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#831 PugChamp in Projects

The way the sub system is going to be changed as far as I know is based on how often you play with particular players. Something along the lines of the top three players that you play the most with in pugs (that applied for the sub) will be shown to you and you can pick one of the three. That way if someone applies for the sub that probably isn't suited to play that particular pug, there's a lesser chance of them being the person that gets it.

posted about 2 years ago
#3 ESEA S25 W4: Velocity eSports vs. Meat Market in Matches
highfivei had a fun time waiting an hour for brokings autism to settle just so we could roll them
posted about 2 years ago
#46 How to make PugChamp better in TF2 General Discussion
corsaI'm not sure how you could expect those to be run when not a single one of my teammates, besides maybe Vand (since he was an admin), was invited to that though. I have one of the most pugs on that website, I asked at least once a week after the domain was up but servers weren't connected to it, but tsc and erynn just replied that they were busy, which is fine.

I seriously don't believe the website was ever up with servers connected past the beta/alpha phase. I checked the website and I asked tsc/erynn frequently. It's definitely not the players' fault if I had to put in that much effort to not even see an official opening, not beta.

I didn't send out invitations so I can't comment on that (or whatever happened in EU) but what I do know for sure was that in March of 2016 there were attempts in NA to start up the beta testing of the pro league, and there was a server connected to the site because I played one of the games that erynn tried to gather people for (she asked multiple times so I'm sure there were at least a handful of games, even if they weren't 100% invite players, but that's ok 'cause its just in beta and you want to make sure shit works).

I'm pretty sure the pro league never got past the beta phase mostly because the feedback that was received from the people who did participate were mostly neutral and negative towards the idea, and partly due to it never being used naturally outside of erynn trying to gather people, despite advertising on pug.champ.gg, posting in the original PugChamp thread, and whatever other invitations erynn/tsc gave out via Steam and Discord. I tried idling in it added throughout the day for a week or two to try to get it going but the most I ever saw personally added to the site was around 4 people.

Unless you mean "ready to be used" as in fully released with invite pugs ready to happen daily, which yeah it wasn't, mostly because of what happened when it was ready to be used at all for beta testing.

corsaI just asked a bunch of top invite players and they all said they never played in it nor were they asked, almost all of whom still want an invite only pug system. Something's not adding up.

I wasn't the one doing the gathering so that'd be on erynn/tsc to clarify that. The good news at least is if people want it I'm sure it could try to come back purely based on how much tsc wanted it to happen back then.

posted about 2 years ago
#42 How to make PugChamp better in TF2 General Discussion
corsaI can assure you it was either never ready to be used, or not a single invite player knew it was ready for use.

I can assure you you're either remembering incorrectly or only speaking for yourself.

tscHey all, we've been quiet lately working on several improvements - the main one being a nice website to represent the entire operation.

You'll notice on the website information about a Pro League, which we have decided to add after reading the survey responses and consulting with a few experts. Pro League services for NA and EU are already live in beta, with the EU one having already seen a few games played. We're also hoping to get the open system for NA up and running in beta sometime very soon.

As a reminder, we are entirely donation-supported - so if you'd like to help out with maintaining our massive infrastructure or perhaps providing incentives for our Pro League players, please visit our support page or contact us. Thanks again for all of your interest!
tscIn light of the issues that we've found with the rating system in the alpha, we are still evaluating their effects on the Pro League, especially the effects on competition within and the effects on promotion from the Open system, as well as considering possible adjustments. Possible ideas we have thrown around internally are hiding ratings for the Pro League and/or using a simpler system like the one ESEA just unveiled for its new Rank S system, but we are still very much open to new suggestions. As a result, we have been inviting Pro players to the Discord to participate in these discussions so that we can make the Pro League as competitive and enjoyable as possible for these players.

That should cover all of the recent changes and considerations with regards to rating. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to tell us here, in an email, in a Twitter DM, or in the Discord. Thanks again for your support.
posted about 2 years ago
#37 How to make PugChamp better in TF2 General Discussion

As someone who's been in the PugChamp slack since nearly day one, I've already seen multiple plans to make the service better, but the number 1 reason issues still exist is the development process is slow. There's only 2 developers and they can only really work on things in their free time due to school/jobs outside of TF2. You can have the best ideas in the world, but it won't matter if it can't really be implemented quickly, so developmental help would be the first thing that would have to happen if anyone wants to help make PugChamp better.

