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#39 NA Fantasy Draft!! in TF2 General Discussion
Dreamboatjetzalso imo even if people are in their prime i still think a lot of the oldest players are overpriced
That debate is always present in sports though with stuff like this. Happens a lot in hockey for example, "Wayne Gretzky literally holds most NHL scoring records, but would he be as good with players being in better shape and goalies being better"

My opinion is that the players adapted to the meta they faced at the time. While the time they were in their prime is a different meta than now, there's no reason to think that the players in their primes wouldn't be able to adapt and see a similarly high peak. I honestly think Platinum on demo in his prime would be just as effective in 2021 as he was when he was actually in his prime.

this is especially true when you consider the fact that tf2 has had such a small influx of talent over its lifespan (no offense). over a decade ago platinum was primarily losing and sometimes winning vs b4nny in the exact same fashion the players today are. you have an obvious litmus test in b4nny, he's been at the top of the game (at least individually) for over a decade now. it's much harder to judge, for example, michael jordan and lebron james as they played in completely different eras with different refereeing, less emphasis on analytics, etc. tf2 has been essentially the same for over a decade, with a few changes that have definitely impacted the minutiae of the game the game, but not enough holistically to where I'd come back into an invite team and be completely lost. you'd have to think that b4nny had a way higher ceiling than any of his contemporaries (who honestly beat him wayyy more often than anyone does today) to think they players like plat would've completely fallen off 7-8 years later

posted 2 months ago
#46 Monthly RGL Is Bad Thread in TF2 General Discussion

still don't know why i'm at all involved in this thread anymore but on a serious note, people comparing the punishment philosophies of organizations like the NHL and NBA, or even esports leagues like OWL, LCS, etc. just completely miss the point. these leagues and games have the luxury of being extremely popular and lucrative. there is no shortage of reasons for people to continue pursuing competitive play for these leagues.

this is fucking tf2. there are not many people who play this game and cultivating a "for the community" approach should be the number 1 priority for the league. handing out severe punishments for even the most minor of offenses will do nothing but thin the playerbase. and there's nothing in this game but pride, so if they get banned and lose out on a season of playing the game, they might just not play the next season. i've seen similar things happen many times before, with players much more well known who have a lot more to lose. pure literally quit our team in esea after they didn't let us reschedule or fix a payment issue that left us forfeiting our first match. he felt that it wasn't worth the headache to play for a league that clearly wasn't player-focused at all. and that had a significant effect on the outcome of that season. we were one of the best teams pre-season and easily would've been fighting for first place had that not happened. that's the kind of shit you risk when a league makes it too difficult to play a game you only play for fun.


I completely agree with this line of thinking. And even if it becomes annoying (how many times do we have to extend the ban for this kid to finally give up or reform???), it's the mindset you have to have if you care about the community. every current player, whether they're ghosting for 10 seconds, forgetting to record a demo, hitting a spec bind by accident, or even exploiting bugs is someone you should look at as a future community leader rather than a pest you want to get rid of.

posted 2 months ago
#23 Monthly RGL Is Bad Thread in TF2 General Discussion

when i first saw this i thought to myself its so ridiculous to get banned for an entire month for hitting a spec bind (which shouldn't even be possible while the match cfg is live)

but then i realized if you trip someone in hockey it's still a tripping violation and if you shoot a nice 3 pointer after the shot clock runs out you get suspended for a month. and real sports are notoriously good with rules so there's really no argument here. sometimes you just have to admit you made a mistake and move on, and in a way you could be thankful that you're given a month to think about it and make sure it doesn't happen again

sry guys

posted 2 months ago
#168 faceit tf2 in TF2 General Discussion
tommythe faceit faq/vnn's video adressed this issue. They are thinking of adding an even furthur step in between. Like an even more casual faceit mode, but they don't want to split the current playerbase yet.
who's to say an old pro coming back to play faceit pubs or somebody with an unranked smurf wouldnt come in and ruin the balance of the fresh install servers? nothing. but csgo has huge smurfing problem, so i'm sure faceit has thought of how to fix that.

This is main point of tylers video: faceit is not casual mode. Its a " new 12v12 system that sets out to provide the community with a new accessible and rewarding experience" (from

I think what's confusing people is that this is a new gamemode. It's not casual OR competitive.

I literally do not understand this mentality at all. TF2 is a video game, a subset of a game, which are things with rulesets played to win through a variety of means. Are some games more competitive than others? Sure. When you sit down with your friends and play a board game while catching up or hanging out, are you not trying to win? Surely you aren't just pushing the pieces into random places and just talking the entire time. Because that wouldn't be fun either for you or for them.

