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#33 Remplace scout by pyro in 6's in The Dumpster
ShearsOlgha pyro has mobilty

This post has aged badly

posted about 2 years ago
#8 lf editor ($$$) in Videos


posted about 2 years ago
#30 Rewind 2 in TF2 General Discussion

Will it be sponsored by Weedmaps 8) again?

posted about 2 years ago
#40 The Great Jungle Inferno Unlocks Showmatch in Events

Anywhere I can find the STV demos for the game? I'd love to make some highlights out of this

posted about 2 years ago
#11 Burnout/Focus in TF2 General Discussion
CampyDuring weekdays I generally only play tf2 when I need to (scrims and matches). I find that this helps me put all my energy and focus into competitive games. It also feels like I am more eager to play tf2 after I've had a busy day or if I am doing something other than sitting at my computer before I have to play. I'd personally recommend not playing much before scrims or matches besides warming up. Hopefully the jungle inferno update can boost your overall interest for the game.


Consider taking a break for a day or two as well, it doesn't seem like much but it can do a world of good. I've burned out in this way quite hard with IRL soccer and just having a few days off was absolutely the best thing I could do to restore my focus and passion.

posted about 2 years ago
#22 froyotech to Sweden LAN in TF2 General Discussion

Paging Se7en to come compete against FROYO

posted about 2 years ago
#28 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

instant jetpack blacklist incoming?

posted about 2 years ago
#28 Uubers leaves Lowpander? in TF2 General Discussion
knsume9:07 AM - Sideshow: I'm back
9:07 AM - knsume: bait or nah
9:07 AM - Sideshow: I've never baited the TF2 community before
9:07 AM - knsume: alright who's team are u on
9:08 AM - Sideshow: I'm playing pocket for lowpander
9:08 AM - knsume: alright cool, one more thing
9:08 AM - Sideshow: what's up
9:08 AM - knsume:

Tbh Sideshow would be a perfect fit for this team. A man can only dream...

posted about 2 years ago
#36 USA eliminated from world cup contention in Off Topic
Cleepopledot_american soccer sucks because of how poor it's youth camps and systems are. In the US soccer is mostly for rich people, yearly traveling team fees are usually over like 15k. When you look at that vs. where most kids who grow up to be these nba and nfl stars are coming from its not a big surprise.
Yeah I agree, I play academy soccer and its very expensive going to different states for games and such. Thankfully I'm in a position where the money isn't really an issue but I definitely do know some people who could make it if it wasn't for such a shitty system and the costs

As someone who's also been a part of this system, I absolutely agree with this, although I would argue that the issue is one of tactics as well.

In my experience, strategy for too many american soccer teams [edit: youth teams, not pro ones], even at the traveling club level, doesn't go much further than "boot the ball downfield over and over and hope your forward has the speed to beat the defender enough times to win the game." In true American fashion, all the skill, intelligence, and subtlety that the game can provide is effectively thrown away in favor of a competition to see who can run the fastest for the longest amount of time.

posted about 2 years ago
#34 TF2 Blog: "The Orange Box's 10th Anniversary" in TF2 General Discussion

Praying that this update won't kill comp once and for all with braindead balance changes, although that post a few months back where they reached out to tftv for feedback on weapon balance changes is certainly encouraging.

That's all I can hope for from Valve anymore.

posted about 2 years ago
#12 USA eliminated from world cup contention in Off Topic

we lost to Trinidad and Tobogo.

what the actual fuck

posted about 2 years ago
#9 Favorite Classical Hollywood Movie? in Music, Movies, TV

Lawrence of Arabia

posted about 2 years ago
#101 Las Vegas shooting... in World Events

Here's a spreadsheet of every mass shooting in the US since 1982 with descriptions, shooter info, weapon details, etc.. If you want to prove/disprove points about handgun vs. rifle use look here.

posted about 2 years ago
#2 ETF2L S28 W2: Weebtunnel Tactics vs. nunya in Matches

ez 4 weebzies

posted about 3 years ago
#4 Remplace scout by pyro in 6's in The Dumpster
Olgha pyro has mobilty


posted about 3 years ago
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