matches. As the season goes on, I expect their record to look a lot better and I am excited for their rematches against the other top teams.

Judging from these early season results, XIAO has let me down so far. After losing to The Village and a not-so-convincing win against refugees, I have to put XIAO down here at #4 for now. I am not sure if this is just some rust they have to shake off or if this team has some other issues I am unaware of, but I would still label this season is off to a disappointing start for them, which is weird to say considering they only have one loss. This team is definitely capable of winning the division, along with the three teams above them.

5) SuperZAZA Bomb
After two insanely clutch comeback performances in their first two matches, SuperZAZA Bomb went through the ringer. Their 2-0 record suddenly fell to 2-4 after playing the best 4 teams (imo) in the division consecutively. SuperZAZA Bomb is still very much capable of beating some of the top teams, and I am curious to see with how their rematches with them go.

6) refugees
Has the come up begun for the refugees? After losing all of their matches by 1 round*, they finally got over the hump in a 2-0 victory over THE GOBLIN ZONE. Due to how close those losses were, even against some of the top teams, is why refugees moves up two spots to #6. Unfortunately for them, they have Grantus Vincere and The Village coming up on their schedule.

7) Tripping Hazard
This is still a tough team to rank for me. When it comes to the top tier of advanced, I think they are on the outside looking in. With a close win over refugees in the first win of the season, they have lost the rest of their matches and they have not been very close. I am excited to see how they matchup against SuperZAZA Bomb and THE GOBLIN ZONE.

I am scapegoating THE GOBLIN ZONE for the reason my initial power rankings were so off. While I still think they have some very talented players on their roster, it seems I have either overrated them or they are just being a bit silly. This should be a fun wildcard team, capable of both beating anyone and losing to anyone (expert analysis).

posted 3 months ago
#4 best pregame scrim theory in TF2 General Discussion

playing against a better team for a pregame is definitely better if you can find one and don't tilt. it's like how baseball players put a weight around their bat while practice swinging before taking it off when they step up to the plate. same concept.

posted 3 months ago
#20 RGL S14 Div-1/Advanced/Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

RGL S14 Advanced Power Rankings - Week 1

1) XIAO - aimer, Yi-ge, sakura, yosh1, manacute, yuice

Despite making some noise in the invite qualifiers, XIAO find themselves in advanced. Although there may have been a gap season or two taken by most of these players, their level of talent is more than enough for the top of advanced. By default it is safe to put the invite qualifier team at the top of advanced, so that is where I will settle for now.

2) g*ming - AvrilLavigneFan95 (?), Scream, Pinaepple, Krispy Kreme 2012 (?), GMK, apathy

Obviously, I do not know the aliases of some of the players on this rosters. However, the ones I do know are very good TF2 players. Starting off the season with a convincing win over the 2nd place div 1 team from last season makes me think this will be one of the top teams in the division. Judging from a tftv post, this is a match only/low scrim team so who knows where this team will end up.

3) SuperZAZA Bomb - Slicerogue, Fireball, Holly, Dogdayboy, skull, mono

SuperZAZA Bomb is back again with most of the same roster that earned them 3rd place in div 1 last season, and the same core of Fireball, Dogdayboy, and Holly that have been together for around 5 seasons now. This rendition of the roster looks to be the strongest to date, and they are off to a great start with a victory over THE GOBLIN ZONE. I expect another good placement and playoff run from this team this season, and possibly going even further this time around.

4) THE GOBLIN ZONE - tomato tom, HEDGEHOG HERO, saam, bear, yosh, arcadia

This is a hard team to rank, because I have no idea how hard they will actually try. On paper, this team looks like they should undoubtedly be competing for 1st place with the amount of invite experience on this roster. Fortunately for me, I made these rankings late and get to see they dropped their first match in a nail biter to SuperZAZA Bomb, so I will put them at #4 for now.

5) Grantus Vincere - Wild_Rumpus, Math, raven, TIGER BALM, bane, Macron

It feels weird putting this team down here at #5, as I feel like they can achieve much higher if the teams above them are not at the top of their game. Even if they are, Grantus Vincere looks like they could beat just about anybody in the division. When I first starting writing this up I actually put them at #2, but with the teams above them being of similar strength, Grantus Vincere is drawing the short end of the stick for now.

6) The Village - Taylor, tacocat, Rapscallion, denisavich, starka, nikola tesla (?)

Depsite what I just said about Grantus Vincere, this ranking probably makes the least amount of sense. This same roster got 2nd place in div 1 last season yet here they are at #6. A big reason for that is I believe advanced is stronger than div 1 was last season. I am excited to see where these teams that did not play div 1 together last season compare to this team.

7) Tripping Hazard - bones, Tec, reverie, Michaelpc1, Grnny, mur

This is the team I probably know the least about. Aside from Tec and bones time together on WANG GANG, it seems this team does not have much experience playing together, at least on official RGL teams. That being said, they are currently 1-0 with a win against refugees, so this team could be a lot better than where I am ranking them now. Maybe I just don't know ball.