TF2 launched with a win condition, a loss condition, a scoreboard, kills, deaths, dominations, achievements for dominations, etc. Just because the format is more competitive than your average casual matchmaking pub, doesn't mean the game isn't also casual, because there are surely players in faceit pubs just playing to shoot around and talk to their friends. And just because your average Valve matchmaking server is casual, doesn't mean it also isn't competitive, because I've played pubs where people are really trying to win, type EZ when they win or throw slurs at you for cheating when they lose. It's such a crazy double standard that bad players with some weird narcissism complex have tricked themselves into thinking is just a one-sided, unfortunate reality they're living in. Every game you play, unless it's just an empty room where you're walking around taunting at each other, showing off your cosmetics, will be competitive (and even then you'll have people comparing each other cosmetics). And obviously they will be competitive, because they are games with rulesets designed to determine a winner. Whether or not you value that determination is entirely up to you and the degree to which you do is why new games are split into rated/unrated. Basically, people that you're describing don't want things that aren't competitive, they want to be one of the best players in the server. And that will either naturally happen because of elo, or they can take it upon themselves to try to get better at the thing they seem to value so much.

posted 4 months ago
#104 faceit tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

using the word groom to describe giving casual players the option to make a faceit account and play 12v12 tf2 does not empower your point, just makes you seem kind of disconnected

i don't disagree that the matchmaking has been relatively sweaty, but iirc isn't there already/going to be elo? if enough casual players play through the client then each server will have its own skill-level. if anything you can just blame valve for completely abandoning the game. and if you're really vindictive you can hold onto hope that faceit matchmaking is popular enough to force valve's hand in doing literally anything to support the community

posted 4 months ago
#100 seriously? in TF2 General Discussion

thanks for the clarification! in the future I think you could take a bit more time to make sure your writing is on point when addressing all the complaints. I still get basically nothing from

Now we have today, the ban that went in on aim. What happened is that there was a discussion that happened in an admin discord about the rule that was broken and the punishments that should take place. Then a ban was issued. There was confusion internally as to if this is something that is not a misconduct report (e.g. slurs, harassment, etc...), so it might not go through the normal misconduct ban review process. However, any punishment that results in a league ban, should be reviewed by that process.

but I guess I could've read a little more closely. I agree that whatever council you've put together should review pretty much anything that results in a league ban. at the same time, though, I'm still pretty confused by how the ban was issued. Like, you're referring to this discussion that occurred like it's some piece of lore with unknown origins. "an admin discord," like it's a faraway land that you or others with more jurisdiction don't have access to. is this admin discord prone to these missteps? how many people were a part of the discussion? should this discussion ultimately end with the banning of a player? I dunno, again, that's where I think most of my confusion with your writing stems from. "What happened is there was a discussion that happened in a discord." Like, IDK kinda hard to follow and get anything from that. Appreciate the transparency, though.

I think the more important thing people want addressed is the future of other people casting matches, because some vague promises on "fixing the admin process" really means nothing. Bans could be more difficult to hand out, you could require more infractions, minor penalties, whatever. I don't really think it fixes or comments on the topic at hand which is why someone got banned for casting a match, and if that rule can be updated.

edit: also I'd like to apologize for sort of going in on your writing! I was definitely kind of a dick, but it's just a pet peeve of mine. I think in situations like these, in which the league has to respond to a massive thread on the game's biggest forum, more attention to detail is probably advisable.

posted 4 months ago
#97 seriously? in TF2 General Discussion

am I stupid or is whatever sigafoo said in this thread just more incriminating to their awful admin process? I feel like I've never read less substance in more words in my entire life, and the only substance I got was that despite the council of admins that congregates to discuss infractions, they still managed to decide to ban him only to rescind it later? that's almost less inspiring than just banning him and keeping it that way, considering despite 12 different perspectives they still thought the ban was merited, but collectively their decision matters so little that they'll unban based on a tftv thread. is that right or did I just misread? maybe they didn't start the council until aim's ban? I'll stress again I literally have no idea what that block of text is saying, it's an insane skill to dedicate that many words to such little meaning.

the solution to this seems pretty simple, whether you compare it to csgo or dota. just get a couple invite players who like to cast matches in close communication and give them the OK to cast matches. doesn't seem too hard. it seems based on one of the chatlogs, rgl is concerned with no-names and trolls signing up to cast matches and make a mockery of the quality of the league, so just make sure you get some people who are eager and skilled enough to cast? I swear though it's shocking that there's so much scrutiny over each report and bans still manage to be so poor that they upset the entire community. I don't even understand the point of banning... it's tf2, why would you want to ban anyone for an extended period of time unless they're bigots or something. even if the council thought aim did something wrong, you'd think it would start with a warning...

