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#22 finally some unbiased reporting in TF2 General Discussion
EemesPlease dear god stop using full stops. Randomly midway through a sentence.

maybe the article was sent via telegram

posted 15 hours ago
#9 theory of the demoman for the theorists hacking in The Dumpster

please dont give this freak more attention than he deserves (none)

posted 3 days ago
#36 attn: sandblast in TF2 General Discussion
olbapfunhaver1998its not that deep fam guaranteed you will hear this same shit in 95% of 6s scrims and more so in officials

i dont even kno mustard but 1000% guaranteed it would be similar shit u would hear if he streamed
If we streamed scrims all you would hear is
“Pablo just stand by me and you won’t die” - mustard
“I’m acidentily feeding” - dongus
“PLEASE BUFF ME” - dippidy
“Nazzara I am going to drop you” - Pablo
*says nothing and gets on pyro* - Hayes
“Ohno” - nazzara

posted 1 week ago
#8 Happy Valentine's Day gamers in Off Topic

rose red
violet blue
demo ez
m1 m2

posted 1 week ago
#20 how fast can u get all the maps in Other Games

1:12 100% europe

posted 1 week ago
#1 Changing sv_airaccelerate value in portal 2 in Other Games

can u change it from default if so how

posted 1 week ago
#9 Alternative Strategy : Heavy to replace P.Soldier in TF2 General Discussion

good hypothesis bro, wanna join the theorIsts?

posted 1 week ago
#6 TFTV, We Need To Talk... in Off Topic

shut up and produce

posted 1 week ago
#8 Entire computer freeze + black screen during TF2 in Q/A Help

haha yeah man i get this problem too sometimes my computer will just randomly fre

posted 1 week ago
#47 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion

You probably shouldn't jump to no class limits/whitelist and instead do smaller changes (e.g. scout class limit 1, unbanning quick-fix) because there will be multiple new factors at work influencing gameplay. Smaller changes allow you to analyse the benefits of those changes on their own which makes it more useful for 'feedback'.

posted 1 week ago
#14 RGL 6s league in TF2 General Discussion
sigafooI think all parties are going to be able to take away something positive from this event.


posted 1 week ago
#26 JOOCIEST tf2 drama in The Dumpster
ward3dlansky vs mike

can u link/describe this

posted 1 week ago
#6761 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 2 weeks ago
#145 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion

I Will Kill Kaidus (For Major)

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 ETF2L S32 W2: l'En Avant de Guingamp vs. The Theorists in Matches

go Corbac!

posted 2 weeks ago
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