8) refugees - nomad, Mobe, taiko, earl, monkey, draco

I want to rank this team higher, but after dropping that first match to Tripping Hazard, it is hard to. I know these players are capable of beating almost any team in this division on any given night, but they may need some time to get on the same page. Also, adding draco to the roster certainly isn't helping anything.

- If I put a (?) next to someone's name, it is because I do not know their actual alias or if that is their real alias. I don't know why players in this game never use their normal alias.
- Some of these teams were very hard to rank and I do not expect this to be accurate at all as time goes on. I felt like I kept hinting at "I don't really know what I'm talking about" because I mostly don't. This will be a lot easier once I see some more match results.

posted 4 months ago
#5 RGL S14 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

RGL S14 Invite Power Rankings - Week 0

1) froyotech - b4nny, gungon, hubida, saxophone, logan, KJKUOD

Once again, we have another roster rehaul of the most decorated team in North America. The only remaining paid up player from last season's championship winning team is, of course, b4nny. The rest of the team consists of very talented, high-invite players from various teams last season. Will this rendition of froyotech win another championship? I don't know, but on paper this team looks weaker than last season. It is hard to bet against the goat (no glaze), but for now, being the defending champs earns a #1 spot in preseason power rankings.

2) Boys' Night - sandblast, marmaloo, mirrorman, jay, donovin, phorofor

This team undoubtedly has championship winning potential. In fact, some might say they are the favorites. With basically everyone on the roster being ex-froyo, they are no strangers to the peak of competitive TF2. At this moment in time, I am not sure who will be playing what class, but with players of this caliber there are quite a few options that will work out just fine for them.

3) Global Clan - Grape Juice, Shamoo, hannah, Scratchh, SIN KARMA, quacks

Similar to the two teams above them, Global Clan is filled with experience at the top of invite. What separates them? There are no invite champions on this roster. I would hope this results in a lot of hungry, driven players as they will need to be working overtime in order to finally reach the TF2 promised land. While contesting the top of invite, I expect this team along the team below to be the "gatekeepers" of high invite this season. Slightly disappointed we do not have one of the four elements in the team name this season.

4) COZY! BLACK - kev, catface, meyy, scouty, tripbwai, glimmer

In my eyes, COZY! BLACK is the final piece in the top tier of invite. The reason I put them at the bottom of this tier, is almost all of them were not on a starting roster in invite last season. The only exception is the up-and-comer scouty, who was on flank with the multi-talented monster, throne, on the invite juggernauts fgp last season. This roster is definitely capable of making some noise in high invite, but they may need to shake some rust off before their true potential is unlocked.

5) The Mafia - nehcro, dinko, loafe, deimos, nurfu, deadlyseed

I think The Mafia are going to surprise a lot of people this season. They are coming in as the div 1 winners, and honestly had no business being in div 1 last season (not their fault, they were just better than everyone). The reason I used the word "surprise" earlier is because this will be the first season of invite for most of the players on this roster, so some people who only pay attention to invite may not have heard of these players before, but real ones know.

6) Anglerfish - tristen, TheGreatMage, degnan, ally, zia, golden

Anglerfish has returned to the invite scene. After some silly roster renditions/having a revolving door roster and class selection in advanced/div 1, they are back in invite with their core. If this team stays together and players do not have to step away for extended periods for various reasons, they can definitely achieve a higher placement than what I am giving them now. I would assume with how long they have been playing together that they have good chemistry. Combining that with their previous invite experience can result in wins over the lower invite teams and possibly even some upsets in the upper ranks.

7) ROME - Vio, ghadilli, darty, Frisbee, scumbag steve, MiG-21bis

Guess who's back. ROME is running it back yet again for the 3rd straight season with basically the exact same roster. If there is one thing for certain we know about ROME, it is that they grind. With that being known, along with 3 season of experience together, it seems they are due for a breakout season. Will this season be the one? Only time will tell.

8) Clowngore - idk

At this moment, Clowngore has 5 players on their roster and one of them is banned. I have no idea who is going to end up on this roster, so for now they #8.

⦁ The teams in the bottom 4 were particularly difficult to be exact with the rank.
⦁ This season is mickey because no fgp
⦁ I now realize making power rankings requires a lot of glazing and that kinda bothers me tbh
⦁ Potential podcast and advanced power rankings coming soon ?

posted 4 months ago
#8 hiiiiiiii in Recruitment (looking for team)

top 10 most epic people to touch this game

posted 4 months ago
#3 tatuwah lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

holy crap

posted 5 months ago
#14 magic lft in Recruitment (looking for team)
ravendedicated player with a good mentality solid mechanics would recommend for a playoff main team

^facts he would pound in main playoffs pick him up

posted 5 months ago
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