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#243 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic

Either a 120 mins snooze fest like the previous game or a goal festival with Ronaldo bringing on the big plays. Either way Im pumped and confident on the win.

Have an exam tomorrow but there's like a giant outdoor screen literally on the other side of the street so there's no possible way I can study anything. Im just gonna join the party

posted about 4 years ago
#16 YouTube deleting dead accounts. in Off Topic

Lost 200 subs on comptf :(

Still prefer it this way, theres wayy too many inactive/dead accounts on youtube as a whole, its seriously noticeable on some channels where videos get like 10% views of the total subscriber numbers.

posted about 4 years ago
#204 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic

lmao england

OmbrackYou talk like going undefeated in a group composed with Austria, Hungary and Iceland was an outstanding performance


posted about 4 years ago
#189 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic
wonderIf Portugal will play so bad vs Poland like they did yesterday then there is no hope for Portugal.

I hope people will keep calling us shit and making us the underdog because we'll just Greece our way to the final and it'll be amazing, can already imagine the tears lmao

posted about 4 years ago
#176 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic

Honestly I think a lot of people underestimate Portugal, or they just let their blind hate for Ronaldo get in the way, if anything we've been under performing the whole tournament, we have the best player in Europe in our team and we have a stacked midfield and a very experienced defense. This game was a very good example of that, although it was a snooze fest for most of the game our defense was top notch and we played very smart through it.

We've probably been the most unlucky team so far in the whole tournament despite having the most attempts in the whole tournament through the group phase we didn't manage to win a single game, and in the game vs Hungary alone we managed to concede 2 very unlucky deflected goals in like 10 mins. Maybe we didn't even deserve this win this game but so far from what we've done the whole tournament I think that compensates for the lack of luck we've been having.

Pepe played a beast match defensively, what a world class defender, and Ronaldo did his job perfectly, if you consider he had like 3 players marking him every time he touched the ball and he had brilliant positioning for the winning goal, and Quaresma, so unpredictable, both in a good and bad way, but it worked out this game. Props to Nani pass as well which was one of the best passes I've seen in this whole tournament so far. And also Renato Sanches (not Sanchez pls :D) composure in the counter attack. https://streamable.com/l9pk

Everyone was so confident Croatia was gonna go through after they convincingly beat Spain but Im just happy we're here to stay and I am confident we can go through to the final.

posted about 4 years ago
#94 "Matchmaking will fail" - Muselk in TF2 General Discussion
VanguardDLKhis greatest accomplishment still seems to be co-hosting a gaming show on Disney XD and sincere congratulations to him for that but the XD says it all there really.

lmao I honestly thought at first you were calling it Disney XD ironically, seeing as its such a common usage, but the channel is literally called Disney XD. The best comedy really writes itself

posted about 4 years ago
#75 "Matchmaking will fail" - Muselk in TF2 General Discussion

With a fanbase of almost 800k subs I would expect him to be more careful before spouting bullshit that could potentially hurt the game he actually made his following from.

With that said, matchmaking will not work out until it's a final stable version, in its current iteration it's far too buggy, people abandoning left and right, etc, and I've yet to play 2 consecutive games without issues which lead me to not play it at all for now, and I guess thats one of the reasons the queue is so small.

It also wont take off significantly until valve takes some action to actively support the scene, case in point: csgo had lower numbers than tf2 months after launch and it was actually in a downtrend, losing players to 1.6 and source, it wasn't until the weapon skin update and the first major valve sponsored tournament that they actually saw any growth

posted about 4 years ago
#113 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic

I mean you can hate all you want but you're only lying to yourself if you can say with a straight face Portugal didn't look superior through most of the game.

We wasted a lot of opportunities but merit as well to Iceland goalkeeper which played amazing and literally kept them in the game.

posted about 4 years ago
#99 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic
Paprika_he said decent attempts, in my book that means a goal scoring threat not a shot from 25 yards out. As i have previously said only 5/6 of them were decent, also reading a stat page doesnt justify the game at all, Iceland had 2 decent chances and were much more efficient with them.

Actually those stats arent even up to date, it was actually 27 attempts vs 4

Portugal is literally the 1st team of the whole tournament in passing accuracy, total attempts and second in ball possession.
Iceland goalkeeper is also the goalkeeper with most saves of the entire tournament by a decent margin.

It's ok, you can just say you don't like Portugal.

posted about 4 years ago
#96 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic
Paprika_30+??????? what are you on about, portugal had 5 decent goal scoring attempts iceland had 2. Also portugal looked very uncreative up front, if i supported portugal I would be so annoyed with the play they played considering the talent they have and how poor iceland were.