posted 4 months ago
#25 Discussion: rgl is bad in TF2 General Discussion

a simple, blanket rule would maybe work for a giant esport that's covered by media, advertising, etc. obviously when there's millions and billions of dollars of investment on the line, you'd expect that league and its investors to not want that language tied directly to it. even then, something like this where a known player has allegedly done something "wrong," a league would do its due diligence and apply context

but this is tf2 where context is much more easily applicable, especially when that context is banning a black person for using the n word, when they don't even know it's something that will be seen by anyone else other than themselves and their friends. you guys have like 100 players, doesn't seem too hard to use context

posted 5 months ago
#46 The Voice of the Open Player in TF2 General Discussion

why is there still this narrative that if the tf2 community tried harder the game would grow? some people are so naive to think there's some puzzle that valve gave us that we never solved, or we haven't accumulated enough gold stars as a community so they're holding off on the competitive overhaul until we've proved our morals and learned our lesson.

TobuBumFreezeplayers who already play comp watching youtube videos will not grow the game
having more mentors will not grow the game
slin's editing will not grow the game
making pugchamp teams worse will not grow the game
censoring swear words is already a default game function
saying "gamesense makes u good" (9) isnt even a suggestion ????

i think ur looking at this from the pov of what you want as someone who already plays comp, but for the game to not be dead we literally only need more non-comp players to pick up and try/watch comp. this will probably not happen because valve matchmaking did more to turn people away from comp than we can probably ever recover lol. the number of casuals who i asked about comp and they say its shit, purely because of the awful first impression from playing first-to-two on vanguard vs a hacker and 3 pyros after a 40 minute wait time is so high, and these people dont even know about real third party comp.
popular esports have their literal ready-to-play competitive format front and center and this perpetuates players, viewers, everything. tf2 players have to 1. be interested in comp 2. somehow not immediately give up after playing the shite in-game version 3. google lots of stuff to find out where/how u can actually play it 4. install custom huds, configs, net settings, turn on a bunch of adv options to not be at an inherent disadvantage to every comp player etc. etc.
This is exactly why I wanted to push for valve's involvement, what if there was that 1% chance that valve still cared. Would we get a second shot? This time with RGL, the platform that accommodates for both new and high level players and all the experience and feedback against Valve Comp we've gathered since Meet your Match. I know valve has their own philosophy, but we would know what to input and this time, hopefully, get it right. Because its either that impossible shot or we make the competitive community as accessible and as healthy as possible for the players that are entering the scene right now. Because we are not growing.

like, what is this? do you think valve needed the cs 1.6/cs:s community to prove their dedication to the game to make csgo and eventually push the competitive format so it could grow into the esport it is today? it's about money, dude. money. you think these billion dollar corporations are running leagues and tournaments for their game to capture the spirit of competition? it's to make money. they have simply decided the risk associated with pushing competitive tf2 is not worth the potential payout. that's it. they're not waiting for the competitive community to reach their standard as true patrons of the game, who fully understand the compromise they need to make for the plight of the pubber. if they thought competitive tf2 could be lucrative they'd have a larger team either creating a sequel or making massive changes to the title to standardize the gameplay. there's nothing you can do about it. even pubs are suffering now because of bots. pubbers who used to have gabe newell as their steam avatar are now cynical valve haters who complain about bots and valve not caring every time sydney#123213213 joins the game to spin around in circles.

also making the community more accessible and healthier ISN'T mutually exclusive here. you can strive to make the game better for new and old players alike without expecting that to lead to tf2 as an esport. if you find out valve is never going to care (they won't) are you going to try to kill the game faster instead? make the game good for the community that plays. do your best to do your own advertising for the game so new players have a chance to play competitive if it's something they'd enjoy. stop thinking valve is implicated in this at all.

posted 8 months ago
#9 TF2 Greatest of All-Time Fantasy Draft in TF2 General Discussion

offclass: shrugger

posted about a year ago
#62 Half-Life: Alyx in Other Games

depends on the definition of gimmick. it's a "gimmick" because the VR experience is 95% of the reason for playing a VR game. I've tried a fair amount of VR games, and while beatsaber is great, it's just DDR bro. and that brings me to another example, in this sense, the interactive aspect of DDR could be seen as a gimmick too. it's just a game with arrows that fall down the screen. I wouldnt have played that game at all without the physical aspect because there's just not much else there. and while that's fine, my worry with VR, at least during the early stages, is that the games will have a poor narrative with boring mechanics, simply because the main focus of the game is the VR. and while those things could only improve the VR experience, will these new, trailblazing games like half-life really focus enough on the other tenets of a video game? only time will tell.

