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#11 NA Invite Top 100: #100-#91 in News

in all seriousness I think muma should be ranked much better than 95

2 championships and a 3rd place at i58 should definitely put him ahead of people who just played a lot of classes or something. unless you're one of the best players in the game at 3 different classes like banny I think it's pretty irrelevant if you have middling results on multiple different classes or played the game for more years/seasons, but I guess there are 90 more players whose justifications I haven't seen so I won't think too hard about it

I do feel like I'll disagree more and more though if it becomes a trend that people who haven't won or been dominant on any single class be placed higher than those with wins or notable performances because of class versatility. super overrated skill IMO, what matters is how good you were for your team on your best class. unless we're talking about banny who pretty dominant on all 3 classes. I wouldn't necessarily agree that a career 3x 5th place finisher on scout should be ranked lower than another career 3x 5th place finisher who did it on each class. I'd care way more about individual impact and their competition those seasons

posted 2 days ago
#6 NA Invite Top 100: #100-#91 in News

pretty good 100-91, I'd only change the ordering probably

muma 100, vhalin 92, ggly 93

posted 2 days ago
#10 NA Invite Top 100: Hub Post in News

pretty cool, always thought this would be a cool thing to do but the amount of work put in is very daunting obviously

I will certainly be using this as content to argue that all of the top 50-top1 placings are EGREGIOUS

posted 6 days ago
#24 Reptile’s team in 2007 vs open team in TF2 General Discussion
tuaare we talking esea open level or amateur/newcomer level in RGL
because esea open level is closer to like IM or Main in RGL
esea open level could maybe beat a boomer team but newcomer/amateur players last I checked don't even know rollouts

neither did they

before ESEA started TF2 in 2009 and eventually moved to LANs in 2010, there really wasn't a lot of motivation for people to compete and improve. the players who were the best back then were almost by default better than most of their competition because of previous experience in games like TFC. by the time ESEA picked up TF2 (ESEA season 3), reptile wasn't playing on the same team (some of those people disappeared) and he wound up losing to a mix of, by his standards, "newcomers" in TF2. a few months down the line in season 6, a team with harbleu and mesr won grand finals. and by next season, eMg won, putting Yz, banny, tyrone, mackey, ggly and shade at the #1 spot in NA. this is just to show how quickly things escalated once LAN came to ESEA and new talent funneled in, playing to improve and win. as games grow and age, not only does the base level of knowledge improve drastically, but statistically as new players continue to give the game a try, there will be more and more talent flowing in, and probability-wise, more talented than the first notable team ever in the game.

this is along the same lines as the silly arguments like "quake players are the best fps gamers on the planet," or "competition was harder back in the day." games like overwatch, valorant, [new title] attract an insane amount of talent compared to TF2 in 2007. whether or not you respect the games is irrelevant; the money, fame, and financial stability results in a deluge of talented players trying to make a name for themselves and become the best. and this is without even mentioning all of the tools people have today to improve, from studying and improvising on playstyles from the past, to grinding aim trainers all day.

long story short if you took a team from 2007, showed them nothing from today, put them on their best map with all original unlocks vs an open team with the same unlocks from 2021, the 2007 team would get rolled. sorry, it is what it is.

posted 4 weeks ago
#17 Reptile’s team in 2007 vs open team in TF2 General Discussion

I can't believe any of you think a team from 2007 is going to beat a team of open players in 2021

I can't tell if this is self-deprecating or not... there is no chance 6 players from a time when almost no one played the game seriously at a competitive level is going to beat 6 players from 2021


posted 4 weeks ago
#38 Is consistency always a good thing? in The Dumpster

no one would ever write "mis-conflate," it's just awkward. the english language would read awfully if you could just type mis- in front of something every time you wanted to state the contrary. you can use any other word or phrasing to convey that you made a mistake in your thought process.

also, conflate often has a negative connotation, so "conflating" those two things would imply you're combining two things that don't usually combine, or combine poorly within that context, making the mis- completely useless. the way you're arguing your diction here leads me to believe you just heard conflate the other day and looked it up online, giving you a simple definition, but not a nuanced one. or, in other words, a mis-nuanced definition.

posted 2 months ago
#37 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion

This forum is a trip, man.

posted 3 months ago
#35 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion
DrHappinessMuch of the way we play TF2 nowadays is based on how we've played in the past. RGL seemed to kept halves because most NA players were comfortable with bringing the ESEA format forward. Same with the 1 map advantage, which I believe also came from ESEA. You see a similar principle with ETF2L and their approach. Its the mentality of "why change it if it works?". Realistically we could all play the same way in like 2 weeks, but that requires one or all of the regions to compromise and its hard to convince people thats the right approach.

