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#6 what is using so much ram in my computer? in Hardware

So it's a driver at fault then. The superuser link has an answer to the user's question where he suggests installing the Windows Driver Kit and running poolmon to figure out which pool is consuming the memory, and from there to figure out which driver(s) are using the pool.

You'll likely get a small list of suspect drivers, some probably packaged as part of Windows. Look at the non Microsoft drivers first because it's probably a fault from there.

Or if you have an AMD GPU you could probably just try updating or reverting to a different stable release and see if it's fixed.

posted about 3 years ago
#4 what is using so much ram in my computer? in Hardware

Why don't you click on the "Resource Monitor" button/link on the screen? Then you can look at the table for memory usage and see what each user process is using.

You'll likely see memory usage low in the resource monitor (matching what you saw on task mgr). "Low" as in the usage doesn't add up to 14GB. This means the leak is probably from something running in kernel mode.

Here's a pretty good resource on diagnosing the driver at fault.

IIRC services are sometimes a bit funky about showing up on task mgr. If you see usage in resource monitor is high due to svchost, then it's a service at fault. You can use Process Explorer from SysInternals (available on microsoft's website) to figure out which service.

posted about 3 years ago
#2 Game Stuttering on Hit in Q/A Help

Do you have a DamagedPlayer event in your hudanimations? Try removing everything inside it so that it's an empty event.

posted about 3 years ago
#3 image xhairs in Customization

Make sure you aren't generating mipmaps (check the flags for the VTF). Something odd about this that usually works is making your outline not a pure black. For example, using 0 0 0 220 RGBA instead of pure black 0 0 0 255 RGBA usually fixes this. If that works, try slowly raising the alpha from 220 up to 250. Alpha 250 often works for me.

Alternatively, depending on your crosshair and if you don't care about linear scaling, you could try the Point Sample flag. This will avoid the problem but you probably don't want this if you scale up or down your crosshair.

posted about 3 years ago
#2 Offline weird lighting in Q/A Help

Check value of mat_fullbright in console

posted about 3 years ago
#96 Made a list of all OP weapons I can think of in TF2 General Discussion
FMX1DatDrummerGuy1. - critical hits vulnerability, so a spy at least can one shot the sniper with the amby.
- lower the sniper's overheal

2. I know that, but it's not a huge task to just rebalance this weapon so HL becomes a bit better. It's not taking over anything, it's just a bit of code, it doesn't take time. Just rebalance the Razorback on top of all the 6s changes. It won't affect 6s as a gamemode in the slightest.
Are you suggesting that when the razorback is equipped the sniper will have crit vulnerability? If so, that's kinda dumb since you're just replacing a one hit kill mechanic with another one hit kill mechanic that can be done from a much safer distance.

I think he's suggesting a brand new damage mechanic where the amby and only the amby can have a second-level critical hit? Amby does base damage 34 with crits 102. Raising the damage would be absolutely ridiculous because revolver has base damage 40.

@DatDrummerGuy, you're advocating for changes to a weapon that the top of HL honestly thinks is fine. Rather, top of HL thought was fine but most of the top have quit in the past couple years in both NA and EU. Sniper is broken in HL even with stock items. The class's primary weapons are too powerful. The fact that the class can survive a backstab is not what makes sniper broken in HL.

Valve has historically been slow with major item rebalances. With the exception of gun mettle, I don't recall them ever balancing more than a handful of weapons in an update (at least not for a number of years). The razorback isn't one that needs to be balanced before items like the wrangler or vita saw.

posted about 3 years ago
#91 Made a list of all OP weapons I can think of in TF2 General Discussion
DatDrummerGuyWhy not? Why are people so opposed to this? (their point being "lolhl you suck".)

Probably because there are at least two dozen unlocks that need a rebalance before the razorback.

And there's also the problem that sniper in HL at the top level is pretty much the same with or without the razorback because the problem is the class's damage. Yes, without razorback the sniper will get stabbed a few times in a half but all of the situations where you can't push due to their sniper remain the same without the razorback.

