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#54 ETF2L Admins: Blackmail, Bias and Censorship in TF2 General Discussion
DoughyLeak what wicc did for a 2 year ban pls, if it was truly bad enough then it doesn't matter if their mentally unstable friends forgave them since they could end up doing it again to someone else if there would be no repercussions.

Makes me wonder why what wicc actually said is omitted in the OP and in their replies. Personally, if I felt like what I said shouldn't warrant a ban I would have no shame telling everyone what it was.

(But I still agree with other posters about admin professionalism etc.)

posted 1 month ago
#4 cool b4nny in Off Topic

the pieces are falling into place

posted 3 months ago
#25 Your career as a weapon name in Off Topic

Sydney Sleeper

posted 4 months ago
#13 best maps for aim practice in TF2 General Discussion
Manwithnolegsbesides tlr rocket shooting...

tr_juggle is a slightly upgraded version of rocket shooting. seems many people still don't know about it

posted 4 months ago
#39 Momentum Mod in Other Games

they gave demo a glock

posted 6 months ago
#130 TF2 player vocabulary in TF2 General Discussion
jeven99look at ur recent posts, are you targeting because i'm jewish? that's anti-semitic, ur just like Kanye

jevens the type of guy to say "i identify as an attack helicopter"

posted 6 months ago
#48 queen dead in Off Topic

genuine question, do the brits in this thread genuinely care or am i just not seeing the sarcasm?

posted 8 months ago
#45 queen dead in Off Topic

Henry Kissinger next up???

posted 8 months ago
#51 Refresh: cp_gullywash in Map Discussion


Download links: TF2Maps - Github

F8 Changelog:

  • Last point shutter trigger now matches original.
  • Improved splash near second point.
  • Fixed light emitting wrong color on last.
  • Minor visual & aesthetic fixes

F9 Changelog:

  • Fixed cubemaps.

All credit goes to Bereth, hondjo, hoi and me for these updates. Updates happened a while ago, just making post here now.

If you haven't checked out our website, visit to see full changelogs and map comparisons.

posted 10 months ago
#7 stock market crash? in Off Topic

economists will look back at this thread as an ominous foreshadowing

posted 11 months ago
#89 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
jeven99shut up collaide u virgin beavern ban got reversed

i just know u r sitting in mumble crying, refreshing this page every 5 seconds to see if i posted

posted about a year ago
#85 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
GazExpecting evidence is rigorous?
I'm sorry but you are gonna be the first person I'm gonna call stupid in a discussion

I meant the stakes in a video game cheating case isn't the same as the court system of a country falsely accusing somoene of murder. The severity of both the acts and the punishments aren't comparable. And no, in many cases when you break lesser laws you in fact do get the punishment before (i.e. parking tickets) and you appeal them afterward. (Just like VAC bans from etf2l, you could get unbanned if you could prove they weren't from tf2)

Admins don't do false bans, they use evidence. To honestly believe that they should just publish evidence, analysis methods, and tools you have to also believe no AC admin, AC trial admin, league admin or head admin has ever seen this kind of false banning as a problem and that admins get together like a cabal to decide who gets banned next. What matters more than your personal pride (it's a video game) is the effect of allowing people to cheat because "he aint the type to do it", "he put in work", "he cared about the game", or "b-but he's my friend :("

posted about a year ago
#57 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
knIf he is attending a LAN with an ETF2L ban would you not assume that people would have kept a very watchful eye over him? I doubt he would've been able to smuggle anything in. Not to mention that if he was using lmaobox premium (the most popular cheat at the time) There is no doubt he would've been caught within the same ban wave as azn (still allowed to play despite a league ban + a vac ban on his old account). In any case this thread wasn't meant to be about baud, its about jeven. I agree with the fact this ban seems completely unfair and way out of proportion if its true that the admins have 0 proof that he cheated within league or scrim matches!! A permanent ban should be saved for actual cheaters with undeniable proof of their guilt, such as public enemy #1 azn.

I would also assume a player who got caught cheating isn't gonna bring their cheats to the upcoming LAN. Do you disagree?

I am not opposed to retroactively banning other players who have cheated multiple times (over some sort of time period) either! I always thought it was silly ppl could get multiple VAC's, and keep playing 1 year later. Retroactively banning people may seem unfair, but it can definately be justified. If ppl have evidence they should report to AC admins, I know of several people who suspected others but never officially reported them.

GazRespectfully, are you serious? In what world is this an argument to defend cheaters with? What happened to "innocent until PROVEN guilty"? It is completely normal to ask for evidence for a matter such as this. I don't wanna devalue the AC teams work but if you are not asking for evidence and you are just accepting the ban like this you are putting more value in the AC teams authority than in actual proof.

With all due respect, it's a gaming league not the court system of a nation. The consequences of a league ban do not weigh as heavy as those of a real life court system and it's unreasonable to ask for the same rigorous standards.

posted about a year ago
#53 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
knAll I see for the ban reason for all of the recent cheating bans is simply "Cheating." I see no indication as to which cheat they were using/caught using. The concept is dumb, how someone is going to hide their cheats from the special tools that detect their cheats without knowledge of said tools or how they work is completely nonsensical? A cheater is still cheating and if said tools detect it, then they are caught.

