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#18 ult lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

he's a machine, never had a bad interaction when i subbed for his team and plays great

posted 7 months ago
#15 marquis rgl in Recruitment (looking for team)

whatever you think of dish doesn't matter those screenshots are kinda freaky whoever drugstoner420 is

posted 7 months ago
#11 AMA in Off Topic

i miss you bwelp my question is do you miss me

posted 8 months ago
#135 2019 NBA SEASON in Off Topic

didn't realize people lined up at jurassic park on SATURDAY and are camping there, mates and I just staying in downtown guelph in the rain but should still be a great night

posted 8 months ago
#129 2019 NBA SEASON in Off Topic

dude when i was 7 and came to ontario, one of the first things i thought looked cool even though we had very little money was this paper flag of the raptors we got after i bugged my mom about it, and we didnt have a tv so i asked my neighbour if i could watch some games on his. i even gave him my popsicle a few times (which was weird since it was winter) in return for asking his mom if i could. i had no idea they were so bad but i thought it was cool watching these guys play a sport i sucked at since i was so short at the time

fast forward to two years ago and i had revived my interest, but lebron kinda thumped us more than once. i stpped watching until kawhi started to make waves sometime during the season but was pretty sad about derozan leaving

watching this playoff run though? no matter what the end result is? fucking magic. i wish i could show my young self who gave up his popsicles to watch this dinosaur team how they'd fare 15 years down the road. my mates and I are travelling to toronto so we can see them potentially give something that the entire country, with hundreds of cities with local showings counting in the hundreds of even thousands, has been waiting to happen for so long. even a local showing in guelph at market square drew a massive crowd, must have been a couple thousand at least. as someone who has lived in a lot of canadian cities, no matter what the attendance numbers have been, people really have cared about the team for a long time. derozan was a legend, but kawhi is our hero.

can't wait for tomorrow WE THE NORTH

posted 8 months ago
#48 the robot test in Off Topic

138 on picture, 145 on text

feel like it's way too easy to check off every accomplishment box, it's really watered down and if you're a basement dweller in college you can check off each one besides child and maybe pet. it's actually really funny that having a child you're proud of is worth a single point... moral of the story is harry potter can still have kids and be a wizard

also if you upfrag your own tftv posts i recommend lowering your total score by 10

posted 8 months ago
#89 What's got you down? in Off Topic

A loooong while back I posted about feeling paranoid about what my friends thought about me and it made me overanalyze everything they said and did which led to bad situations that could have been avoided very easily. The worst part is that I was only paranoid about people I cared for, so my brain kept telling me these people were being fake or didn't actually like me and it made things really bad several years ago.

Well, the past couple of years that has almost never been an issue and I've never gotten truly depressed in that timespan. The catch is that it's because I spent so much time being busy with my career and school and eventually even when I had a lot of free time on breaks and even now, I just stopped catching up with most of my friends. Can't very well analyze what people do or say if you don't talk to them in the first place, right? It makes me miss my old friends even when I try to catch up since I never talk to any of them the way I used to, the only real time I spend a decent amount of time with them is if I go to parties with them and chill for a while but it's usually months before I do it again with them since i usually hop from friend to friend irl. It's MUCH worse for all of my online friends.

Idk, it seems super lame to get really upset about not feeling the pain I felt years ago, but in some ways it happened because I had some really really good and close friends both irl and online that I felt a strong connection to. I miss that connection and in some ways it was well worth feeling paranoid sometimes. It's a really weird balance that's difficult to explain and some people would likely find kind of stupid especially if they think "hey, just talk to them then. you aren't shy or awkward, and you just need to remember that they're your friends". I wish I knew why I couldn't just fix everything despite that truth.

Nowadays I could coast along how I am, continue a great and lucrative career, and be relatively happy most of the time. I'd imagine a lot of people would love to he in my shoes, but I'd trade it all for a cheap life with an ok job and some really close and special friends by my side again (but without the paranoia, if I'm giving stuff up I need SOMETHING better than what I had before).

posted 11 months ago
#244 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic

the browns are the favourites to win their division


i didn't know the twilight zone show teased at the super bowl already started

posted 11 months ago
#234 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic

I love watching defensive clinics, but with all of the hype around a super bowl and the social experience and all, it's the one time I actually think a high octane offensive game is the best call. Any other game in the season and I'd say that was a pretty cool game, but that one just felt bad for it being the super bowl. The garbage halftime performance doesn't help.

hillenberg is rolling in his grave right now :(

posted about a year ago
#195 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic
reecetodd gurley on instagram

actually the greatest instagram post I have ever seen

posted about a year ago
#191 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic

garbage officiating and I still think the overtime rules in the NFL are by far the worst rules in any of the 4 major NA sports, especially in the playoffs. even with the overtime aside though that is one of the most egregious and important missed calls in recent memory.

not too upset that the rams won since i don't like the saints and i like the rams somewhat but i wanted brees to make the super bowl

also greg the leg is the 2nd best kicker in the league what a machine

posted about a year ago
#180 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic

Saints vs Rams - Goff isn't anywhere in the same ballpark as Brees and neither team's secondary is gonna go off, and the run game should get shut down at least somewhat by NO's front. It's gotta be up to the best player in the league (Donald) to make the difference, hope it's a great game

Patriots vs Chiefs - Fuck the Patriots and fuck Brady but I was punished for betting against him last week. Pat is the real deal though so whether he wins or loses, the man's gonna win a Super Bowl sometime soon.

I don't really care for the Chiefs besides Mahomes, but I hope that prediction winds up wrong

posted about a year ago
#177 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic

big dick nick returns and tom brady is business as usual

god help the nfl

EDIT: nvm

posted about a year ago
#166 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic

i told myself i'd never bet against the patriots but it might as well be now when stuff is starting to look shaky, history ends sometime


posted about a year ago
#163 NFL 2018 Season in Off Topic
Unicorn_WizardThis is it. This is the epitome of being a bears fan

don't worry i'm a vikings fan we understand your pain

posted about a year ago
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