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#19 Your Character Here [SFM] in TF2 General Discussion

@Jarrett, can you pick a different map/setting? Metalworks doesn't have an HDR map, so it looks like this in SFM and there's nothing I can do about it:

@Tomu, what do you want to be painted indubitably green? The stock hat?

posted about 6 years ago
#8 Your Character Here [SFM] in TF2 General Discussion

Having some delays with yours Azrax, have to fix something with SFM's particle system.

posted about 6 years ago
#6 Your Character Here [SFM] in TF2 General Discussion

Yours is done moosie, it's in the first post. Doing Azrax's now.

posted about 6 years ago
#4 Your Character Here [SFM] in TF2 General Discussion
moosieno team

This refers to BLU/RED.

moosieMap/Setting: Badlands spire

Just a fair word of warning, koth_badlands and cp_badlands are both broken in SFM and cause an instant CTD, so I have to position you on arena_badlands. So, there won't be a control point.

posted about 6 years ago
#1 Your Character Here [SFM] in TF2 General Discussion

Hey all, I was bored one night so I started taking requests for SFM screenshots involving peoples' loadouts (characters). I figured I might as well have some fun and extend it to TF.TV members. So, if you wanna get a high res (4K PNG + dmx) picture of your loadout/class/whatever, just fill out this quick form.

I have begun accepting commissions again, but I'm now charging for anything above the original standard of one character on a map of your choosing on either mid or any point I see fit. Anything more takes a lot of time from me to work on, so I'd like a very slight compensation at the least for the amount of effort I put into these.


Key <=> Ref conversions are done with prices

1 character, custom loadout, any point on map or mid: Free
Each additional character: 1 ref
Each additional character w/ non-stock loadout: 2 ref
Custom map (non listed): 2 ref
Specific point on map: 1 ref (Waived for combo deals)
Custom pose: 2 ref per char, 5 ref per 3 char
Excessive particles/special effects: 2 ref

Combo deals:
Highlander Roster: 9 players + up to 6 subs, each with specific loadouts, on a map of your choosing: 2 keys
6s Roster: 6 players + up to 4 subs, each with specific loadouts, on a map of your choosing: 1 key
4s Roster: 4 players + up to 2 subs, each with specific loadouts, on a map of your choosing: 4 ref

< 2 ref: FHD PNG (1920x1080 or 1920x1200)
>= 2 ref: QHD PNG (2560x1440 or 2560x1600)
>= 4 ref: 4K PNG (3840x2160 or 3840x2400)
>= 5 ref: 4K PNG (3840x2160 or 3840x2400) + dmx file (SFM scene)
>= 1 key: 8K PNG (7680x4320 or 7680x4800) + dmx file
>= 4 keys: 16K PNG (15360x8640 or 15360x9600) + dmx file + my anus

>> You can fill out a commission request here <<

Any questions? Feel free to email me at

You can check out my tumblr for all of my past completed submissions. For DMX files and 4K versions of any of the ones there, just send me a PM.

Request Form
Todo List
Completed Commissions
Trade Offer link for payment

posted about 6 years ago
#56 Can't stop raging. in TF2 General Discussion
AndKennethI like your ideas, and have been thinking for a while about how to manage the reporting system in a better way. I'll be in contact with you and we can have a chat about expanding these ideas to the point where it can be submitted as an idea to the devs.

Awesome, message me here, on steam, or email me

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if you ever want to get in touch.

posted about 6 years ago
#54 Can't stop raging. in TF2 General Discussion
VortexWhen starting centers people should have the option of preventing teamstacking. The way I was thinking is that people just add as a class and then the center designates players to teams either randomly or according to hours/centers played (randomly would probably be better to be honest.)

I'm not saying Thief or whoever shouldn't be allowed to make their shitty centers where they stack 4 friends on the team and all go in their own mumble to comm and use unlocks. I'm just saying that there should be an alternative for people who don't want to deal with that.

Sounds great to me. Make it an option when creating a lobby, "shuffle" or "organized". If "shuffle", rather than show which team needs which class on the browser, just show the number of that class needed.

posted about 6 years ago
#52 Can't stop raging. in TF2 General Discussion
AndKennethI'm a mod of TF2Center, so we are looking at this thread... it gives quite the insight into how people view our site and how we look at managing it.

You need a report system that's a little more varied. For example, report for being bad, report for leaving, report for never showing, gentle report just to get a new player (tech issues being communicated via mumble), report for harassment. These kinds of reports should be tallied in the profile. Leaving should count as ragequit. Never showing should be reliability. Being bad should be its own system that shows flags once this happens too often from multiple reports in multiple games, so players can tell if someone is just going to fuck around. Gentle reports shouldn't be able to be executed by players ingame, but rather by the actual person themselves (targeting themselves) from the lobby webpage. That way, if they can't get into TF2 or something else is going on, they can immediately request a sub with no penalty to themselves (tech issues are bound to crop up).

posted about 6 years ago
#51 Can't stop raging. in TF2 General Discussion

I just want to tag on with my personal experience that happened a few days ago.

I was in an NA HL lobby, it was on Viaduct. I played Medic and was rolling kritz. I pushed up to mid with my team (via comms) and kritzed the demo, who was in mumble along with everyone else, but wasn't talking. Instead of spamming out the enemy combo that was holding behind rock along with all of the rest of their teammates (blatantly stupid), the demo focused on the engie that was wrenching (and missing every shot, mind) close up. The entire kritz was wasted because the demo spammed at his feet and tried to kill the engie, missing every time. Of course, I called out the demo for it in mumble, but I wasn't overly aggressive. Everyone else saw and started name calling and other immature shit.

