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#25 NVIDIA and ASUS team up for 360hz monitor in Hardware

Don't use percentages to compare frame times. It is misleading. Humans don't see in magnitude of relative change, they see what is absolutely happening in the world. Now, what you can do is instead relatively compare two absolute frame time differences.

For example

60Hz to 144Hz:

1/60 = 16.7ms
1/144 = 6.9ms

16.7ms - 6.9ms = 9.8ms difference

144Hz to 360Hz:

1/144 = 6.9ms
1/360 = 2.8ms

6.9ms - 2.8ms = 4.1ms difference.

4.1ms / 9.8ms = 42%

So, we can say that it's less than half the benefit of moving from 60Hz to 144Hz.

posted 1 week ago
#3 Rubberbanding with high frames and low ping? in Q/A Help

If you are getting 200fps on very low, you don't need very low. Honestly, I should get rid of it because of its misuse. It's for people getting 5 to 15 FPS without a config.

It will affect your game negatively, as it says on the website. So when you encounter these issues, please heed the warnings.

I'd use medium low.

posted 2 weeks ago
#47 girl advice in Off Topic
SnackDo you guys think it's okay to ask out someone you just met? Like, you met someone for the first time and you have a really good convo, would it be a good idea to bookend the convo with asking the girl out on a date? I get this feeling that you should only really ask someone you're already fairly acquainted with out on dates, but maybe it's just me?

the best relationships grow out of great friendships because romance is only the final step in a relationship, there are other parts to it

posted 2 weeks ago
#1952 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

Just to clarify, -r_emulate_gl still uses DirectX. It just uses the OpenGL code pathways/workarounds for their DirectX compatibility layer.

posted 3 weeks ago
#15 how to disable christmas lights in Q/A Help

ropes_off if you have mastercomfig
rope_rendersolid 0;r_ropetranslucent 0 if not

if you want to keep ropes, you can do

r_ropes_holiday_light_color 0 50 50 50;r_ropes_holiday_light_color 1 50 50 50;r_ropes_holiday_light_color 2 50 50 50;r_ropes_holiday_light_color 3 50 50 50

this will make the lights as dark as the coal you got for Christmas you grinch

posted 3 weeks ago
#1949 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
Air_is it worth continually replacing my current cfg with your new versions? what do "performance improvements" actually entail most of the time? are there significant increases in fps?

The point of how mastercomfig is set up should make it just a simple drag and drop to update, and with good reason with the updates that come out frequently. Performance impeovements depend but of course they add up. I would say they're worth it. I'm not updating the config for no reason.

harlownghello, how can i get certain weapon viewmodels back after installing the 'badgpu-addon' and 'very-low-preset' vpks?
my per-class configs worked fine untill i added these vpks to my custom folder, is there something in them that completely disables all viewmodels?

Did you move your class configs to a new user folder? Also, set viewmodel_fov and r_drawviewmodel 1 to enable viewmodels.

Tanniehow do i use mm_override if i want to queue for valve's mm
(i know it's pointless, i play 3rd party comp but i also wanna know my mm rank.)

mm_override in console on the main menu.

posted 3 weeks ago
#43 girl advice in Off Topic

I'll try to be generally helpful but like keep in mind girls are people and we're all unique! there isn't like a sure fire way to win someone over, because life isn't a movie. but i will try my best to give some advice!

be confident and the only way you'll ever be consistently confident is if you're true to who you are

it's so hard and exhausting to fake it. find what makes you interesting and charming as a person and show those traits confidently.

and like please ask her out if you see that it seems to be going well in your conversations. the worst thing that will happen is a no and you will get on with your life!

for a date, think about your mutual interests and make the activity and place thoughtful which has a chance for you to connect and highlight that connection/get to know each other. (dont invite her to a knife convention when you really wanna go but she has never expressed interest in knives) make sure it's in a public, well known place though especially for the first dates.

as for how you can ask, it depends on the thing you choose. if it's a special event, let her know there's something you're going to and wanted to know if she wanted to come. if not, think of some "reason" for you to go anyways that she'll enjoy too (like i heard this place had X and it was really good). i very mich prefer being presented a time and place confidently please don't think about that stuff on the spot. if the time doesn't work for me I'll say and suggest a different time. but like if she just says she is busy she might be trying to tell you no in a nice way so please don't be pushy about alternatives.

and like, just whenever/wherever you talk to her normally and it's a good time and place to talk, ask. please dont impose yourself physically or force her into some really uncomfortable position like against a wall. it's really nerve wracking and almost a red flag. just be nice, confident and respectful and make sure it is pretty chill where you are, don't ask in places where there's lots of noise or a crowd of people around you. that sounds obvious but it's happened aaa.

well i hope that helps a bit, sorry ir it's not organized and stuff

posted 3 weeks ago
#10 Game lag on class switch. in Customization

Alright, I am going to be removing the HUD reload from the config. It's causing more problems that it's worth.

posted 1 month ago
#7 hitreg trouble in Q/A Help
Blobfishusing ratio 2 i noticed shots still missed and seemed to have even worse hitreg than anything on ratio 1

Yes, but what are the "nothing" and "anything" in these sentences referring to?

posted 1 month ago
#4 hitreg trouble in Q/A Help
Blobfishand nothing on ratio 2 has

what do you mean by this?

posted 1 month ago
#7 Game lag on class switch. in Customization

Every time you switch class? That is not intended. The only lag should be experienced on the very first class spawn you do in your entire game session. This is so that the HUD is initialized properly, getting rid of various HUD bugs like %killername% and %killerhealth%.

Something is resetting the state of what blocks this from happening again. Could you share your config files?

posted 1 month ago
#1942 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
Cache11031992dear mastercoms which teams have undergone changes?

Sorry, could you rephrase your question?

posted 1 month ago
#1939 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

8.2.2 released with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Support me

It's looking like mastercomfig 8.2.2 will be the last release for a while, given its stability and near full coverage of the game.

posted 1 month ago
#7 FPS cap limit on a 144hz monitor? in TF2 General Discussion

Alright, I looked more into this. fps_max DOES produce a consistent frametime. It waits in between frames to get to the desired frametime.

HOWEVER, the way fps_max waits between frames seems to be horribly inefficient.

I think you should cap this to a high value that you don't reach, lower values are better (because it affects load times and in menus FPS, causing lots of power usage and frame spam).

posted 1 month ago
#1 More major updates from Valve to come soon in TF2 General Discussion

"It's been a big week here at Valve. Beyond the Half-Life: Alyx announcement, our teams have shipped major updates to CS:GO and Steam, with more to come soon."

demo det fix confirmed?

posted 1 month ago
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