Also I don't see how its controversial that players should try to play on weekends, typically when most people are available? The only (non-work) argument I can see really holding any water is that if someone's only free time is evenings and weekends, they may not want to commit one of their 2 free days to something they consider a pastime. But if you are in playoffs, especially one offering prize money, I would think that making yourself available is pretty expected. If you want to win, you've got to put in the effort no?

I agree!!! I think a fix to the gamemode itself might as well come before a standardized ruleset. There are problems with either format, because there are just simply problems with 5CP. ESEA had set advantage, not map. That's definitely too much and only really works in fighting games. But I think an entire revamping to the game mode is more important than whichever region uses whichever ruleset. The difference is often negligible IMO.

As far as your second point, completely disagree. It's insulting to assume that players who have dedicated an entire season in the premier league to win the championship would ever choose a playoffs series over their social lives, especially after scrimming the entire week beforehand. And if you suggest this and it doesn't work, the scene crumbles.

posted 3 months ago
#33 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion

I mean, yes? It's nice when it works, so if it does, do it? There is absolutely a chance it does not work, but I think resources should be put into running these events on the weekends. You could even play the matches at the exact same time you do on the weekday (like thursday) to eliminate work-related issues during the day. Because watching a playoff match at 8 CST or 9 CST on a weekend is much more achievable than doing so on a weekday usually. In fact if you just translated all the matches that are currently played at 10CST onto a weekend at the exact same time during playoffs, that would still be better.

posted 3 months ago
#31 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion
SetsulHonestly, I'm pretty sure you're deliberately misreading everything I write.
clckwrkOf course, all of this is null and void if people are working schedules in which weekends aren't always free for them. That's certainly possible and even likely. If that's the reason teams struggle to find times to play each other at accommodating times, then so be it. But if it's because you don't want to play *too much* TF2, then wtf? Why are you even playing the game in the first place? You pretty much wrote "If you have to work on the weekend, sucks to be you, no playoffs for you, but if you've got any other reason for not wanting to spend that entire weekend playing TF2 you might as well quit the game".
Am I really the only one who finds this unreasonable?

That's not at all what I'm saying. I'm saying if there are enough work-related reasons to not be playing on the weekends, then you should be playing on the weekends? Because playing TF2 playoffs on a weekend as the grand culmination of an entire season of invite TF2 isn't that much of an ask. I actually specifically said work-permitting more than once. I played TF2 for a very long time, trust me, I understand that the game has no money in it and you don't have the luxury of starting scrims at noon on the weekdays so you can play for 8 hours a day. I'm simply saying - if there are players who can play on the weekends (a lot of them will just be playing pugs or other games on the weekends anyway instead of TF2), then you should play on the weekends to be accommodating to spectators.

In fact your post just implied I insulted players by depriving them of a potential social event on a Saturday or something. I think it's more likely you're misrepresenting what I'm saying, as it was clear your very first quoted response to mine didn't even know I was talking about the playoffs. I don't really have any closing arguments, dunno how this even became a contentious topic. I didn't realize how annoyed you were about some players across the Atlantic possibly losing out on a social event for some weekend playoffs series. I think if players discussed it and eliminated any work-related issues, weekend playoffs would be way better for the health of the scene. I guess I don't really care about that though, because I left to make money in other games.

posted 3 months ago
#27 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion

But it wouldn't take precedence over everything else no matter what? Unless the scale you're using encapsulates every single day of their lives over a 3 month span of time, scheduling a weekend for an important playoffs match or an all-weekend long playoffs event is not hard. And if you're going to be playing in the premier TF2 league, I don't see it as being very ridiculous.

And I'm sorry for...not assuming you incorrectly read my post? I did in fact assume that you were talking about exactly what I was saying, because you quoted my post. Next time I will assume that you did not read it correctly.

posted 3 months ago
#25 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion
SetsulThere's also a major difference between making a living off of playing competitive video games and not.
Weekdays are different than the weekend. Just because they are willing to dedicate some of their social life to TF2 doesn't mean they are willing to dedicate all of it. "Do they even like the game if they won't dedicate all their free time for a whole week to one match" is frankly insulting. Sure, you're going to do that if that's your job, but it's pointless to compare the two. "If other people do this while being paid then you should do at least this fraction of it for free" is never a good argument.
And no, the comparison with weekend tournaments doesn't work either. For those you invest just that weekend, for a whole league season you spend weeks of mostly weekdays. Then tacking on a weekend as well that some people can't play on is something completely different.

It worked with LAN because LAN was the social event, it didn't take away time from anything.

Are we talking about the same thing? I'm talking about a playoffs match being played on the weekend. And in the best case, all playoffs matches being played during this weekend. If for one weekend out of the season, they play the scrims they'd normally play during the week, then spend their weekend playing their playoffs games to determine who wins the season, how is that a huge time commitment? This post is so exaggerated it's making me question if I have 0 reading comprehension. ALL of their social lives (for one weekend playing a game they love to play)? That's insulting? It's insulting to think that for the good of the game I would heartlessly suggest that invite players spend one weekend or... a few weekend days... playing the game they've played for a decade... I'm completely fine with the idea of working on a weekend preventing this from happening as I've already said, but social lives? It's one week and TF2 IS A SOCIAL GAME. You're playing with your team, who you have spent the season or many season playing with, to try to cement yourself as the best team that season.

