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#17 Getting Old in Off Topic
plinko47 here. (fuck, I had held out hope all along I was at least younger than SpaceCadet)

ROFL, i feel a lot better now. Let me know when you get that first AARP letter in the mail

posted 11 months ago
#13 Getting Old in Off Topic
cray but do u have experience with weightlifting

How can you even ask this question to someone named brock? :)

posted 11 months ago
#9 Getting Old in Off Topic

Small advice from a 45 year old. Be slower and more deliberate with your activities, especially strength type. I was like you in my 20's, fit, active, strong, and did everything fast. Just about everything you mention is strength based so make it a point to go slower and stop thinking you are 20 years old! Its hard, I still think and do things I did a million times until I hurt myself. :)

That aside, if you are struggling to piss and sleep, you need to get to the doctors office ASAP. That is probably not a "getting old" thing. Hopefully you just have temporary muscle issues but get a medical examination to rule other shit out.

posted 11 months ago
#29 animal kingdom matchups in Off Topic
toads_tfno animal would ever try to fight a grown hippo 1 on 1 except an elephant or rhino. if it takes a handful of lions to hunt a hippo a single polar bear won't be able to do much. bear claws cant pierce the fat armor. hippo limbs too big to be bitten.

Yeah of course, mostly all of these interactions would never happen even in the unlikely even they meet in the natural world.

I don't know why you would think bear claws would not pierce the skin of a hippo. Its flesh not steel. Just a comparison I looked up. A walrus skin thickness can by from 2-4 cm and a hippo's is around 5 cm thick. I have seen videos where a fully grown walrus is all fucked up from a polar bear just on his back. No reason to believe a bear would have any trouble at all hurting a hippo.

Its also a game of waiting for the predator in most cases. Blood loss is typically the reason most huge animals are brought down by smaller animals. Another seeming advantage for the polar bear.

posted about a year ago
#25 animal kingdom matchups in Off Topic
Tobwho wins hippo vs polar bear?gotta go with the hippo. those things are BEASTS

This one is interesting and fun. I still feel the Polar Bear wins.

The Hippo has evolved to eat plants and shit while the polar bear is a killer and eats meat. Kinda a huge advantage already because of aggression and killing instinct.

Still, the average hippo is almost 2 times as large and just a powerhouse. The only things that move a hippo are rhinos and elephants and sometimes they still don't move.

Hippo's have sharp and long teeth that can do major damage but they are just not made for killing. Polar Bear will be faster and have more weapons (claws/teeth) not to mention that killing instinct. Polar Bear on a Hippo's back and hes kinda fucked. Polar Bears do fight and try to kill similar size creatures in the Walrus so they are not always the biggest thing around.

posted about a year ago
#24 animal kingdom matchups in Off Topic
ReeroSpaceCadetbut i think the gorilla's intelligence is not worth discounting either

Agreed. Once he sees that polar bear coming, he is going to throw his 14 kids on his silverback and head to next jungle

posted about a year ago
#13 animal kingdom matchups in Off Topic

I also thing you all who voted need to re-evaluate the lion cub vs pitbull. They are considered cubs up to 2 years I believe and can be close to 200 pounds at that time.

Cub or not, 200 pounds is a lot more than a pitbull and he would not be using just his teeth but his claws as well.

The real question is, how old is this cub we are talking about. If hes the cub in the lion king then fine, my dachshund can probably take him but if he grows for 2 years as a cub...

posted about a year ago
#6 animal kingdom matchups in Off Topic

There is no universe that a silverback gorilla can beat a polar bear. You have seriously not taken into account the sizes and power involved here. While silverbacks are big, strong and nasty is not in doubt but they are not in the same league.

Acting like a terrain advantage (jungle vs arctic) would be a determining factor is something for a video game to calculate attack power or some shit like that.

posted about a year ago
#63 RGL S12 Advanced Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
bearodactyl huge

In a perfectly healthy league, none of this would be an issue which is why it worked so nice back in ESEA. Given the state of TF2 and the lack of team/players right now this suggestion would be a scheduling nightmare on so many levels.

