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#15 worst/cursed huds in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 week ago
#30 cp_utopia in Map Discussion

what a coincidence, i was looking into ways to update the map just last week. but yeah, the control point you can stand inside is not staying.

and i have some ideas it's just about actualizing them

posted 2 weeks ago
#41 Refresh: cp_gullywash in Map Discussion


Download links: TF2Maps - Github


  • Cubemaps

Apparently hammer saves two version of maps when you compile: One with, and one without cubemaps. I picked the wrong one last version :-(

posted 4 weeks ago
#40 Refresh: cp_gullywash in Map Discussion


Download links: TF2Maps - Github

Again, mostly minor fixes. We recommend any leagues looking to run this map to use this version instead of the previous ones.

I would like to clear up a misconception I've heard several times: Stock gullywash is not a perfectly mirrored map. If you are going to compare angles, widths etc, use the RED side on stock gullywash for your comparison, as the Refresh version is based on RED side. Some things aren't "changed", they are different because the original map isn't mirrored.


  • Compiled with BSPReveal
  • Fixed the pillars outside 2nd shutter and forward spawn being too thick.
  • Fixed not being able to jump onto the lockers.
  • Fixed forward spawnpoints on mid.
  • Fixed spawnpoint order in last spawn.
  • Hiding spot above the second point is back, with a non-solid prop indicating where.
  • Sticky trap under the planks on second balcony is back, with a grate texture for the splash to pass through.
  • Improved overly agressive prop fadeout distances that were due to decompiling.
  • Worked on improving clips and blockbullets around the map.
  • Fixed several detailing inconsistencies with stock gullywash.

If you are aware of any issues with gameplay/visual/performance please come forward so it can be adressed and fixed.

Future changes: [F5 or later]

  • Replacing detailing displacements with brushes outside the playable area to prevent rendering issues and engine errors.
  • Finding a solution for the mid forward spawn so that the door being open doesn't interfere with movement above.
posted 1 month ago
#2 Help with bhop toggle bind in Q/A Help

alias "bhopon" "bind mwheeldown +jump; bind mouse3 bhopoff"

-> " <- is missing at the end

same for bhopoff, u gotta close it. bhop off even ends on a dot???

posted 2 months ago
#48 May I ask talk about the current pandemic? in World Events
Tholehonestly, every single mainstream media source and instagram infographic telling me i have to get the vaccine and i am not allowed to question it makes me extremely skeptical. vaccine companies being completely immune from any kind of legal prosecution for damages also makes me extremely skeptical. i got the vaccine because i just want to go to out in public and i dont really care if it has negative health consequences down the line but i do not even remotely judge people who refuse to get it, and i think its really creepy how everyone is doing a strange cultural witch hunt against skeptical people who do not hold other anti-vaxxer beliefs.

I don't blame you for not trusting in american mainstream media, but almost every other country on earth will tell you the same. It's the scientific consensus and it's in most peoples best interest to halt the pandemic so things can return to normal.

The potential long term damage of these vaccines (that have never been proven in practice or theory) are outweighed by the benefit. People have long-term covid symptoms. There are people whose lungs are fucked up. For gods sake, your country has 620k DEATHS bc of covid. That number would have been a lot higher than it currently is if there were no available vaccines.

posted 2 months ago
#46 May I ask talk about the current pandemic? in World Events
Dave_the_IrateHow many countries in the Western world have been trending towards more liberty in recent years and how many towards more government intervention, surveillance or authoritarianism? Not to mention those handful of 'private companies' all based within a few miles of each other who can vaporise your entire online presence on a whim should they choose.

Silicon valley tech companies are not the Finnish government nor are they any other government. Silicon Valley lobbyists succeeding to get rid of data protection laws are also not an action of any government.

Dave_the_IrateIt's extremely naive to suggest that just because we are currently in a better situation than China or the Soviet Union that our current governments would be unable or unwilling to claim greater authority if given the opportunity. Even if you agree with all the various pandemic restrictions over the last year, it should be somewhat concerning that so many governments have been able to remove such fundamental civil liberties from their citizens, in most cases with absolutely no mandate. It's a bit of a cliche at this point, but the Patriot Act is a good example of how a government can use a perceived crisis to gain more authority, and how subsequent administrations won't necessarily be inclined to relinquish it.

Lockdowns in and of themselves are not a symptom of governments trying to "grab too much power".
When Viktor Orban wants indefinate control of his country to "deal with covid" isn't the fucking same as having a fucking mask mandate.
The US expanding it's surveillance state under the guise of "counter-terrorism" is not equivalent of covid lockdowns.