I think for those who don't suffer from debilitating extroversion, this would probably be okay. A lot of people spent an entire year not going to LANs, seeing friends, going to bars, whatever. And those things are still up in the air for the foreseeable future. I think one weekend 3 months from now where they have to *gasp* scrim the entire week like they normally would but then play some playoffs matches that weekend instead of the offclass pugs they'd play would be completely fine, work-permitting. Maybe I've completely missed the mark here though and I heavily underestimate their dedicated commitment to their social lives.

EDIT: I'd really like to apologize for insulting these players by assuming they had the option of curbing their busy social lives for this meaningless event. If it were LAN? Now that's a different story. But I now realize that I was overvaluing TF2 and undervaluing their social lives for these 1-2 weekends. I've now come to the conclusion that absolutely any social event (or any other video game) takes precedence over the invite TF2 playoffs. Please disregard anything suggested in this post. I realize that all those weekends I'd voluntarily play TF2 when I was in invite just exposes me as being a loser and for players with a friend, every other weekend is absolutely booked by [any social event] for these players to pay TF2 any attention.

posted 3 months ago
#23 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion

I think shortened round timer makes everything much better. But at the end of the day you always want to win the game by capping the point, i.e., reaching the score limit. It's the best for the players, who feel they actively won the game by capping the point, and best for the spectators, who always have a goal in mind that feels achievable by both teams. I don't disagree about tac pauses. IMO though 5cp has to change drastically re: round timer to make 30-minute long games worth it.

As far as the other stuff goes, it would really boggle my mind if teams refused to play the series earlier on a weekend because of "lack of scrim time," as if they couldn't make up for lost time on that day by scrimming more rigorously earlier in the week. At a certain point you have to dedicate some of your social life to TF2 if you're one of the top 4 teams in the game. They wouldn't wanna scrim the whole week and then play playoffs that weekend? Do they like the game? It always amazes me how different TF2 is to the more popular esports. Obviously more money is involved, but even when the stakes are so high, teams in Valorant will spend an entire weekend playing qualifier tournament, starting at something like noon or 2 CST. In Overwatch, we'd have early games in OWL and have to wake up in the morning to squeeze in a *barely* helpful scrim with another team who had a similar schedule just to prepare for our match that day. And none of that is even being suggested. Instead, it would just be more helpful to start playoffs earlier in the day, even if that meant 5:30 PST. You have to make some sacrifices if you want more people to watch the games.

Of course, all of this is null and void if people are working schedules in which weekends aren't always free for them. That's certainly possible and even likely. If that's the reason teams struggle to find times to play each other at accommodating times, then so be it. But if it's because you don't want to play *too much* TF2, then wtf? Why are you even playing the game in the first place?

I think work-permitting, online playoffs like botmode suggested would be way better for the future of the game. Tournament weekends are all the rage and it makes sense why that's the case. Also this forum sucks. There should probably be match threads created a la r/nba when any team in RGL-invite is playing each other in the actual forum discussion sub. Create some threads people have even an iota of a chance of posting in. I've gone on this forum during playoffs and struggled to find which teams are playing. And when one team wins (usually froyotech), I have no idea and just have to assume banny won again. No one cares. Maybe you guys should start caring? Even if they win, have a match thread where everyone can talk about the game while it's being played and post their thoughts afterwards. The only reason anyone is even having substantive discussion around the game right now is because banny finally lost. And btw, still just a "match" thread within the matches sidebar that no one talks in. I could only see what people are saying by checking a bumped thread from the last time he lost (which at the time I was surprised to even see tbh) within the general discussion subforum.

Assuming you guys want more people to watch, to play, challenge each other and banny, you need to create more avenues for people to consume pro TF2 content. A lot of that comes down to more accommodating scheduling, but also just a way for people to actually discussion the game and the matches being played.

posted 3 months ago
#17 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion

personally I care way more that the entire world of tf2 uses the 30 minute ruleset than any rationalization of why one would be better than the other

tf2 is blowing up all over the world

posted 3 months ago
#51 May I ask talk about the current pandemic? in World Events

I think you just watch too many movies if your mental image of pandemic is throngs of zombified people falling over in the streets. Perhaps you just don't know what pandemic means? Unfortunately, despite Pitbull's best efforts, life isn't a movie or just TIVO :(

There are real people suffering from the pandemic due to the disinformation campaigns against masks and vaccines, and the consequential indifference and credulity of the people.

Maybe 200IQ post by OP to reveal all the antivaxxers in the TF2 community? Hype!

posted 3 months ago
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