but honestly, even with those things aside, half-life just doesn't feel like a VR game. I want to shoot at things and jump around with source movement. maybe that's the boomer in me tho

posted about a year ago
#79 Can you justify why you're not vegan in Off Topic
hooliveganism without supplementation is not optimal for health. it lacks essential nutrients such as but not limited to vitamin a, d, b6, b12 and k2

furthermore there's nothing unethical about killing animals for food. life consumes life and eating a cow is the same as eating a head of lettuce. the difference is that we can empathize with cows because we are also mammals.

others have touched on the dubious environmental claims but i would like to add that the vast majority of the world's oceanic pollution(95+%) originates from a small handful of asian countries and no amount of lentils is going to put a dent into that. indians bathe in the holy ganges river which is quite literally a river of trash and raw sewage.

I don't mean to be rude but I'm extremely confused by your second paragraph. I don't think you're grasping the term "ethical." The point is that the argument of "life consumes life" becomes an ethical dilemma when we, as intelligent and sentient humans, make a conscious choice to consume other sentient, intelligent (albeit, less) organisms. As our intelligence reigns supreme on earth, we can identify the questionable morality of farming livestock en-masse in horrible conditions as a source of food, especially when there are alternatives that will only continue to be more feasible as we advance as a society.

In short, wolves don't share these moral quandaries when eating rabbits because they aren't intelligent enough to consider an ethical framework that supersedes something as basic as a food chain. And even if they could grasp ethics, they don't have the tools to do something about it. However, humans do. And there lies the ethical dilemma.

posted about a year ago
#20 b4nny doesn't support iseries in TF2 General Discussion


people are just very committed to the idea of the game becoming an esport. it's understandable, because nothing sounds cooler than playing the game you love as your job. but in a lot of cases, that glamour is just idealistic. I went to play overwatch solely to understand and experience what playing a game as a passion-fueled career would be like. but unless you have the right game, that career is really just a job you have to put mindless time into. there are a few people that i'm sure are living their dreams, like cs players who have been grinding the series for a decade, or who grew up on watching and playing it like a kid would player soccer or baseball, to then become one of the people they looked up to their whole lives. i don't really think that's too common, though.

posted about a year ago
#17 b4nny doesn't support iseries in TF2 General Discussion
funhaver1998we dont need and never have needed any support from valve. theyve only fucked the game

idk why u guys think if they just throw money at the game then itll be good thats not how it works and even if it is how it works thats awful

as a community our focus should purely be how can we make the game more enjoyable to play

that is unfortunately very much how it works for modern games. esports became very profitable very quickly and so companies and investors jumped on the opportunity to artificially churn out games and leagues in pursuit of money off of esports. games like CS, dota, starcraft, etc that only became esports once the money caught up to the passion are so few in number comparatively, because you have to create your esports quickly now as opposed to just letting them grow organically.

i agree that the reality of the situation is terrible, though. tf2 would definitely be an esport if money were thrown at it and leagues were made to profit off of that. however, it would probably be a no class limits, all items available, chaotic tf2 that would need many iterations of balancing to get it to an enjoyable level. in fact, there's so much of this game that makes it good that would have to be changed if you wanted a real esport out of it, so it's really just unrealistic.

posted about a year ago
#36 Riot Games Character Based Tactical FPS in Other Games

melee's technical ceiling was 'by accident,' but the game itself was developed in a way that cultivates that kind of gameplay while casting aside those technical limitations. even without wavedashing, the game would still be highly technical. in the grand scheme of melee fundamentals, wavedashing is only one piece of the puzzle. a tiny piece, too. especially among inexperienced players, wavedashing has more flair than usefulness. the important point of this is that the game was difficult to play and punishing at every level. the characters move quickly, there aren't really any anti-snowball mechanics, the game is very free-flowing, the attacks don't necessarily have ridiculous hitboxes that reach across the stage and last forever, etc. so you'll see newer players missing 90% of aerials, getting smash attacked in the face, running off the cliff by accident, and generally looking like they have limited control over their character.

in contrast, a lot of newer games stress the barrier to entry for newer, and especially younger, audiences, which dilutes the experience on a foundational level. that being said, I have no idea why the tf2 community has to be so negative and cynical in response to new shooters. tf2 is not going anywhere, you should hope that this game is designed to be competitive and and not to hold the hands of every new child that launches the game. that reality would benefit everyone in fps limbo, including everyone on this forum.

posted about a year ago
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