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#8 Is kaidus the only one who can do this? in TF2 General Discussion

I believe it is really just as simple as knowing when the sticky explodes, the blast will typically throw the player in the opposite direction. That way you can aim your pipe to where the blast should propel the player. If you look at every example, this is consistent.

Some might be luck or just random but he is a good enough demo for this to be natural aiming for him.
Doesn't work all the time but when it does, it looks fancy as shit.

posted 1 week ago
#11376 stream highlights in Videos

the desperation in the Help! Help! yells is so great. I literally spit up some of my coffee watching this clip, rofl

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 Lft Medic div-2/div-1 in Recruitment (looking for team)

I don't comment on many LFT threads but I remember playing this guy often during Season 3 in scrims/match.
He was easily one of the best medics in the division and is probably one of the most solid medics LFT right now.

It would be a huge mistake to pass on this player. He literally only wants to play medic, what a rare thing.

posted 3 weeks ago
#19 Who do you shoot first? in TF2 General Discussion
grammyYou enter a room where 2 other players are currently fighting a 1v1. When you enter, Player Joe has his back to you and Player Bob is facing you. Both are currently shooting hitscan weapons. The distance is mid-close range (relatively small room). Which player would YOU shoot first?

Which would be the "correct" player to shoot first?
And why?
EDIT: both players are on enemy teams, consider this a situation for general shooters (thnx Mak)

This sounded fun to dissect, so I will give an honest answer.

In this scenario, you don't indicate there are any larger team oriented goals so I am going to assume this is just a general FFA fight, either live or die situation. If team goals are factored in, the answer could be different.

The only choice is to first shoot the enemy who is currently looking at you, in this case "Player Bob". He is the highest threat because he is looking at you. He can react to your presence faster (visually) than Player Joe who cannot see you (sound only).

Additionally, it is highly likely that Joe is also going to shoot at Bob because he is facing Bob's direction. Your combined attack will frag Bob and Joe will still have his back to you. Also, Joe will have a slower reaction time because he still has to orient his aim and turn to face your attack.

You should always have some advantage over Joe because he doesn't face you but things between you and Bob are fairly even, he is the larger threat.

posted 1 month ago
#11207 stream highlights in Videos
lucrativei know its haha funny meme to clown on this kid, and i like you spacecadet, but come on bro you're literally trash talking a child that's 40 years younger than you

His age meant nothing to me, he posted a clip he wanted to brag about that was really bad. Thru the years, I've been critical and supportive of tons of clips in this thread.
Honestly, I have/had no idea who this kid is or any history. I've seen a few clips of him in total but if he gets ripped a lot then what you say is fair enough for me.

posted 1 month ago
#11204 stream highlights in Videos

The amount of terrible in this clip is amazing to me. Did a pencil jump into 6 enemies, all of which ignored you, and managed to miss 2 point blank rockets somehow. While still being ignored, you missed 3 more point blank rockets afterwards on the follow-up kills because of your aim problems. Ended this gem by chasing a scout and jumping him with 0 rockets loaded. The only thing that should be "nooked" is this clip from existence.

posted 1 month ago
#23 Fav Youtuber/Youtube channel? in TF2 General Discussion

agadmator's Chess Channel
Channel is like drugs for me

FUNKER530 - Veteran Community & Combat Footage
Daily videos of freedom

posted 1 month ago
#9 Account Hijacked - don't click shady links in Off Topic

If you click the link but don't login or connect to your steam account is there anything to worry about?
Pretty stupid to click it in the first place but what Air said is what I fell for.

posted 1 month ago
#27 RGL's reach outside of official matches in TF2 General Discussion

You can complain all you want. The bottom line is that RGL has the entire NA 6's community by the balls because no other viable leagues exist.

Until an alternative appears, RGL can continue to add and enforce idiotic rules like this on the player base without worry. They literally have a rule to police scrims as if they own the players, servers and I guess the TF2 program installed on your computer.

posted 2 months ago
#11038 stream highlights in Videos

a lot of lower div / inexperienced scouts can learn a huge lesson from this short clip. I'd bet that 9 out of 10 try to chase that medic down after he 2 shots the demoman.
Instead, this dude has situational awareness and takes out the most important threats instead of going for a useless medic frag.

Really great clip IMO, doesn't hurt that this dude only missed 1 shot out of 17 either.

posted 3 months ago
#28 rgl anti sandbagging rules in TF2 General Discussion

If division 1 and 2 were combined then most of these bans make sense.

Since the divisions are separate it changes the game completely IMO.

If you decide to make a team and play in Div 1 then your intention should clearly be to advance into invite at some point. That said, where is the problem with playing against high level competition outside of invite on their main class? Lets be further honest, are any of the players on that ban list really that fucking good they need to be banned from a class against other players who have the intention of playing invite? I don't think so and I'm not trying to offend or be a dick but its not like any of those players are high invite to begin with. You WANT to beat those players and prove you belong in invite if you are playing in Div 1. If not, you should not even sign up to play Div 1 and deserve to get stomped if you do.

posted 3 months ago
#18 Wallpaper check in Off Topic

posted 4 months ago
#189 RGL S3 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Thanks to the main admin who is posting matches with less than 24 hours notice for both teams.
Its not like anyone has RL shit to coordinate with 1 day notice. Actually more like 3 hours notice for me since I just found out about this newly scheduled playoff match at 7:30 tonight. We weren't on the schedule at all last night when we were playing scrims.

Same shit has been happening since before week 1 started. Our div was the last in RGL to get matches scheduled for week 1 and its been constant all season.

posted 5 months ago
#336 yomps has passed away. in TF2 General Discussion

Very sad to see this news. I never knew him but always enjoyed his content above most others. A fantastic player and among the few top players that stuck around playing this game.

I feel for his family and friends. RIP yomps

posted 5 months ago
#177 RGL S3 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
Gritomaemwhat is rgl's matchmaking. how do we get to play a 4/12 team twice, the 2nd time being the last match of the season and we are 8/7 while there's like 10 other teams 8/7, feels undeserved tbh but ggthis season was kinda interesting tbh, i agree

onlyfans in particular had a bunch of really solid statement wins against mid to lower-tier playoff teams (2wycked, 5minutes, airpods, yeremy, resurfed) only for the win-and-in scenario to play out against the 6th ranked and for us to miss by less than two rounds total

its probably a dumb idea but imagine a match 16 play-in between our unusually high amount of 8-7 teams in the hunt (really tho is it normal to have this many .500 teams in the div at the same time?), im more of a fan of "who wants it more" over "who had the lighter late schedule"

thats not to say it was out of our hands at all, flipping the 4-5's against panera and frantic early couldve helped (even if rgl notably doesnt give that much of a shit about w/l) - also fuck koth weeks, all my homies hate koth weeks

i will say that this season was probably the most fun ive had playing tf2 since like 2017 (big ups to yeremy and resurfed, those matches were sick as fuck) - first time in a while that ive beefed rockets from laughing and screaming lfg into my shitty modmic

now that i have missed playoffs i am no longer contractually obligated to play team fortress


This has literally happened in every single ESEA season. There is no way to avoid that scheduling inconsistency late in the season. There will be teams that are going to lose 2 games in the first week and get an "easier" schedule for the majority of the season as a result. Its just the nature of the beast.

The only possible solution is for admins to schedule all 16 matches before we start Week 1. Or at least schedule the first 8 matches and then schedule the next 8 matches after they are complete. That would leave the mystery of match results out of the equation.

posted 5 months ago
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