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#485 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
BlastFMWe need the old broken inspect animations as an option in the next update. Having the GRU turn into a helicopter, scout melee levitating and jarate twisting madly was way too much fun

you can just download an old release and install it if you really want to ruin your game that much

posted about a year ago
#480 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization

fixed the link, sorry i was an idiot when tagging the release on github and forgot a letter

Dell_Conagherwill it still crash demos if you don't have the mod installed if they were recorded with it installed?

considering this literally just changes a model it shouldn't cause you to crash in the first place unless there was something broken with the model (like using the pre-inferno installer after jungle inferno).

posted about a year ago
#471 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization

1.5.0 is going to be a huge overhaul. In the meantime I've gone ahead and merged Oblique's 1.4.0 under the 1.4.1 version number, with no other changes.

posted about a year ago
#469 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization

Ok so I've got the source code for the "unofficial 1.4.0" release posted by Oblique in #459. I'm not going to roll it into the main branch yet though, because I've got some ideas for improvements, which will all be rolled into 1.5.0.

Spy viewmodels can now be properly hidden
I finally figured out how the off-hand (watch slot) weapons work. They used v_models the whole time, they never switched to the c_model system. You can now disable/enable these for each *weapon*. You could choose to hide the Quackenbirdt, but keep the Invis Watch visible, despite the fact that it might seem like they're the same animations.

Full support for custom animations
I'm going to change the editing process so that each weapon will allow you to use a custom animation instead. I'll try to work with Paysus on this. You'll need to request custom animations, they'll be bundled with the installer.

More flexibility in how things are hidden
I'm going to look into weapon offsets so you can move the viewmodel rather than just hiding it. This will take some experimentation, please bear with me. Probably won't make it into 1.5.0.

posted about a year ago
#462 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
obliqueUnoffical update for Jungle Inferno

It has been over 8 months since JI released, with no change to the mod, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. This unoffical update fixes all of the broken inspect and weapon animations, and adds options for hiding the thermal thruster and gas passer (the dragon's fury can be hidden along with the rest of the flamethrowers)

Known minor issues:
  • My updated images for the new weapons don't quite match the original ones
  • The thermal thruster doesn't inspect
  • Pretty sure that some of the new inspect animations won't get hidden, even if you check the box (not fully tested)
I also ran into some issues with access permissions during the extraction process, but that could just be my computer

Thanks to degu for the updated .qc hooks and to yttrium for everthing else

thx bb

if you wanna make a pull request i'll accept

posted about a year ago
#18 TF2 update for 5/17/18 in TF2 General Discussion

Interesting, there was no hlds_announce email for this, or at least I didn't get one. Anyone else confirm?

posted about a year ago
#452 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
ParagraphHey, do you know if you could make a check mark to say "Hide Reload Animations"? That way, if it's checked, you don't see reload animations, but if you don't, you'll see reload animations even if the weapon is hidden. Also, here's some class specific requests. For pyro, a check mark that says "Hide Airblast Animation", and for spy, a check mark that says "Hide Knife Raise Animation" or something like that.

would be very easy to implement but won't be there until a future remake of this

posted about a year ago
#442 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
stabbyCauses crashes for me in casual now, as well. The file I was using before the installer was a thing still hides the gun (but not gun arm) and is stable to use, though. I can't remember where exactly I clicked to get it, so I'll just reupload it for anyone that needs it:

I couldn't check out what degu uploaded because wanted me to install something I didn't want to in my browser to download :(

Frankly it's probably just something with how the viewmodel animations are configured in the game itself that causes it to crash with animation files meant for older model versions.

I know how to rewrite the installer to be version (and for that matter, viewmodel mod) agnostic, but it's a lot of effort and I'm not sure if I'll ever spend the time doing it.

If that file still works in casual, it means preloading still works, and it's an issue with the content and not the delivery method, which can be fixed.

posted about a year ago
#50 TF2 update for 3/28/18 in TF2 General Discussion
vipercan u explain this in layman's terms? is this good, bad, or great for hitreg?

means literally nothing for projectile hitreg but means everything for hitscan, because animations were not properly being lag compensated, only positions were

so if a heavy taunted and his arm swung away, you wouldn't hit it if you were too laggy despite the fact that you hit it on your screen, because the server wouldn't compensate the animation for your delay

also this should fix hitreg issues in things like MvM where headshots on most robots (especially with rome mode) are completely fucked

posted about a year ago
#47 TF2 update for 3/28/18 in TF2 General Discussion
  • Lag compensation system will now reliably restore pose parameters responsible for animation layering
  • This makes server-side hitboxes for lag compensated players better match client-side rendered models


posted about a year ago
#26 Happy Valentine's day! in Off Topic

the dark days are approaching

the real tragedy

posted about 2 years ago
#38 144hz Not Constant in Q/A Help

yo I know this is a huge necro but this shit just got fixed in win10

Addresses issue where, in certain hardware configurations, the frame rates of DirectX Games were unintentionally limited to a factor of the display's vertical synchronization.
posted about 2 years ago
#2 Demo doesn't look smooth when i record it in Q/A Help

don't record footage, set fps_max to your render target and record with start_movie, which renders frame by frame perfectly. stitch the frames together to render your footage losslessly later.

edit: sorry use host_framerate not fps_max. end recording with end_movie.

so in order:

  • sv_cheats 1; host_framerate 60
  • load up your demo to the first tick
  • start_movie mymovie
  • play your demo
  • end_movie

and then each frame will exist as a tga in your game folder

you can also try messing with the suffix "h264" (so that's "start_movie mymovie h264") to record directly to a video file so you don't need to further process the frames or worry about disk space. the advantage though is it's still frame by frame with perfect frametimes, which GFE is far from.

posted about 2 years ago
#435 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
the_crazyguyHey, I've been experiencing a rather peculiar problem for quite some time now, whenever I disable any of scout's viewmodels, the animation and sound for the shortstop's shove mechanic play. It's really been bugging me and I'd be grateful if someone out there has found a fix for that.
Thanks in advance!

this is the same issue as everything else regarding broken animations after jungle inferno

WillyNillyI'm having a certain problem with this mod. After editing and installing the mod, I went ahead into TF2 and decided to go onto training. I waited for it to load and after I picked a team and class. Yet after picking a class the game went and instantly quit itself, leaving me on my desktop.

I'm really not sure on how to fix it as I went and again re-installed it yet got the same result.
If anyone has any solutions to this weird, annoying problem, it would be greatly appreciated.
noelthomas292Hi, I need help as I love your ViewModel project but lately, I've had a problem and that my TF2 keeps crashing on startup I deleted the cfg and resolved it but every time I put back in your ViewModel things it keeps crashing I finally figured it was your ViewModel project as I uninstalled from the tf2 directory and tf2 was normal again. This might be to do with the little tf2 update they did yesterday I don't really know. I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this problem and if u can to try and fix asap as I love your ViewModel project but I think it might be broken for tf2.

p.s anyone can comment, love your ViewModel thing

these I have no fucking clue

posted about 2 years ago
#6 how to disable "contracts available" on the right in TF2 General Discussion
nuthouseactivate a contract and never complete it

just like real life

posted about 2 years ago
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