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#27 ESEA S27 Registration in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#1 Get Velocity to Rewind 2! in LAN Discussion

Rewind last year was definitely the biggest TF2 LAN North America has ever had, and with Rewind 2 just around the corner, there's no way Velocity Esports would sit around and not try to attend. The opportunity to compete at a LAN setting against some of the best teams TF2 have to offer is definitely something you can't pass up.

Our roster for Rewind 2 and ESEA S27 is as follows:

- Elliot "bear" Tower

- Alex "Jarrett" Jarrett

- Chris "Kryptonite" Vitale

- Alex "showstopperk1ng" Idanjian

- Daniel "shamoo" Wallace

- Peter "Pete" Fasig

We hope our participation can only add to the competitiveness of the LAN, however, it will be difficult to get there without some help. We won't see our ESEA winnings for multiple months, and our sponsorship can only assist so much.

Help out via these methods:


Show Content

View our progress here.

Flights x 6 - $2015
Accomodation - ~$1000
Total - ~$3015
Money we've already put forward - ~$2300

Donation Perks:

- $5 - Game raffle OR Item signing OR Unusual Raffle

- $10 - Game raffle, Item signing, Unusual Raffle

- $15 - Game raffle, Item signing, Unusual Raffle, Snapchat

- $20 - Game raffle, Item signing, Unusual Raffle, Snapchat, Recorded Demo Review

- $25 - Game Raffle, Item signing, Unusual Raffle, Snapchat, Live Demo Review

- $30 - Game raffle, Item signing, Unusual Raffle, Snapchat, Team Map/Demo Review

- $35 - Game raffle, Item signing, Unusual Raffle, Snapchat, Review Perk of your choice, Scrim Access

- $40+ - Everything in the $35 package with an additional raffle ticket of your choice per additional $5.

- If you're not interested in certain perks like Snapchat or Reviews then you can turn each $5 increment into more raffle tickets.

- Sticker purchases can receive the $5 perk tier

- Shirt purchases can receive the $10 perk tier

- Hoodie purchases can receive the $15 perk tier


Perks explained:

- Game Raffle - 1 ticket into a raffle for the following games; must include a form of Steam contact:

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
Elder Scrolls Online
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
Dead Rising 2
Don't Starve Together
Pillars of Eternity
Toki Tori
Brutal Legend

- Item signing - 1 Item signed by the player of your choice; must include a form of Steam contact, the Item, and Gift Wrap.

- Unusual Raffle - 1 ticket into a raffle for a "Circling Peace Sign Hat With No Name"; must include a form of Steam contact.

- Snapchat - Access to the Velocity Snapchat we'll be using throughout the LAN; must include Snapchat Username.

- Recorded Demo Review - 1 Recorded Demo Review by the player of your choice; must include link to demo at some point.

- Live Demo Review - 1 30min Live Demo Review by the player of your choice; must include a form of Steam contact to schedule it.

- Team Map/Demo Review - 1 under 60min Map/Demo Review with you and your team; must include a form of Steam contact to schedule it.

- Scrim Access - Access to a night of Velocity scrims in our mumble; must include a form of Steam contact to schedule it.

Excess donations will be donated back into the prize pool/community. Thanks everyone for supporting us!

posted about a year ago
#33 S27 Newbie Mix Team Drive in Projects

The teams are completed. Thank you to everyone who volunteered in some way, and those who were willing to volunteer. We now have 10 additional teams competing in ESEA S27.

Coach: Slicerogue
Coach: Jaguarfiend
Medic: pyritefish
Demo: miaou
Pocket: glaistig
Roamer: zotoh
Scout: Snooder
Scout: Big Cash
Backup: Algori
Backup: bote

Coach: arekk
Medic: addison
Demo: ianpowerson
Pocket: Tart
Roamer: tab
Scout: willow
Scout: connor
Backup: Dogo_

TEAM Frantic
Coach: smitty
Medic: Sharkitect
Demo: Zaboomafoo
Pocket: teddy
Roamer: TBD
Scout: Nehcro
Scout: Sheep

Coach: neeko
Medic: catman1900
Demo: toastghost
Pocket: euclid
Roamer: ember
Scout: onfroi
Scout: josh
Backup: invertigo
Backup: ppaleun

Coach: Tery_
Medic: Nodspine
Demo: Hysteresis
Pocket: Benjutsu
Roamer: snarfl
Scout: Light
Scout: doctorslappy
Backup: kots
Backup: Ass Blaster

Coach: gollywobbler
Medic: Nano
Demo: Crazyy Cow
Pocket: keng
Roamer: Nick
Scout: Discord
Scout: koolaidalan
Backup: Rayne
Backup: Josh

Coach: mikemat
Coach: monkeyjedi
Medic: 75 dpm
Demo: Munky
Pocket: aurochs
Roamer: A_Viking
Scout: Omi
Scout: Minister
Backup: Kalico
Backup: TroubledFlounder

