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#13 TI11 in Esports

as an EG fan before the group stage I had 0 expectations cause they were dogshit the entire year so i was thinking they'd get lower bracket and a relatively early elimination but once they topped their group I thought they had figured things out and this was arteezy's year, only for them to go back to playing like shit again. feels bad man

posted 4 months ago
#8 What is ur chess elo in Off Topic

2100 lichess

my dad is also like 2000 ish and he introduced it to me when i was in middle school

posted 8 months ago
#100 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic

mustard falling to his knees in walmart

posted 8 months ago
#95 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic

posted 9 months ago
#45 free sheem in TF2 General Discussion

Everyone's focusing on the banned for saying the n word while being black stuff but nobody is acknowledging the pretty clear homophobic tones to the bind or his weapon so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's kind of understandable he's banned based on rgl's 0 tolerance policy regarding this stuff. I would agree that getting triggered over a bind is pretty sad but people have been banned over binds before so I'm not sure why this is so surprising

ElenaManettaI just don't understand why RGL is allowed to police scrims when they don't provide servers and they don't assist in setting up the scrims (It's not guaranteed that everyone who sets up scrims uses their Discord to do so). Does using their config really mean they're allowed that much power? If I make up a config that is nearly identical to the RGL ruleset with like, three changes, does that no longer make it RGL sanctioned and they aren't allowed to ban you over what you do in it? Why is it they've made distinctions that they do not make bans over actions in pugs despite most people using the exact same config?

The reason is cause they have all the power and we can't do anything about it pretty much. The only thing you can do about it is change leagues and that's probably not happening

posted 9 months ago
#80 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic

that's the playoffs james harden i expect to see

posted 10 months ago
#12 Scratchh LFT (FOR REAL THIS TIME) in Recruitment (looking for team)

posted 10 months ago
#69 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic

posted 10 months ago
#67 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic

raptors in 7 i believe please please please


posted 10 months ago
#60 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic

kevin durant sucks

posted 10 months ago
#3 RGL S8 W9A: The Cozy Brothers vs. Five Nights at MAL's in Events

steal the map pick and lose anyway lol

posted 11 months ago
#38 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic

kyrie is free

posted 11 months ago
#6 Dota 2 Patch 7.31 in Other Games

i don't play dota much anymore but any patch that shits on tinker and techies sounds incredibly based

posted about a year ago
#19 the worst posts of all time in Off Topic
feno is umatched...

holy shit -512 is that the record on this site?

posted about a year ago
#167 sin karma? in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
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