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The Gatekeepers stand tall before Prem
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September 17, 2019

Presenting themselves as the last guardians of the mythical “Premiership”, The Gatekeepers are a team that allies the core of The Theorists that won Division 1 during Season 31, and their subsequent foray into Premiership with more players of a more unknown caliber, yet surely possessing some beastly qualities of their own.

The soldier duo of Jordy and Collaide is lifted straight from that Season 31 Theorists side. Funnily enough, neither of them managed to last a whole season in Prem, with Collaide opting to step down before the season even started (and then failing to reach it with Quasar) and Jordy being replaced due to his inability to attend Copenhagen Games 2019. Nonetheless, this is an experienced soldier duo who are willing to lay their lives down for the team, and their time spent playing together could already make them a driving force for their team. Jordy also boasts a silver medal from last season’s Division 1, where he was barely edged out by Rakuzan.

Doughy and aph are the most accomplished members of this roster, with both of them having a full season of Prem and Copenhagen Games 2019 under their wings, aph also being a part of the Insomnia65 invite group with #BIGBLOKELAN. The two of them will surely provide a hard-to-kill unit within the combo, and perhaps Doughy’s unique vision behind his team can translate to some creative calls that throw the enemy off.

Doughy detailed for us the reason behind the formation of this team, as well as showing perfect confidence as to the games ahead:

The team of “the gatekeepers” is captained by myself, Doughy, and fellow CEO boy miracle aka Jordy. We carefully selected teammates by reading their applications and by messaging everyone on our friends list to see who was willing to play on such short notice.

Aph was in instantly, as passive as ever, making zero decisions for himself. Kraken and Collaide both dropped out of university to 100 hours/week the game. So far they have not faltered. Rabid used voodoo magic to get Jordy to invite him to the roster.

With a team of this power, nothing could stand in our way. Nothing except unfortunate circumstances. The teams we were meant to gatekeep from prem did not apply. I didn’t foresee this, and now my team has a dilemma. Do we successfully gatekeep ourselves and drop to div 1? Or do we fail to do so, and move to prem? Either way, this match is entirely in our control. We choose to win or lose. I would wish luck for my opponents, but the result is predetermined.

Finally, rabid and Kraken are filling out the roster. While not as known as the other players, their animalistic nicknames should strike feat into the hearts of men. Kraken boasts a good number of High & Division 1 experience, and is surely eager to latch onto a prestigious level. With a grand total of 4 games in High, all of them 7 seasons ago, rabid is set up to either be an amazing sleeper pick or an already-found excuse in case of defeat.

Here to hold the gate while hopefully retaining complex speech patterns, the Gatekeepers are:

  • Scout: aph
  • Scout: rabid
  • Roamer: Collaide
  • Pocket: Jordy
  • Demoman: Kraken
  • Medic: Doughy
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fuck jordy

fuck jordy
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all the cringe of the theorists with none of the charm

all the cringe of the theorists with none of the charm
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my name jeff

my name jeff
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