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#32 Monitor in Hardware
sandblastanyone know if oled monitors are still prone to image burn like some of the LG/Sony OLED's were?? i have a sony OLED and it has slight burn in from my family leaving it on a still image. if so i feel like games like TF2 where the hud is never moving often could burn in if you use it for a looooooong time probs super rare but still freaks me out.

guy is a chud but here he is abusing the panel as much as he can through "normal" use to deliberately cause permanent burn in, hes not had any change in a month. i think that most manufacturers also offer a 3 year burn in warranty
based on this and other anecdotal evidence of people with 1-2 years of actual non-abusive normal use, burn in on recent oled panels is practically non-existent and you will probably encounter it only if you intend to use it heavily with no precautions to avoid it for 5+ years

posted 3 days ago
#13 After 9 Years: A Few Questions! in TF2 General Discussion

twistedplay assemble

posted 1 month ago
#5 rahThread: Skin care routine in Off Topic

yall would rather look about 55 by the time u hit 30 than spend an average 10 minutes a day taking care of ur face

posted 2 months ago
#2 rahThread: Skin care routine in Off Topic

la roche posay hydrating gentle cleanser morning and night, u can double cleanse using a b5 cleanser but i find it to be largely unnecessary
sunday riley auto correct eye cream, probably the single most impactful product i use currently
inkey list polyglutamic acid, i use it instead of hyaluronic acid but shills will tell u to use both, again for me its overkill
niacinamide, any will do personally i use the ordinary but will probably swap when it runs out as u should be boycotting them due to their part in supporting the genocide in gaza
aurelia london night moisturiser, very nice overnight, havent tried their day one but might at some point
the ordinary moisturiser, same thing that goes for their niacinamide, will swap when it runs out
drunk elephant tlc sukari babyfacial once a week, probably the best chemical peel thats still affordable for normal people
la roche posay spf50, u should always be using spf when u go out, very simple

steaming ur face 2-3x a week for 15 minutes will literally do wonders for ur skin, do this before u use ur exfoliator
obviously drink loads of water and dont eat tons of processed crap
sleep at least 8 hours

also planning to try retinol as ive started to notice a faint little line on my forehead at the ripe age of 25, previously used inkey lists and the ordinarys ones, theyre decent and i did notice results so i will most likely start back up with inkey list and maybe invest in medik8 retinoate-a intense bc we cant get tretinoin in the uk easily and medik8 is simply the best on the market

for ur body literally just buy some packs of frank body coffee scrubs off ebay, theyre like £2-3 a packet, dont bother using loofas its unhygienic, if u need body lotion cerave is perfectly fine

also do not pay retail price for any of this shit, ebay and facebook marketplace will serve u perfectly well, never been scammed in my entire life

posted 2 months ago
#287 98 dpm in TF2 General Discussion

its not like you did much better pal

posted 3 months ago
#11 Sponsored prem player refuse to pay back lost item in TF2 General Discussion

kinda dont want to repay it

posted 3 months ago
#20 What did you all get for christmas? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 3 months ago
#17 my fucked up tf2 story. nothing ever goes my way. in TF2 General Discussion

best schizopost in a long time

posted 4 months ago
#3 Ways to spot sim cheats on STV in TF2 General Discussion

who knows pal

posted 5 months ago
#524 age in Off Topic

turned 25 a week ago. feels weird man

posted 6 months ago
#14 24" -> 27" in Hardware

personally anything over 7 inches im really gonna struggle

posted 7 months ago
#12 Most degenerate TF2 players? in The Dumpster


posted 8 months ago
#149 OMG 2 in TF2 General Discussion
yak404cereaIi think accused cheaters should be allowed to prove themselves at lan
There have been European players (Boomeh) who cheated online and then played just as good, if not better, at lan. Proving yourself at lan doesn't really prove anything if someone has actively been caught cheating.

oh man if only you knew the whole of that story

posted 9 months ago
#11 Now hiring: TF2 $15 an hour in TF2 General Discussion
glassAlphaproticallAccording to liquipedia, b4nny's total earnings from this game are $33,493 and b4nny has 25,801 hours in tf2. Which comes out to about $1.3 an hour.seems low for 25-odd seasons of invite plus lans, cups, etc

im about to tell u something about tf2 prize pools thats gonna blow ur mind bro

posted 9 months ago
#3934 PC Build Thread in Hardware

setsul will correct me if im wrong but is a good resource for picking a psu

posted 10 months ago
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