The next thing is money related. PugChamp does not operate at a profit or break even, and therefore most of our servers are donated. In NA we were at 4 servers on PugChamp and 2 servers on MixChamp for a long while, with all 4 PugChamp servers being used only a handful of times a month. We had to downscale to 3 and 1 purely from someone who was donating servers to us deciding they didn't want to anymore, and had to scramble for some replacements. Once we're able to support a larger amount of players at once on the site from the additional dev support, then we'd need the money, or even temporarily donated scrim servers if we're able to get to that point (loaning out your personal scrim server for a specific window of time for the site to use), to play on.

There's a couple things on your google doc that I don't really agree with, but there's no point in even getting deep/specific into that at the moment because nothing can really change at a faster rate until assistance is given via the two points above.

posted about 2 years ago
#29 ESEA has outlived it's usefulness in TF2 General Discussion

Didn't we already lose a division and try to ditch esea by switching to another league in season 15? That scenario even had a scandal as the cherry on top and it still didn't work out in the communities favor.

Like I'm sure nobody is "anti-TF2 longevity" or anything but I don't expect positive results from an attempt at a league change again; ones gonna die and the survivor will be smaller than before.

posted about 2 years ago
#86 ESEA Invite S25 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
vipermaybe if the community wants these im teams to move up to invite then maybe the community should help said im teams fund invite fees because it's the community who wants invite to live

a team has to be forward about it first otherwise how is anyone supposed to know who to give donations to

there were at least 2 invite teams that asked for several hundreds of dollars combined last season and as far as I know they got every penny they needed

EDIT: it was 3 invite teams that got almost $1000 combined within the span of 1 month; 2 fundraisers received $255 each the same day they were posted to tf.tv

Obviously money is not the issue on why invite is dying (even though having to rely on donations sucks dick)

posted about 2 years ago
#3 what happened to fantasy tf2? in TF2 General Discussion
GentlemanJontsarAny chance for ESEA Fantasy?Their cloudflare protection makes it a pain in the ass
posted about 2 years ago
#759 PugChamp in Projects

its like 35 games or so

it was lower at earlier points but has increased over time

posted about 2 years ago
#107 Rate Current Map Pool in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 2 years ago
#11 ESEA S24 W4: mario party 4 vs. Six Apes in Matches


posted about 2 years ago
#12 we need your help in TF2 General Discussion

yo it really sucks that something might have happened to froot but I gotta ask for clarification

muEveryone on our team can pay for their own fees except for me, Glider and whomever we get to sub for Froot while hes MIA.

Please tell me this sentence means "my team is already covering for me and glider so that's why we need $85 to help pay for this sub" and not "we need $85 dollars for this sub and oh by the way we need another $170 to play in general too" 'cause the latter would be pretty silly to realize you can't find a way to pay a third of your teams fees after week 1 is already over....

Don't get me wrong though, I hope everything ends up alright and you guys find a way to play.

posted about 2 years ago
#6 A cp Vanguard postmortem in Map Discussion

One thing that doesn't help too much is the fact that it's a linear map. A lot of popular maps have some sort of S shape that allows you to use advantages to push through the short and cramped way to cut people off when normally it'd be difficult, compared to the large and safe way. The only map that has survived through the ESEA map pool cycle with a linear design is granary, and it's one of the least popular maps still around anyway, skating by since the choke points for the most part aren't crazy wide apart. When your map gets too wide it can become difficult to help your flank getting pushed if your most advantageous door to transition through was on the opposite side of the map. Having a linear map imo doesn't automatically make the map terrible, but it definitely doesn't help it become good.

I know the HL community complained about last being too hard to push but at first glance it kind of looks like it might be too hard to hold for 6s. The right door looks difficult to control, the capture point is pretty big, and the transitional "lobby" area that exists throughout lasts like process, snakewater, and gullywash now has to be either held by the defending team (which isolates your heals), or given away traditionally (with untraditional height disadvantage being the issue).

I also don't think the transitional lobby between 2nd and mid is that popular because with all of the doorways being so spacious it seems very easy to get behind and find a path to get to 2nd due to everything being intertwined, compared to every map in the pool we have now where people have defined chokepoints/hallways/doorways that it's their job to clear.

I don't think Vanguard becoming a good map for 6s is 100% out of the question personally, but it would definitely require a lot of reworking for that to happen.

posted about 2 years ago
#2 New freezing in Q/A Help

Same things been happening to me. I haven't had the opportunity to test much yet but I'll edit my post if I find something that fixes it.

EDIT: I restarted my modem + router and I haven't noticed the issue anymore after about 4 hrs of gameplay. I'll play more and see if it comes back at all.

EDIT 2: another 3 1/2 hours and no problems. I guess that did it.

posted about 2 years ago
#6 PSA: ESEA Winnings have been emailed! in TF2 General Discussion

the information in the email is generalized so just ask one of your teammates to forward theirs to you and you should be fine

posted about 2 years ago
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