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NeedMoreSwag rebuild, rebrand as happymeat
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November 14, 2021

After facing unexpected struggles at the start of their season, NeedMoreSwag have decided to shake things up, bringing in hemp and seeds for kaper and vani, and rebranding this new roster as happymeat.

The season began for happymeat with a loss to favourites Witness Gaming, though they kept Process close and almost won it in the final minutes, before on Gullywash Witness Gaming ran away with the map and the points. Their second week match began better, with both maps tightly fought against TOILET CLEANER MASTERS. happymeat managed to win Gullywash, but on Reckoner the game went to a golden cap which the Poles swept coast to coast to claim the win. These results will be a little underwhelming for a team expected to make playoffs, and to that end they have decided to make changes.

The Scout pairing has undergone a near-total reshuffle, with Kaper’s departure leaving a hole on the flank. Former Pocket Scout ixy has moved over to fill this, with hemp coming in on the healbeam. Formerly of teo, hemp there played with long time Scout partner aph and thoroughly impressed, most notably with a dominant performance in their qualifying match. Hopes will therefore be high that they can put up similar numbers for happymeat.

On the other end of the healbeam, vani’s departure let happymeat pick up seeds, possibly the best Medic in Europe and certainly the hottest free agent around. Reunited with daga and ixy of Season 39’s GlobalClan EU, S39 marked the first time in several seasons seeds had missed out on the Premiership Grand Finals, which most notably they won with nerdRage in Season 38.

It’s not unreasonable to expect then that happymeat will be looking at playoffs as a target, and this newfound experience and fragging potential could be what gives them that extra edge. Their first test will be tonight, against third-placed The League Of Shadows and broadcast live on TeamFortress.TV.

happymeat are:

  • Pocket Scout: hemp
  • Flank Scout: ixy
  • Roamer: nubbi
  • Pocket: jeven99
  • Demoman: daga
  • Medic: seeds
5 Frags +

Seeds gaming

Seeds gaming
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Omg seeds

Omg seeds
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seed (singular form)

-tiram, circa 2021

seed (singular form)

-tiram, circa 2021
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5 Frags +


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-3 Frags +

how do i unsee this

how do i unsee this
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hempus kinda fit

hempus kinda fit
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