The best way to deal with this problem is to keep it as simple as possible. Make Head to Head results the most important factor in determining seeding for tied teams. That way, teams can die as much as they want early or late in the season and it doesn't matter at all. If the tied playoff teams are still alive at the end of the season, you simply look at the H2H results and you have a clear winner. If they are still tied, you can use the % Rounds won as the next tie-breaker.

posted about a year ago
#60 RGL S12 Advanced Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

I think the bigger issue is one I brought up several times in past seasons. RGL has still not changed their tie-breaker rules to fucking make sense.

When 2 or more teams are tied, your idiotic "%won" stat is fucking useless and this is yet another example. I pointed this out in detail back in season 10. Starts at post #418 if anyone cares to read.

Goblin Zone, chell and fgp are all tied at 11-5 for the final 2 playoff spots.

Goblin Zone beat both chell and fgp in the regular season
chell lost against Goblin Zone and split against fgp
fgp lost against Goblin Zone and split with chell

Clearly Goblin Zone deserves to be in playoffs in this tie-breaker situation. They literally WON the matches against these other 2 teams but RGL values winning some useless rounds against low ranked teams at the end of the season more than winning matches outright. Fuck your rounds won% stat, Goblin Zone won the MATCHES. Matches are and will always be more important than rounds for many reasons.

Why is this so hard to grasp as a concept for your league tie-breaking rules?

Since chell and fgp split thier regular season matches, you can easily use %rounds won to break that tie without any issues.

posted about a year ago
#78 OMG 2 in TF2 General Discussion
chellSpaceCadetthe people who scrim/play against him and his team are fucking morons for even playing against a cheater.
I don't really know what option my team has to not scrimming him. We can just say fuck him he's a cheater, but then we'd just lose cuz no way ac team does anything this season. Coping won't really make rgl act faster or review their rules more, so it's just learning to play against a team where the combo scouts gets 40+ kills every map and just try not to think about if he's legit or not.

I understand what you say but, in general, this is not a good attitude to have towards cheating and kinda shows how little people truly care about fixing/stopping it. I said it several times before and its not up to the league to fix this, its up to the players to remove these people from our teams and community when they are found.

I guess I don't understand what is so difficult about your team leader simply not scheduling with that team in any way?
How can you personally look forward to fun scrims against a cheater? (especially as a soldier)

If their team can't get scrims because they are blacklisted, so to speak, then I would bet that the other 5 players on his team will either want to drop him from the team or scrim with a person who doesn't fucking cheat. However, I could be wrong and they all love him.

posted about a year ago
#21 OMG 2 in TF2 General Discussion
shootaI never said I was going to lan publicly, I wanted to go to the 2022 philly one but they said that I wouldn't be allowed with an rgl ban ( )

I've also had my pov demos publicly available since I've been playing again, I'd like to do any exculpatory thing to prove i'm not cheating, whatever that may be i'm open to suggestions.

Like going to a LAN and not cheating on a Rental computer would be such a fucking test.

You got caught, not once but a multitude of times. You're a cheater, just put a sign on your refrigerator for your parents to see.

At this point, the players who play on his teams should be ashamed of themselves for being his teammate and the people who scrim/play against him and his team are fucking morons for even playing against a cheater.

posted about a year ago
#3 Walking Dead / DD & DC in Music, Movies, TV

Show steadily went downhill after Shane died

posted about a year ago
#198 NHL Megathread in Off Topic

What a final few minutes of this Game 4! Holy shit the last seconds there were 2 great chances to tie the game.

Amazing saves by Hill at the very end, knowing exactly where his post was and his position was excellent. As a goalie, its really one of the major goaltending skills they teach over and over and over and over and never fucking stop. This is exactly why its taught like that.

So much for Florida in 6. Grapejuice is poison

posted about a year ago
#84 Cheater bans should be permanent in TF2 General Discussion

Not sure why any of you older players are still surprised at this point. Since TF2's early days, cheating and cheaters have been accepted in this community more than any I have experienced in over 25 years of gaming. I can bounce like 6 names off the top of my head right now without really thinking hard on the subject.

Don't look for "the league" to solve the problem for everyone because you rarely ever get what you want or what is needed. The best action is for everyone possible to simply refuse to play in scrims/matches with those individuals. You can even include the cheaters teammates that probably actively choose to ignore the cheating past.

Change needs to be driven by the player base, not asked for with the admins.

posted about a year ago
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