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The League of Shadows is here to burn down Prem
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November 3, 2021

Little is known about The League of Shadows, but what we do know is that they’re in the spotlight now.

The League of Shadows is a newly formed team that made their way into Premiership through the qualifiers, in which they stepped on and over Vibrams. Vibrams did their best to halt the league’s progress but ended up being initiated into the league themselves. Jorge and scar are both ex-Vibrams players, who won Division 1 together before moving up into Premiership. Vibrams ultimately finished Season 39 in a tied 6th place alongside nunya, the very team they triumphed over in Division 1 to earn their Premiership spot. After the rocky season, Jorge decided to leave the roster and join up with his fellow league members.

Charlie was originally a member of The League, but excommunicated himself from the team shortly before their qualifier match. After The League succeeded on their journey to Prem (alongside a merc), they picked up scar from the still warm body of Vibrams. With scar and Jorge together again, on Pocket Soldier and Medic respectively, they bring some much needed chemistry to the new team.

Rounding out the combo, Jorge and scar are joined by deli69 on Demoman and Ra’s Al Ghul, the man himself, on Combo Scout. deli69 comes into the team off of an impressive hot streak: finishing his last three seasons in the top four of Premiership and Division 1. In spite of his well-established Premiership record, the highest division deli69 has won is Mid. Although The League isn’t a favourite to win the season, they’ve started as they plan to continue: having beaten Garda Panteri 6-0 in Week 1.

Ra’s Al Ghul, formerly known as flick, has committed himself fully to the team’s brand. Ra’s Al Ghul already has three Premiership seasons under his judo belt, and made an atmospheric rise through the divisions: leaping from Division 3 to Premiership in just one season. Speaking of atmospheric rises through the divisions, who’s iusti?

A fitting member for such a secretive organisation, iusti is making his Premiership debut despite his meager 25 officials on ETF2L prior to this season. He’ll be joining Ra’s Al Ghul on Scout and is already looking impressive from the Week 1 Official. If he manages to play the remaining six weeks of the season, this will also be the first time iusti will complete all seven weeks in the regular season. With low expectations on such a relative newbie, iusti can do nothing but impress this season.

Finally, the jewel of the emerald isle himself, troy will be roaming through the darkness on Roamer. troy also has some Premiership experience to bring to the team, finishing Season 37 with 7 points. After a solid start to the season, he’s already on pace for a personal best in Premiership. troy also played for nunya in S38, facing off against Jorge and scar in the Grand Finals. With their eyes on the prize, all three players will be aiming to return to the Grand Finals this season.

troy decided to give us some insight into the deranged mind of a Roamer while in the respawn queue:

in a stalemate now so hi demps, it’s me once again troy from the team that has flick on it sadly, what did you ask in your little accent? what do i think my excellent team composed of 2 children, france a father and i, troy, have in store for this season of the etf2l premiership division season 40, we’ll let me tell you in just a handful of words. the team came into the mind of our little 5ft team leader flick when he was on his 17th rahmix of the day and his mind was blown when he had seen that myself and iusti had not been signed up by any big organisations. he contacted us both and the both of us decided we would only play if charlie played too, simply so we could troll the bollocks out of flick and he wouldn’t know, all of us were up for committing 2 months of our lives to play a cartoon shooter game, that only meant we needed a medic and a demo man, luckily for us flick had been speaking to shappie prior to asking the deadly trio and despite all of us voicing our opinions flick quite honestly didn’t give a fuck what we thought. now this just meant that we needed a medic, charlie suggested that we get jorge or me iusti and charlie would leave, so we got jorge. the team was set, a bunch of legends of blokes, what could go wrong?!!? well demps, i’ll tell you. shappie was arrested right before our first scrim, on such short notice it was very difficult to find a replacement, luckily flick has every tf2 player ever added so he immediately messaged kaidus and asked if he was down to play, kaidus told him to go fuck himself so we took it as a lan only type of thing, next up he asked samii in which sent iusti into some fit so ra’s arse goal quickly changed his mind to save the little guy, finally he asked deli and he reluctantly said yes then trolled his dick off but dropped a large shit on the opposition. now after we had cleaned up that mess, the team was set, rash al fool, iusti king, charlie, myself, deli and jorge, bunch of fellas and a child. one day until prem quals, none of us apart from flick touching the game, watching demos and typing essays to us only to get told to eat shit, team was set and quite handsome if i do say so myself, nothing could possibly go wrong. now that’s where i will stop you right in your tracks demps for things had gone horribly south! charlie had decided to go get chippy the day before, and this seems all normal but the problem is charlie lives in the arse end of nowhere and the nearest chippy is a 2 month walk away, this quick decision by charlie left us without a pocket for our big game, what would we ever do you’re thinking, well i’ll tell you what we did, we just gone and did it, we played it 5v6 and we got the victory because who knew alv and varnu scouts were such {nice things}. flicks morale was high, practically screeching in joy, the rest of us couldn’t give two fucks. flick made a deal to scar that if his team would die he would trial for us and while this was happening i was trying to bribe king ampt to play with a few thousand dollars, these were the only talks of replacement for the late charlie, who is still missing, please charlie it’s only chips please come home. i woke up the next morning after a few victory bevvies only to see scar was already on the roster, confused as to why literally no one else got a say in the matter but oh well. now here’s the kicker, seen our scrim chat, 5 nights in a fucking row and i was just thinking, you’ve go to be joking me! to our surprise scar was a nice fit to the team and overall nice person, shame iusti has him and deli muted, now demps thanks for letting me share a word or two about the building of our team the legends of shadows of whatever flick bastard called us. on a side note flick literally managed to put the ira in his name and isn’t banned? lol

now for my shoutouts, shout-out to me and iusti and shappie thank you and goodnight

Premiership does not wait for you to be ready. Premiership is not considerate or fair. But make no mistake, The League of Shadows are ready to face it.

  • Pocket Scout: Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Flank Scout: iusti
  • Roamer: troy
  • Pocket: scar
  • Demoman: deli69
  • Medic: Jorge
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charlie please come home

charlie please come home
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this is epic

this is epic
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the highest division deli69 has won is Mid

the highest division deli69 has won is Mid
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anyone want smth from the chippy?

anyone want smth from the chippy?
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anyone going to bail out shappie?

anyone going to bail out shappie?
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The more I hear about this Ra's Al Ghul fella, the less I care about him

The more I hear about this Ra's Al Ghul fella, the less I care about him
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nice interview, didn't read

nice interview, didn't read
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troy WILL attach home-made explosive devices to ur nans car

troy WILL attach home-made explosive devices to ur nans car
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ez for iusti

ez for iusti
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crispy lisp

crispy lisp
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le lisp fou

le lisp fou
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who's iusti?

who's iusti?
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