Coach: j4v
Medic: Viridis
Demo: Arcade
Pocket: badger
Roamer: DylanHops
Scout: CowMilkingMoth
Scout: SV Cadet
Backup: Sturgii
Backup: Ashurrr

Coach: brulee
Coach: Unicorn Wizard
Medic: FuzzyCurtain
Demo: mctron
Pocket: tonyfergie
Roamer: tayyy
Scout: PsychoBandit
Scout: flueve
Backup: emii
Backup: Felix

Coach: Phantom
Coach: Relfecto
Medic: _Ezra_
Demo: Verifying
Pocket: sayori
Roamer: Gaming Maniac
Scout: Ceracy
Scout: onion man
Backup: r1ce
Backup: buzzboy
Backup: InShine

posted about a year ago
#5 ESEA Invite this season in TF2 General Discussion

No, generally (some) people aren't too keen to the idea of playing at the bottom of a division when they could be playing at the top of one.

With that said, if people don't step up, they won't be at the top of their div anyway when us 7 have to move down into IM with Invite not existing, so...

posted about a year ago
#7 Steel Pugs! in Projects

Newbie mixes are only on fridays so I heavily encourage the creation of lower level pug groups for people to play outside of what we do. Coaches are the limiting factor in operations like these, though, which is why we only really operate on one day. I can only wish other groups the best of luck gathering quality coaches for every game on a consistent basis (you can usually only have 2 of those 3, not all of them).

posted about a year ago
#1111 PugChamp in Projects

its always been bannable its just really hard to monitor/enforce like you said

if someones being a little shit and making the site spam notifications at people to ready up non stop just let an admin know in case they don't catch it themselves

posted about a year ago
#32 S27 Newbie Mix Team Drive in Projects

Signups close in less than a week. If you know any Low Open level players that need a team constructed for them, or would like to back up for an ESEA team, tell them to sign up before its too late! (especially demomen holy shit I have like 4 demos for 10 teams)

Also, if you're interested in sponsoring some of these newbies and helping them pay for their season, you can still find the donation link in the main post of this thread, or you can add me to pay up a newbie directly.

posted about a year ago
#49 OH SHIT in TF2 General Discussion

the invite codes only last 1 week unfortunately and all codes have a couple-month cooldown so you cant spam use them through a season

should still give them out, since that's what they're for, but just be aware

posted about a year ago
#31 S27 Newbie Mix Team Drive in Projects

Yep, saves us 10 bucks per newbie, which is gonna end up being a lot.

posted about a year ago
#169 Rewind 2 in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#29 S27 Newbie Mix Team Drive in Projects
glasswhen are payments due? i'm probably okay paying for someone on my team besides myself, but i'd rather scrim for a few weeks to make sure they don't disappear/team doesn't die

S27 dates haven't been officially announced yet, but I'm predicting about a 2 week gap between teams being officially formed and registration closing.

posted about a year ago
#7 Question about koth maps in 6s in Map Discussion

-sightlines (sniper)
-highground issues (too much highground for the team with the objective, so the pushing team is constantly in a severe uphill battle)
-too wide to help flank (or at least walls making the traveling time too long)

(thats not in order of the maps you listed btw these are just general things that lead to a new koth maps downfall)

posted about a year ago
#5 ESEA growth feedback in TF2 General Discussion

Honestly it needs to be easier to get your feet wet. Some people don't want to pay to find out if they /want/ to make a 2-3 month commitment, play in a team environment, play competitive tf2, or all of the above. Some people can't even pay, and can't get the overwhelming desire to save what little money they have to put it towards ESEA, especially with free alternatives like UGC or just being a pug player.

Please tell them to give Tri as many promotional season-long premium codes as possible. ESEA can't lose money from people that would never pay for their first season in the first place. They will gain new members once some get a taste of what it's like, and many of these players will stay around for the future seasons (when I look in the archived spreadsheets from previous newbie mix drives, I see A LOT of familiar names).

edit: also make sure invite round robin actually gets used next season if we have 9 teams.

posted about a year ago
#27 S27 Newbie Mix Team Drive in Projects

Now that we're approaching the halfway mark, and have an idea of around how many newbies will need help getting paid up, I'm going to open donations early. Keep in mind, if you want to pay up an entire $31 fee, it is much easier for us if you sign up as a Newbie Sponsor and let us give you a newbie to pay up in January.

Click here to donate to the Newbie Mix Team Drive.

Click here to check our progress.

As more newbies sign up, I can alter the goal. Thank you for helping new players get their jump start in ESEA and competitive TF2.

posted about a year ago
#10 ESEA S26 LBF: Ascent vs. SVIFT NA in Matches

nah this one comes down to who wants to pay out of pocket for Rewind 2 less

posted about a year ago
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