But really there is so much more broken shit in this game that should be fixed first.

posted about 3 years ago
#2 xhair script in Q/A Help

Something like...

bind j "toggle cl_crosshair_file crosshair1 crosshair2 crosshair3 crosshair4 crosshair5 crosshair6 crosshair7 default"

But that can't be used if you wanted cl_crosshair_file "" (the 'none' crosshair) because you cannot nest quotes and afaik, there's no support for a special delimiter in tf2 scripting. Instead you'd need something like

alias "xhair_file_now"     "xhair_file_none"
alias "xhair_none"          "exec xhair_none.cfg"    // xhair_none.cfg should have cl_crosshair_file "" and nothing else
alias "xhair_cross"        "cl_crosshair_file crosshair7"
alias "xhair_circle"       "cl_crosshair_file crosshair3"
alias "xhair_dot"          "cl_crosshair_file crosshair5"
alias "xhair_file_none"    "xhair_none;   alias xhair_file_now xhair_file_cross"
alias "xhair_file_cross"   "xhair_cross;  alias xhair_file_now xhair_file_circle"
alias "xhair_file_circle"  "xhair_circle; alias xhair_file_now xhair_file_dot"
alias "xhair_file_dot"     "xhair_dot;    alias xhair_file_now xhair_file_none"
// you can fill in the rest here
bind j "xhair_file_now"

Basically each alias sets the current crosshair and then changes the bind's alias to the next one in the cycle.

posted about 3 years ago
#5 How to use P-REC after Meet your Match in Q/A Help
  1. Launch TF2. Do _not_ launch casual or comp MM. Once those screens are launched and complain about prec, you have to restart TF2 to get past them.
  2. Verify prec is loaded via "plugin_print" in console
  3. If loaded, unload prec via "plugin_unload prec" or "plugin_unload 0" where the 0 is the index of prec from the plugin_print command output. Likely it's 0.
  4. Verify prec is unloaded via plugin_print.
  5. Now you can play casual or comp MM. They won't complain about you having PREC loaded.
  6. When you have scrims or a match or something, you can load prec by "plugin_load addons/prec" from the main menu. Or you could just restart the game.

Or you could bind a key to "ds_record" and a key to "ds_stop" and just remember to press one key before your scrim/match and press the other after. ds_record will name the demo with a timestamp.

posted about 3 years ago
#1196 rayshud in Customization
-Top_O_The_Morning-My scoreboard only shows 6 people, how do I enable one that will show all of the players currently on the server? Also, is there a way to change the size of a crosshair?

The scoreboard shows 6 players per team in minmode. You can toggle it in advanced options in game or via cl_hud_minmode console command.

The size of the hud crosshairs is determined by the font. If you look at the scripts/hudlayout.res file and find the crosshair you're using, you'll see a "font" property. That property is the font defined in resource/clientscheme.res. You could just duplicate that font's entry and change the "tall" property of the entry, or you could just modify the one that's there. Whatever you do though, make sure the crosshair entry in hudlayout.res is using the correct font.

posted about 3 years ago
#110 Global whitelist unveiled in News
mustardoverlordthe overpowered part about the atomizer isn't that you can do winger + atomizer jumps

it's that you now have a scout with perma 185 cuz his medic runs at the same speed as him, dodging every rocket and pipe and prolly not even dying to stickies because with the demo nerf + the triple jump he has infinite time to move slightly out of the way and even change direction twice in midair

soldier and demo are slowly becoming relatively meaningless

Spend 20 minutes practicing with the lochnload and see if scoutany class is still a problem.

EDIT: Good luck finding people willing to practice against lochnload demo in MGE or DM though... Although that might change now.

posted about 3 years ago
#98 Global whitelist unveiled in News

At least the soda popper is still banned.

posted about 3 years ago
#16 Get quake-like textures/high LOD bias again in Customization
saamIs this allowed in esea? I feel like I remember it wasn't.


posted about 3 years ago
#2 Crosshair disappeared in Customization

crosshair 1 in console and a nonzero cl_crosshair_scale (32 is default) inside your scripts. Your scripts are setting the scale to 0.

posted about 3 years ago
#9 Diabotical Kickstarter in e-Sports
Blaine_Bad timing on GD's part. They're going to have to compete with Quake 4. I've been following this project for two years now and I'm glad its finally getting released, hope it survives!

Quake Champions*. Quake 4 was released 11 years ago.

Diabotical looks more complete than Reflex, which is unfortunate for the Reflex devs. They've done some pretty impressive things over there (the ingame map editor and netcode changes), and Diabotical already has the map editor. I'd be happy if either of the games blows up in popularity.

posted about 3 years ago
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