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#137 98 dpm in TF2 General Discussion

me sad me do not good in game :((

posted 5 months ago
#370 Have a seat. in Off Topic

his fuckin pepe avatar goes so well with what hes saying

posted 5 months ago
#192 Have a seat. in Off Topic

my diaper needs changing mommy uwu
i did a big one this time uwu

posted 5 months ago
#9480 stream highlights in Videos

that rly was the highlight of ur stream

posted 7 months ago
#21 Ascent.NA to prep with bootcamp for Insomnia65 in News

damn nothing i've heard about b4nny over the years have ACTUALLY made me dislike him until this. surely he has an explanation right

posted 7 months ago
#75 so we're back to this huh in TF2 General Discussion
MakJynxii u gotta hold it dear man... Clutch dat shit


im all good!

posted 7 months ago
#73 so we're back to this huh in TF2 General Discussion
gemmmost people take any kind of believable accusation at face value. happens repeatedly in every form of media

ur not smart and enlightened im sorry

and ur not a crusader of peace for jumping on the bandwagon instead of making your own opinion

posted 7 months ago
#71 so we're back to this huh in TF2 General Discussion

I love how the first few comments saying that this thread is dumb got insta downvoted because people just automatically take the side of the 'marginalized individual'

ultra cucks

posted 7 months ago
#328 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization
stackore39whats this hud https://ctrlv.cz/hTir ?

this is pretty close https://github.com/Hypnootize/Garm3n-R-B

posted 7 months ago
#20 no no word list in TF2 General Discussion

Now we must find a way to punish every single person on this list

posted 7 months ago
#65 TF2 update for 7/25/19 (7/26/19 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion
uberchainReally enjoy how somebody left the offices, confident that a Ricardo Milos hat would keep us entertained until they rolled out the Halloween update 3 months later when the playerbase increases temporarily, not realizing that all because of the uncrating bug, the future would hold:
  • A bunch of people giving them not just Oopsie Whoopsie money that they might go "well look on the bright side my dudes" to their co-workers for, but literal Fuck You Money by buying Something Special rings with their $100 earned within the first hour or two that this happened to say gg valve tf2 economy is gone crab emojis in the chat

  • Also I guess the people who have made hundreds to thousands of income from this sort of thing absolutely getting their profits destroyed but most people know about that one

  • Netherlands and Belgium trades to their friends increasing as they get people who don't have crates banned to help them hook up with the free headspot sparkle-sparkle for the easier headshot shooty-shooty

  • Over 80,000 crates within 3 hours of this happening being swept away in sales en masse from the Steam marketplace and was still counting probably up to idk 300K+ until literally almost one hour ago

  • Blapature Bash is this weekend probably needing Unusual donations disabled, which make a huge chunk of cash for charity efforts for TF2 charity streams, because Unusuals have gone from $100 CAD to as low as $3 USD, which will also hit any other donation effort in the future such as Tip of the Hats or Hugs.tf if this isn't remedied decently like Whisker had said in le economy thread

  • The Ricardo hat, as well as 5 other cosmetics added to the game this update, unfortunately being made by racist/transphobic/ableist/you name it sacks of shit who have bullied, doxxed, and harassed other item/map creators (e.g. straight up making a fake patreon of a dude who had autism spectrum disorder and filled it with many an awful racisms, finding and posting people's facebook photos and laughing at how they weren't ReAL GrilLz ExDDDee) and they're still making money off it + the other numerous items they have in the game, and will probably continue to have as long as they can still threaten people who have called them out and Valve will continue to not vet them but hey at least u got that

But for anybody else who I guess are trying to make people feel sympathetic or make people who participated feel bad for participating in this (shoutout to the fella who deleted their crates in public for Good Guy Karma after telling me I was virtue-signalling last year during August when harassment was being called out), go on, tell me how I should feel like those people should be punished severely, over a mistake a company made involving a game the higher-ups have chosen to update only ever once in a while primarily because it still makes them money.

bruh moment

posted 7 months ago
#10 Good bye and good riddance in e-Sports

"Unfortunate" doesn't begin to describe my season, this game rewards blind luck and nothing else, I am beyond convinced at this point. After getting completely tooled by scheduling with my opponent changing times on me last minute and refusing to provide confirmation prior to the day of the match as to play times, losing this way somehow felt even worse than I had thought possible. My preparation was superior, my play was superior, and I lost, so I don't see a reason to continue engaging in an activity where what is within my control is overwhelmingly outweighed by what is not.
I am done with team fortress 2, and you won't get a fond farewell. This community is infected to its roots with a degenerative disease that grows stronger over time but stops short of killing its host. Leagues used to have a competitive spirit at their heart, this has been transplanted and replaced with an artificial organ that feeds on vitriol and mockery from insecure little boys that heckle by the sidelines and tear each other to shreds over scraps of attention. The environment we fostered has trapped us all like this in a vicious cycle, and escaping it requires acceptance of the harshest reality we all scramble to explain away, that none of the countless straining efforts we put ourselves through here will ever amount to one single shining glimmer of significance. I would make this the end, but playoffs are still ongoing, and I would never leave so many great friends out to dry, so I'll suffer through a few more games for them.

One last thing before I leave you all to react with disdain, ridicule, and self-righteous fervor, before you do everything in your power to minimize my words and thoughts, box them up and shove them to some cobwebbed corner of your memory, and hope they disappear forever as a stain on your finite time ground to dust. From this moment on, nothing you say matters to me. The foulest insults you hurl with intent to wound will calmly settle at the earth before my feet, and the venom you spit will bring all the pain of a warm summer breeze. You are less than anything you can conceive, while I carry on, brimming with joy distilled from detachment.

posted 8 months ago
#5 Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson has passed away in Off Topic

How old was he? I know pretty much nothing about starcraft and the personalities in that scene, but from the reactions this is pretty unexpected

posted 8 months ago
#11 Happy Fourth of July! in World Events


posted 8 months ago
#9241 stream highlights in Videos

that random guy is a legit nutcase

posted 8 months ago
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