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#2225 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

Song above is crazy, love the flow and the vibe

posted 1 day ago
#20 cp_windfall in Map Discussion

trying to mix on it rn! add me

critique I've gotten and that I'm gonna try to change:
- Stupid S shape rooms (from above) in lobby
- A lot of clutter on mid, feels horrible walking in some places
- Unclear which roofs you can stand on, I will try to make it more obvious
- removing some geometry on second to make it simpler and more elegant instead of relying on too much fencing
- Clutter on last needs to go
- Ramp in choke should be easier to get the slide on, from 2nd to mid,

Basically clutter

posted 4 days ago
#19 cp_windfall in Map Discussion

Current version: a7
Download link:

Changelog: a6 to a7

Choke is a tiny bit higher.
Made it easier to realize you can't shoot above the metal beam

Fixed the game-breaking shutter door bug on last.

Personal comment:
Hopefully these this version has no gamebreaking bugs. I'm aware that the roofs on mid and last may be hard to realize which of them you can't stand on, but I'll work on that for the beta version. You just have to test it for now.

Rollout guide:

posted 4 days ago
#12 LF Cuddle Buddy for LAN in LAN Discussion
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Dont Talk like That toi mY girlf reand ........... bitch,........ i fina drop diss track on you

posted 1 week ago
#42 Another mass shooting in El Paso Texas in World Events

look at the recommended stories.........................

EDIT: Ahahahahhahahah

posted 1 week ago
#17 cp_utopia in Map Discussion

thanks for the feedback, i'll look into everything in more detail soon.

you raised some good points, especially regarding the lobby.

posted 2 weeks ago
#15 cp_utopia in Map Discussion

Version a2 is out!

(Dropbox) Download:

cp_utopia_a1 -> cp_utopia_a2

- Added skylights on last to allow for more light with fewer lamps. It also adds some potential for vertical movement.

- Added a lot of buildings to make it feel less like badlands and also allow for some rocket jumps off their walls. Stay tuned, I want to do more of this stuff.
- Raised the fence on spire to add some slight protection for sticky spam from the bridge. It's not as effective now.
- Added a tire for additional jumping options for scouts without winger.
- Raised the fence on balcony to prevent snipers from jumping on top of it.

- Added two small ammo packs on the bridge, which I mistakenly forgot to add on a1.
- Added two small health kits under the bridge.

- Cap time for last is reduced to 1.5 seconds.

- Removed my HUD when I compiled the map this time :)


And while we're on the topic, would anyone like to try it out in a mix?

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 cp_utopia in Map Discussion
BitCometthe amount of lamps on last/5

Only this version I pwomise

posted 2 weeks ago
#24 weird / guilty youtube pleasures in Off Topic

Found this in my sub feed, it was a suprise, but I didn't complain:

posted 2 weeks ago
#9 cp_utopia in Map Discussion

Did some quick rollouts.

Time for me to take a break now lmao -__-

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 cp_utopia in Map Discussion
gemmcall it cp_goodlands

I eventually decided against it, but yes it was considered. I didn't want to tie myself too close to badlands though which is why I ended up not using it.

SpadeAUSHow will mge lords survive without the spire?

fuck'em o_o

StylaxI like the no glass in the lower part (still glass in the upper part ) of the ring on badlands last because I think it makes it slightly easier to block against that really fast cap time.

I assume it would be similar here.

Cap time is 2 sec atm. I got told a last this open should probably have larger cap zone. Both size and cap time may change. And also, I want to see how this plays out.

Menachemthis is a really fun jump map

There's some new jumps and rollouts possible. See if ya cand find'em!

Menachemi kinda miss blands aesthetic. totally subjective but i dont want another map that looks like process sunshine product

I mean, the main thing those maps have in common as far as theme goes is the grass color and light colors. The buildings and detailing are entirely different.

posted 2 weeks ago
#18 cp_windfall in Map Discussion

Current version: a6
Download link:

Changelog: a5 to a6

Replaced shutter prefabs with my own: You can no longer stand on them.

Fixed the stupid spawn times.

Personal comment:
Procrastinate gang, gang gang. No screenshots, it's practically the same as a5.

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 cp_utopia in Map Discussion
junnufix the broken cp icons

Fuck I forgot to remove my hud again

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 cp_utopia in Map Discussion

Hello there. This is my new map. It is my way to reimagine badlands and streamline it. A lot has changed, many changes experimental, and the map will likely change a lot after this point. I appreciate all feedback.

At this stage, the map may be very buggy, particularly the optimization and lighting.

Current version: a2


Download (Dropbox)


If you would like to help with anything it would be helpful. Optimization and the aesthetic aspects (like theme and architecture) are my weak points in hammer. Comment on my profile and add me if you're interested.


posted 2 weeks ago
#8 no no word list in TF2 General Discussion

What words are counted?

posted 3 weeks ago
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