Well, I assumed they still specified what kind of cheat it was. Can't say I agree with that unless there's a solid argument for it.

knI also don't think some people should go around and accuse others of personal bias, especially if they solely enter the conversation on behalf of banned players they themselves are friendly with. That makes it seem like you care more about
players in your proximity rather than the actual rules and guidelines themselves.

I haven't been friendly with jeven in over two years now, we stopped talking ages ago. Sure there's still some bias within my post but my bias holds little to no weight comparable to the admins, who literally control whether or not you play.

Another controversial ban I can bring up more recently is Wizat but you and many other players are 100% sure he cheated and still does. The player that played exactly the same as he always did with his monitor in view within his handcam. A player with a similar mentality and drive to jeven. And don't even begin to claim I'm biased towards wizat as well considering I have literally hardly spoken to the guy.

The same things that occurred during that controversy are happening here. I only brought up the baud case instead because of the link between the admins who joined the AC Team and the player who was banned to point out an aspect of bias. An old example for sure, but there are little cases of false cheating bans with aspects relevant to this discussion to pick out from.

"Never disproven" Baud was banned for using aim assist and aimed exactly the same at LAN. That's enough proof that the ban was false for me!

The question in that ban was not if he cheated, it was if a person previously caught cheating & who was surrounding themselves with several cheaters was cheating again on a more recent occasion. It's always easier to construct a false or deceiving narrative when you reduce things down to the simplest of pieces.

People can cheat on lan. Remember KQLY storing his cheat on his mouse? An aim-assist cheat that wasn't visible on the screen itself! Now if someone wanted to cheat at a small community lan, all they would have to do is bring a tiny USB with the cheat on it, transfer the files over in the matter of seconds, and pull it out. PC's would need to get routinely checked in between matches in order to ensure nobody is cheating. Still, performing at lan does not exclude the possibility of someone cheating online.

posted about a year ago
#47 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion
torritalso this is only speculation but based on all my interactions with jeven i simply cannot imagine him cheating in offis. just too driven and serious about competition to be an actual cheater. could very well have done the same thing out of frustration as i did and just fuck with people he doesnt like in rahmixes or something but as i see it, thats extremely unlikely.

I thought it didn't need to be said, but if somebody only cheated to "fuck with people he doesnt like in rahmixes or something" that would also be considered cheating.

flickEtf2l not sharing any evidence on the matter is equivalent to not having evidence at all imo. When its some1 as hated by the admins as jeven it makes it harder to believe this is legit.

This claim is ridiculous, as the AC team has built up credibility for their past work, while someone previously caught cheating has considerably less of it. Do you believe all current admins who have reviewed the situation just decided to go with it because they are that spiteful and biased? Truth is noone is after you, and in the scenario that Jeven isn't cheating this is more likely an honest mistake on their part than an act of hatred.

Then comes the question, why do you think anyone would be "hated by the admins" as you put it? If you truly believe admins are out to get him, are they doing this over a silly reason or has the person in question done something that justifies their "spite"?

GazI'm curious to what kind of cheat led to the ban exactly and wish ETF2L would give some evidence in this case. I wouldn't go as far as flick and imply that the admins banned him because of a grudge or something along those lines but from what I've gathered the past seasons it seems extremely unlikely that Jeven would risk a permanent ban by cheating. That guy put in an ungodly amount of time into demo reviews and theorycrafting for his team which would be kinda redundant if he was supposedly cheating all this time. Gameplay wise I have never felt like he did something that felt off unlike some other people currently active

Feel like this thread is devolving into using the same arguments that have been used time and time again to defend cheaters (eg. the dafuqwizat ban). "Release evidence, explain the proof you have." I would reckon you knew why the evidence isn't released. To summarize why, it's because knowing the methods of detection used by the AC team will assist future cheaters in avoiding or circumventing detection. And why, besides your personal bias, would you believe that it's unlikely a previously caught cheater is a repeat offender? Your argument about dedication may make it appear less likely that cheats have been involved, but even in cases such as this people have cheated before. Not only in tf2, but in other esports, sports and competition where people train extremely hard and are very determined (including non-professional players too). There can be many non-monetary reasons why people cheat in things they care about.

knPrevious mentions in the thread include the general dislike admins have for him, which can't be denied considering despite admins claiming to be impartial bans in the past and present have definitely been questionable? Baud was brought up in the thread already and noticeably two of the New anticheat admins (at the time of his ban) were members of the French community who were publicly accusatory of baud beforehand and openly disliked him. Baud was banned after their introduction to the team.

The fact that you have to go back to a controversial ban from December 2014 [that was never even proven to be incorrect either] should speak for itself. Even in other old controversial cases like the NiCo script ban (which was also less severe than cheating), it was overturned after admins re-evaluated it with new information.

I also don't think some people should go around and accuse others of personal bias, especially if they solely enter the conversation on behalf of banned players they themselves are friendly with. That makes it seem like you care more about
players in your proximity rather than the actual rules and guidelines themselves.

knAlso the lack of transparency to "prevent people from learning from other cheaters mistakes" is such an incomprehensibly dumb concept. It's an aspect I completely disagree with because at most all we need to know is what type of cheat the player was banned for (The league literally used to do this) instead of just "Cheating".

Even after getting this personally explained to you more than a year ago you still haven't developed any argument except calling the concept dumb (despite there being analogies in other fields and cheaters and cheat developers that have directly stated such things).

The type of cheat a player is banned for is usually revealed during the next ban post, no? That has never been secret information.

posted about a year ago
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