Just because there's a theoretical possibility of a government grabbing power due to a societal instability doesn't mean literally every action they take is a precursor or symptom of them doing it.

Based on you calling it a 'perceived crisis' I take it you actually don't believe it is a crisis?????

I am in no way "naive" for not distrusting scientifically proven countermeasures to pandemics, but I'm in fact very skeptical to government surveillance, tech oligopolies, and countries becoming authoritarian, but as I explained that stuff doesn't just randomly happen.

posted 2 months ago
#43 May I ask talk about the current pandemic? in World Events
PuoskariBut I'm most likely in the wrong here. I guess we just take the bet and trust our governments. I know the current technology is so useful and has great potential for good but also bad. Many people(me included) are pretty clued to these screens, constant stimulation, entertainment and worse yet, TF2. Not that people many think that much about these things. The circumstances are pretty ideal for power hungry governments to slowly plan something behind us, if so desired. Development into a totalitarian society doesn't happen overnight. Step by step.

I'm gonna put it bluntly, your interpretation is based on a too generalized idea of how governments function, misinformation about vaccines, and a poor understanding of how countries develop authoritarian tendancies. I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert on any of these points and others have already pointed out the vaccine stuff. However the highlighted sentance in the quote perfectly illustrates this - honestly it reads like something a teen wrote 1 week after becoming an ancap.

"Governments" of different political leanings don't just develop authoritarian tendancies randomly. If you look at how actual totalitarian & authoritarian states developed, like how it happened in Nazi germany, China, or other countries it's often premeditated, often involving coercion at gunpoint or introductions of new laws that infringe rights. Look at Hungary, and how Viktor Orbán used the current pandemic to make powergrabs. Is that really analogous in any way to banning mass social gatherings, having lockdowns/mask mandates etc? You are just placing an unreasonable amount of criticism and behind it is due to your (apparent) fundamental belief that "governments are evil", which they certainly can be but like people governments can do bad and good things.

It's insanely irrational to, based on a ramble about how china is a totalitarian state, develop trust issues with every single other government on the earth (and most distrusting toward scientifically proven countermeasures to covid?)

posted 2 months ago
#25 why the fuck does a strange original cost $100 in TF2 General Discussion

Got a specialized killstreak one with 3 strange parts for 15 EUROS on the market.......bruh

posted 2 months ago
#47 included middle ban in TF2 General Discussion

really confused how the admins reached this decision. even if you believe this behaviour should be bannable why is it justified post-hoc? at least warn the player and then make an announcement for a new rule.

while we're on the topic, why are players still allowed to be douchebags and get away with only team warnings? you can deliberately abuse class limits, pauses, and game exploits like the uber building bug with the sole purpose of being a dick. maybe the 'toxicity & racism' part of that equation has changed recently which is good, but why nothing else

dannyand I said that as an obvious joke and even told him not to in panic when I realised he would actually do it, since it seemed so far fetched to me that someone would actually throw away a much needed win like that on purpose

bro if u wanna win THAT BADLY just play the game don't make dumb and condescending comments to your team

posted 3 months ago
#16 can we please have badlands and granary back in TF2 General Discussion
GrapeJuiceIII@europeans thoughts on prolands vs regular badlands?

well as a european and neutral party i'd say the improvements on prolands are considerable and doesn't take anything away. just an objective fact.

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posted 3 months ago
#47 TF2 update for 6/22/21 in TF2 General Discussion

bruh this came outta tha blue but this is my jam

posted 4 months ago
#2687 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV
flyingbuddyAnything with Kanye is great.

I actually liked the bit between 1:20-2:00 and 5:30-6:08 . Nothing against the rest just don't fancy psychadelic stuff

posted 4 months ago
#28 Petition To Ban Cheaters From Posting On TFTV in TF2 General Discussion
fenomenoIt's crazy how a few people like to speak for what the whole community likes/dislikes. The arrogance of some of you, and its funny cause yall try to hide your arrogance with a guise of this weird morality gatekeeping

At least Im upfront with my arrogance, yall some fake hoes

On a more concerning point, imagine living in a society where mob rule decides your fate. A lot of us wouldve been killed by the smallest of transgressions

Thats what carter and grapejuice are advocating for, they are either mad or working for the interest of RGL

Thank god there is rule of law on this site, god bless the liberty I have just from signing up on this website.

Say no to RGLs tyranny bleeding over to this site

posted 4 months ago
#93 I'm writing a proper guide to performance. in Q/A Help

Bro really necro'd this thread to do an r/atheism response to a joke video..

posted 4 months ago
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