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#122 koth_bagel in Map Discussion


Download: koth_bagel_fall_b9

This is mostly just a visual update, besides the decluttering in house and lobby.

b9 changelog
-New detailing in various out of bounds areas
-New signs/posters
-Redetailed dead space in spawn
-Removed one console from each mid house
-Removed prop stack from lobby
-Moved a pair of crates in lobby
-Replaced old brushwork door detailing with new models by Freyja

posted 1 month ago
#114 koth_bagel in Map Discussion

Download: koth_bagel_fall_b8

b8 changelog
This was going to just be a Jump Pad visual update but a major splash clipping issue was discovered that required overhauling a lot of the existing splash clipping. (If you were wondering, Invisible Displacements are solid to players, grenades, and stickies, but not rockets).

-Jump pad visual update, including new particles. (Thanks pont for the rumble)

-Some minor visual and lighting updates

-Collision meshes created to replace old splash clipping on complex shapes.

-Minor geo change in house to make splash more consistent

posted 2 months ago
#113 koth_bagel in Map Discussion

Download: koth_bagel_fall_b7

b7 changelog
The clipping above the turbines was poorly conveyed and intrusive to jumping soldiers. It has been pared back and marked better.
-Improved clipping around top of turbines
-Added pipe to better visualise clipping

posted 2 months ago
#112 koth_bagel in Map Discussion


Download: koth_bagel_fall_b6a

b6 changelog
-Massive clipping and decluttering pass
-Replaced a bunch of placeholder crates with closer to final crates
-Switched a few blockbullets clips over to invisible displacements. This was done for backend reasons but additionally it functions like a blockbullets brush that only affects explosives, so bullets will no longer disappear in those spots.
-Adjusted fade distances on a lot of props to make them less jarring
-Improved lighting on blu concrete
-Minor detail adjustments

-Fixed a couple edges players could become stuck in

posted 2 months ago
#109 koth_bagel in Map Discussion


Download: koth_bagel_fall_b5

Making some various visual and polish updates to this map for the first time in a couple years.

I'll look into removing that crate next update as I'm not sure it's needed any more.
I am unlikely to check this thread too often, but feel free to let me know about QoL fixes/small things.
(Keep in mind most planned updates are purely visual/polish, this map is pretty far beyond making big sweeping changes at this point)

-The central cap tower is now a large liquid Australium power core.
-On either side of mid are turbine pumps, which turn on and off as the point changes hands, and draw australium from the core. Over the duration of a match you will notice the rotors turn on and the shaft slowly fill with liquid australium.
-The turbines occupy previously problem areas. Little corners with sniper sightline issues, awkward geometry to navigate, and bland visuals. Hopefully the turbines solve a number of problems here.

Capturing the point will now cause the tower and capturing team's turbine to vent Australium steam
-New custom golden steam particles
-Steam venting makes audible sound
-Turbines now hum while active

posted 2 months ago
#105 koth_bagel in Map Discussion

Sorry to bump but I'd like to hear how this version plays!

posted about a year ago
#60 Thoughts on wallbugging? in TF2 General Discussion
ZestyI'm pretty sure sunshine's lighthouse has something that pushes you away from the wall slightly when you jump into it, so it seems like there are ways for map makers to prevent wallbugs

It does but its complicated and nowhere near viable to do for every spot

posted about a year ago
#11 Should wallbugging be allowed in ESEA? in TF2 General Discussion

wallbugs are an engine bug not a map bug, and therefore by definition can neither be intended by the mapmaker, nor receive more than a bandaid fix by the mapmaker

other exploits and hiding spots are ambiguous but wallbugs are 100% never intended

posted about a year ago
#104 koth_bagel in Map Discussion

Experimental post-Halloween version
Download: koth_bagel_fall_b2
Download: koth_bagel_fall_b3
EDIT: The lighting on b2 had an overpowering orange tint that made team recognition difficult, so I updated to a newer version with better lighting/visuals

Some of you probably played Cauldron (bagel_event) during Scream Fortress and noticed that there were some layout changes. These were ideas I'd been considering for a while but didn't want to waste an official version trying, so I made them on the Halloween version.

I've now de-halloweened it (actually I did this last year but didn't finish it) so that you can try out the changes and see which ones are beneficial to the map, and which aren't.

Changelog (compared to standard bagel):

-Artstyle overhaul - NOT FINAL
-Centred Spawn building in Yard
-Opened Concrete entirely
-Changed Ramp into a slightly longer flank that no longer gives people holding in House visibility to Valley.
-House changed to accommodate this
-Added boiler housing to Ramp exit/Valley, providing additional cover and an easier jump route from Valley to Mid for scouts
-Climb route in Lobby replaced with a vent ~jump pad~ #controversial
-Added A Thing on Balcony, blocking snipers from holding too many angles from House at once, and acting as a perch spot for soldiers
-Buffed health on wood to Medium
-Clutter/cover changes around the map
-Various changes for visuals
-Added small platform jutting out from Mid on each side (this wasn't even in Cauldron and mostly I just hope it isn't invasive)


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posted about a year ago
#103 koth_bagel in Map Discussion

Sunshine was added officially but Millstone (hellstone), Moonshine, Fifthcurve (brimstone) and Maple Ridge weren't.

Sunshine being added officially may have had something to do with being a competitive staple at the time, during a competitive update.

But! If people like Bagel a lot then hey maybe! I can dream!

posted about a year ago
#100 koth_bagel in Map Discussion
sagedoes this mean the normal version will be in the game in the upcoming weeks ?

i wish lol

posted about a year ago
#24 What's your favourite frag video? in Off Topic

know some people aren't a big fan of this style but i think it's pretty cool


Goo is genuinely the reason I took any notice of competitive or decided to map for it.

posted about a year ago
#98 koth_bagel in Map Discussion

Thanks! It's kinda surreal honestly.

There's some changes I experimented with in the halloween version that I'd be interested on hearing opinions about, such as the modified flank and the more central spawn.

posted about a year ago
#24 MAJOR TF2 update for 10/19/18 (Scream Fortress X) in TF2 General Discussion
Sputhe really good update

if yall get this bug pls post pics so i can send em to valve and prove this bug exists so they can fix it lmao

posted about a year ago
#279 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
jediflamasterIn my experience someone talking shit about you only makes you want to beat them at the video game harder.

That's your experience. This may be surprising to you but everyone is different and reacts differently to different things. For a lot of people it just saps the fun out of it.

If you want a scene that only caters to people who like hurling abuse at each other, that's gonna severely limit who can and can't participate.

posted about a year ago
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