By the time we respawned (the demo ended up getting the engie at the very end of the kritz, but blew himself up with the same sticky), obviously we were needed by our team. The demo was trying to type in chat and apologize rather that hop on mic. Obviously he was a little frustrated. We lost the first round, so then round 2 begins.

Straight out of the gate, everyone attacks the demo in mumble and forces him to switch to heavy so a more experienced player can hop to demo. Fine by me, okay. But now the heavy stands outside spawn typing to us and trying to attack back, or defend himself, or whatever, rather than sucking it up and going back to playing the game. He also called us out for tryharding in a lobby, apparently. I guess not wanting to lose is tryharding. Anyway, eventually the team kicks the heavy off to engie by the end of the game, and we get a new heavy. Near the very end of the game, we hear crying on comms but we can't figure out who it is.

After the game, Center dumps everyone from the game into the same mumble channel and we say our GGs... But then the demo/heavy/engie starts speaking up. She had been crying on comms during the tail end and I really felt bad, so I apologized and left, not wanting to deal with the possible shitstorm.

Apparently the rest of the players all ganged up on her (even the one other girl in the match) and bullied her for playing poorly (demo is apparently her worst class and she was lobbying to get better), being a sore loser (wat), etc. It really took a toll on her. She added me to friends later that evening (like, 6 hours later; I was in the middle of a cast at the time) and we talked a lot about what happened. Apparently talking it out with her (supporting her, etc; I of course apologized because I'm not a dick) made her feel a lot better afterward, so that was nice.

It absolutely sickens me how hostile and immature the Center community is. I'm not really sure what's causing it to get so bad, but it's leading me to drift from doing lobbies to doing pugs and scrims. It's gotten worse than pubs. Sure, the OP's rant seems like a day gone bad and things are being exaggerated and whatnot, but I know what I saw and Center is beginning to sicken me.

posted about 6 years ago
#738 yahud in Customization

Here's a test demo for you, whayay. Starts around wave 4/6 and lasts awhile. The only thing it doesn't show is sapper and med shield recharge bars.

EDIT: Wow I'm silly and didn't link it, here:

posted about 6 years ago
#730 yahud in Customization

Hey, is it just me or with the new flhud can you not see a medic's uber percentage as a Spy with the disguise kit? Also, can the scrollwheel weapon switch weapon showing be available as an option? I don't like being unable to see the weapon I'm switching to. I think you made this change within the past few days but I can't find the exact commit.

Also it appears that the tournament mode ready up symbols on the top aren't actually center aligned to the circle. I think the X is off by 3 or 4 pixels to the left. Might just be my resolution, 1600x900.

posted about 6 years ago
#706 yahud in Customization

The placement of the KOTH timers is much better now, but maybe this is just me being upset that I have to remake my leaderboard for this new version, but I'd kinda like there to be some possible way for me to regain the old KOTH timers from the old FLV version. Which file has them in it, and would it be possible to make some kind of hybrid? Or maybe I could completely use the old spec HUD, since other things like advspec don't look right with the new one.

posted about 6 years ago
#703 yahud in Customization
whayayyttrium...Could you explain the bug? I can't find any issues when I equip my sapper.

In the loadout menu, while you can left click and drag the player model to rotate, you can also right click and drag to zoom in/out and middle click and drag to reposition. Something tells me that isn't intended.

posted about 6 years ago
#697 yahud in Customization
whayay* no2: Do you mean the class selection menu? Or the actual loadout menu where you swap out your presets?

Loadout. I mean circles behind items rather than the current rectangle, at least on the main loadout page and not the backpack selection.

whayay* no3: I like your suggestions, but I think the spy menu is fine to be honest. I don't find the numbers to be particularly small.

It's up to you in the end. Maybe I just need to play more with it.

whayay* no4: I've been thinking about doing icons, especially for the class selection and I made some in FontForge (which is a pain).
I will definitely consider adding in icons if you make some, but they would probably have to be in font form, so that I can also use the for the class selection. I am still undecided on this whole thing.

Not quite sure how to translate my vectors into physical icons, so I'm not sure how reliable I'd be for that. I could make bitmaps though.

whayay* no5: I had to move the KOTH timers, since they were clipping with the new winpanel. I'm not sure what you mean with the standard round timer, could you clarify?

By standard round timer I mean the single timer that appears in modes like 5CP. How does the KOTH timer clip with the new win panel? The _only_ thing that should be at the top of the screen there is the timer.

Also I found a bug. Hello pretty sapper. :3

posted about 6 years ago
#113 Spec Tools in Projects
I should point out the intended use is for casters so they don't miss it and say "Oh, Kritz!" after 4 players are killed by the first sticky, and they can give the big kritz pop it's proper build up so the need for formatting niceties wasn't really a design consideration beyond the ability to make it bright green roughly in the middle of the screen.

Also, forum sticky \o/

Sticky woohoo!

I just wish a few aspects could be customized:

  • Duration, it only appears for what, two seconds? It needs to be like 6 so I don't miss it in case I was paying attention to something else.
  • Font size! For some reason, maybe it's just my resolution but it looks tiny to me. Very easy to miss.
posted about 6 years ago
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