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#13 Could Poptobob be the next big thing? in TF2 General Discussion

too obsessed with the prospect of getting out of open rather than just improving himself to reach that level, and i dont think this "drive to improve" is any stronger than anybody else's. both explain the stagnation and complacency.

holds the negative quality of being predictable as a roamer and here is some specific critique describing this:

metalworks holding 2nd even & disad, heavily overuses the ctap from bridge to walljump high bomb into deep alley, so consistent that eventually the strat just became that i high bomb then curve and/or bomb away flank to bait this jump and we get a 0 risk free soldier pick. this pattern of misunderstanding off-timings is apparent elsewhere, its just especially noticeable in this context.
gullywash pushing 2nd from last, overuses high bomb from upper into choke to sync. would be fine if it weren't for the fact that hes landing directly on ground in front of choke, even unbuffed at times after doing it. i remember telling my demo at one point to just stick ground since hed land there, think he insta died but even if not its still consistently enough damage that he may as well have, and theres no risk in shooting the ground.
process mids, every(<--) mid rolls out fast onto his crate. unimposing, unchanging, and abusable when a soldier fast rolls out directly onto him. when i roamed i forced the habit of fast rollout to mg, much more consistent than it may sound and would stop him from doing his default the following mid.
i remember villa mids being particularly repetitive but cant recollect. whatever, shit map gone now anyways.

i could go on, but i wont. i think ive made my point clear with what ive given that anything more just seems redundant, and those were tabs i dont value enough to keep to myself. ill let the rest remain in obscurity though.

posted 9 months ago
#4 ap comp sci in Off Topic

try khan academy, it's usually good for APs because they follow the AP curriculum. they have lots of practice questions and if you want full practice exams i would recommend looking for AP exams from previous years

posted 9 months ago
#4 [serious] the b4nny actor for 6s: the movie in Off Topic

i think b4nny would play himself

posted 9 months ago
#1 RGL 6s Season 69 Grand Finals in The Dumpster


posted 10 months ago
#12397 stream highlights in Videos


posted 10 months ago
#12395 stream highlights in Videos


posted 10 months ago
#496 RGL S8 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion


posted 10 months ago
#7 Pyro Frag Vid in Videos

1:27 is sick, this would be pretty good if it wasn't a pub pyro frag video

posted 10 months ago
#38 The Papercuts Thread - Bring up annoyances here in Projects

I know it's a map issues but shadows are pretty fucked. Metalworks is the biggest culprit but you should still have shadows turned on for every map and it's silly

posted 10 months ago
#9 deadring ubercharge save bug? rgl 6s in TF2 General Discussion

This can also be used to reuse a kritz multiple times, or you can drop other weapons. You can drop your demo another sticky full of 8 sticks when you're holding last and he can have 16 sticks + traps when the other team pushes

alto (RGL forums thread about this tech in highlander)some key facts -

-DR dropped weapons count as regular dropped weapons
-dropped weapons are fully loaded
-dropped weapons expire after 30 seconds without being picked up
-picking up a dropped weapon resets it’s 30 second timer

not only can a demo get 15 stickies on mid, if he wins the mid he can continue to juggle 2 launchers throughout the round, and with a 30 second lifespan on the dropped weapons it’s even possible to die and make it back before it fades. and even if it does, your spy can just do it again at any point later, and taking your spy out of the game for 10-20 seconds is arguably a small price to pay for a 2nd sticky if used correctly

you could take it to 11 and have your DR spy just fucking generate weapons with a dispenser during downtime
posted 10 months ago
#2 Competitive medic learning resources? in Mentoring

Not sure about videos but there's this rahthread


posted 11 months ago
#4 Localhost Shoutouts in LAN Discussion

shoutout cookiejake for the very entertaining pov stream

shoutout the very generous people that donated to the prize pool

posted 11 months ago
#12316 stream highlights in Videos


posted 11 months ago
#12308 stream highlights in Videos


posted 11 months ago
#4 LAN Questions in TF2 General Discussion

is your fridge running?

posted 11 months ago
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