25 attempts vs 4


posted about 4 years ago
#4 Getting TF2 on Liquidpedia in TF2 General Discussion

I would recommend anyone interested to read up the discussion going on the faceit discord, obviously some people have different ideas or opinions but theres also a lot of misinformation going around

I've been there and last year discussed the possible merge of comp.tf with liquipedia head admins but in the end opted not to do it because the positives didn't really outweight the negatives in my pov, there's a lot more variables to take in from this apart from the "brand recognition" that everyone is so eager to talk about.

posted about 4 years ago
#51 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic
Paprika_kaneco you really dont understand what i mean. Yes ronaldo is one if not the best player in the world im not bashing him for his insane club goal scoring record, he is one of the greatest ever. But when it comes to the World cup finals and European cup finals he hasnt performed at all. I have no idea how you can call bullshit and say that im factually wrong. In the 2014/2010/2006 world cup he scored a total 3 goal the combined 3 tournaments. 1 goal per tournament sounds quite terrible for one of the best players ever. In the 2008/2004 he scored a combined total of 3 goals. How on earth is 1 goal a tournament "carrying the national team on his back as far as I can remember". It is a completely factually correct to say that ronaldo has choked in these 5 international finals, and i dont see why this one will be different. He hasnt proven himself as one of the greats for his national side is all im saying. When i said on an international stage i meant quite literally playing for his nation in a world/euro cup. Just because youve done it for your club doesnt mean you have done it for your nation.

A true carry is someone like the Brazilian Ronaldo. In the 2002/1998 world cup he scored a combined 12 goals (6 goals per tournament, 6 times cristiano's stats). He has won 2 world cups and in the other he won the golden ball. (where he had a fit before the final against france). This sounds like "carrying" to me, if you still believe cristiano ronaldo carries portugal you clearly are just fan-gaying over him because hes portuguese.

Getting a bit tangled up on this argument but I have to correct you.

He does carry the NT tho, you obviously haven't watched any of Portugal games. First of all pretty much all the qualifiers he carried the team on his back, we wouldn't even have made it to the final stages of those tournaments you mentioned without him. Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

Second of all, he is our all time leading top scorer for the National squad having already surpassed names like Pauleta, Eusébio and Luis Figo by a huge marging.

So your claim that "He hasnt proven himself as one of the greats for his national side" is simply false.

What you can't seem to understand is that any player that reaches this level is gonna have 2-3 opposing players marking him at all times, he didn't produce much end game in the final stages of the tournaments you mentioned but he created a shit ton of space and opportunitites, it doesn't help the rest of the team and our manager has been subpar for like 10 years and didn't take advantage of that. Since the 2006 WC, Ronaldo has been probably the only world class player on our national squad, at least offensive minded. We haven't had a decent pure striker in over 10 years since Pauleta retired. Ronaldo is and has been for the last 10 years clearly in a tier above the rest of the squad, but finally this year we actually have great supporting players and a decent manager so I'm hopeful for a great run.

And how can you say that a true carry would be Brazilian Ronaldo in 2002 when that Brazil team was probably the most stacked national team of all times, with players like Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Cafú, Kaká just to name a few off the top of my head. Literally half that team was world class players, and of course Brazilian Ronaldo was a beast but he wouldn't have done shit without those legends behind him.

posted about 4 years ago
#49 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic

lmao who bets on england. they're the kings of bottling
No Vardy, no party

posted about 4 years ago
#26 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic
the301stspartanEdit: Kaneco where do I get these http://puu.sh/poaXR/c90e5c6864.jpg

that's one of our national symbols from an old popular legend.
Outside of portugal? I dont know, maybe search Galo de Barcelos or Rooster of Barcelos on ebay I guess.

posted about 4 years ago
#25 Euro 2016 - France - Discussion Thread in Off Topic
Paprika_yes kaneco as much as i appreciate that he has the CL record, my point is that he is not a big game player hence why he was completely irrelevant in the CL final. Also you are proving my point, with that kind of penal record (93%), surely he would be the number 1 penalty taker resulting in almost a guarantee goal. At no point did i ever suggest he isnt an incredible player (probably the most complete ever) i still think that ronaldo wont do in on the international stage. Many great players havent done this, for example look at the english euro 2004 team. This team features some of the biggest names in footballing history such as rooney, lampard, gerrard, terry. None of these players did it, and i feel ronaldo wont either. I apologise if i offended you as youre portuguese, i just think ronaldo wont do it on the international stage, lets see if he proves me wrong :)

I mean it's fine to have an opinion but that opinion is factually wrong. You don't get to be arguably one of the Top3 players of all time, top Champions League scorer of all time, Top Real Madrid Goalscorer of all time, win 4 European Golden Shoes, and 3 Ballon d'Or for not being a big game player, that's simply bullshit and factually wrong.

He has been carrying the national team on his back as far as I can remember, and if anything we only didn't accomplish more because our team was complete shit the last few years, we haven't really had a good national team since the Euro 2004 era with Figo, Rui Costa, Deco, where we unfortunately lost the final at home.. This is the one tournament I can honestly say we have a really solid team in all aspects and our midfield is completely stacked with talent like Moutinho, Danilo, William carvalho, Renato Sanches, andré gomes, etc... This is our year. We have great supporting players to give Ronaldo exactly what he needs.

posted about 4 years ago
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