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#18 My school is hosting a fortnite tournament. in Off Topic

Here are a list of custom maps, you can use some of these to train specific areas

posted 3 months ago
#1992 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
HarrowMy issue is the following. Whenever i switch classes my config for that seperate class doesnt load and the config from the first class i chose stays the same . I cant be bothered typing exec demoman_c or exec sniper_c everytime i wanna switch a class. I just downloaded the latest mastercomfig version ( used to have the 7.0 one and it worked fine). What should i do

Solved on Discord. Needed to move configs to user folder, and rename them back to normal.

posted 3 months ago
#1990 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
sAvenAfter updating from version 8.3.5 to 8.3.8, the console was disabled (con_enable was set to 0). Is this a new feature or something overlooked?

The console is no longer force enabled. You can enable it in advanced settings under keyboard. This is due to the extra overhead from the console.

posted 3 months ago
#17 fix for interpolation-based hitbox desync in Customization

Thinking about and analyzing it further, an interval of 1/66 in interpolation essentially corresponds to a 0.015 interval on the server. So that's fine.

At 66 update rate, when you receive a new snapshot at for example, 0.04545454545 seconds, and rewind 0.0303030303 seconds back in time for interpolation, you are at 0.01515151515 seconds, which is when you received the packet for server frame 1, so you are rendering server frame 1. So when the server rewinds back to server frame 1, it matches your render position.

But now, it seems like I am missing something else, or there can be a big error on interpolation between packets, because if you shoot someone at 0.05303030302 seconds, your render time will be at 0.02272727272, it will submit a command at 0.0606060606, with tick count of 3. Then, it will rewind two frames back because of lerp ticks of 2 from 0.03030303 lerp, and then use frame 1 on the server, which was 0.01515151515 on client time. So, you see something at 0.02272727272, but the server lag compensates it as if it was on 0.01515151515. Essentially making it compensate for the base tick delay from interpolation, but not the distance interpolation introduces from the base tick values.

posted 3 months ago
#16 fix for interpolation-based hitbox desync in Customization

Alright, so I did investigate further. CServerGameClients::ClientSettingsChanged is not the source of this issue. TIME_TO_TICKS is. TIME_TO_TICKS converts time in seconds into number of ticks. Number of ticks cannot be fractional, according to the TIME_TO_TICKS formula (equivalent to round(dt / 0.015) in TF2 (full formula is (int)(0.5f + (float)(dt) / host_state.interval_per_tick)).

The two relevant places I could find this being used in relation to interp/lerp is in lag compensation (CLagCompensationManager::StartLagCompensation) and demos. In lag compensation, it uses lerp time (as discussed above, set in CServerGameClients::ClientSettingsChanged), and converts it to number of ticks, and rewinds that many ticks back.

What is confusing to me though is that this seems to use the default tick rate (intervals of 0.015), rather than any networking rates (intervals of 1/66). So I must be missing something, or else most of the default settings or using cl_interp_ratio would cause at least an error as well.

posted 3 months ago
#7 some class cfgs not changing interp in Q/A Help

You have mastercomfig installed, an old version of it actually. You can update it.

Also, you can make a user folder where your configs are currently, and then drop them in there. More information here:

posted 3 months ago
#5 New Anti-Cheat released: Little Anti-Cheat 0.7.1 in Projects
sagewouldnt being open source make it easier for cheaters to figure out how to avoid detection?

Security through obfuscation should not be relied upon, although it can be an okay first defense, it cannot be the only nor the strongest defense to circumvention.

posted 3 months ago
#2 Cannot connect to servers after map change in Q/A Help

What version of mastercomfig are you on? If you are on 8.3.8, does this still happen on 8.3.5? If it does, does it happen on 8.3.4?

posted 3 months ago
#9 Hitboxes lagged far behind in Q/A Help

What's your config?

posted 3 months ago
#1988 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
hi_I wanna pick and choose from all the settings since some break sprays, is there a cfg planned ever?

You can enable sprays by entering this into your modules.cfg file:


This will run the settings needed to enable sprays (as you say, there are some that break sprays -- this module fixes them), though keep in mind that because sprays are decals, you will need to enable decals as well, which you can do by entering this into your modules.cfg file for a low amount of decals:


For more information, you can check the modules page in the mastercomfig docs:

posted 3 months ago
#3 How do i edit particles? in Customization

I think this pack fixes pyro flames:

posted 3 months ago
#52 Feedback from people who don't use mastercomfig in Customization

As announced in the main thread, mastercomfig 8.3.8 comes with the aforementioned documentation updates for installation, which are linked to from the download page at "Initial Setup Instructions"

I'll be adding GIFs to these steps soon, and then the video tutorial and then finally add transition guide after that.

I'd like to hear everyone's feedback about these changes before I fully commit to the GIFs and video though.

posted 3 months ago
#1986 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

8.3.8 released with documentation updates, performance improvements, and quality of life enhancements.

Support me

This release took 5 hours to produce. If you like the work I do, consider supporting me!

posted 3 months ago
#1985 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
whitepuzzle8.3.5 medium-low seemed better than 8.3.7, specular for aussies and uber (much better visibility on ubers in dxlevel 81) without the shiny textures on floors and whatnot that you get with 8.3.7+lighting=medium_high, and barely a 0.5% performance impact

This will be fixed in the next release.

posted 3 months ago
#50 Feedback from people who don't use mastercomfig in Customization

tf/cfg/user folder is not obsolete. We keep the documentation up to date for every release.

I understand that you want to dig into the files but most users do not. But I'm still going to be releasing a manual package for those who do.

posted 3 months ago
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