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#789 ESEA Season 29 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

submit a ticket

posted about a year ago
#2 Need Esea Code in TF2 General Discussion

check ur tf.tv pms

posted about a year ago
#5 veL | sighguy :o in TF2 General Discussion
posted about a year ago
#56 Jarrett lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

give me a home

posted about a year ago
#7433 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#3 need a esea code in Off Topic

i gotcha

edit: check ur tf.tv pms

posted about a year ago
#55 its back in TF2 General Discussion

for clarity the meeting was invite captains/team reps that were planning on playing invite the day of the meeting. I didn't really like how impromptu it was but that's how they have historically been for seasons now so it's unfortunately nothing new.

while conflicting opinions were thrown back and forth for hours, there were definitely things that everyone agreed to not touch (natasha, rescue ranger), so the rules page whitelist is prob just old from 25 or 26 or whatever that season was.

posted about a year ago
#35 ESEA S29 Map Vote in TF2 General Discussion

afaik the map replacing is postponed til next season, unless this extension gave extra time to do it.

posted about a year ago
#84 ESEA Season 29 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

if ya don't take the initiative to move up, get ready for the 8 teams you don't want to play to come down, still play you, and take all of your prize money too

we lost IM out of multiple top open teams assuming that x y or z team would fill out the last spot when they didn't

at this point I don't think anyone really cares if you're not technically the ~next best team~ because that's one sure way to repeat history

if you're expected to land top 4 IM this season please just say fuck it and move up because if there are any assumptions to be made, it's that nobody else will do it

It literally makes ZERO sense to dodge invite just to have ALL of invite come down to you

EDIT: Shame that lucratives team has to step up once again but thank fucking god they did it

posted about a year ago
#2 New Steam Chat / Friends List Problems in Q/A Help

I have the first problem too and it's a little annoying. Hope they recognize and fix it quickly.

EDIT: vvvvvv that worked but I couldn't click on phantoms name so he had to message me vvvvvv

posted about a year ago
#2 S29 Newbie Mix Team Drive in TF2 General Discussion

The drive is in good hands this year, help them out if you can!

posted about a year ago
#2 High level ultiduo in TF2 General Discussion

paging daffodil

posted about a year ago
#3 PSA: Upward Players in TF2 General Discussion

its not just upward


eddie_calderonit only happens with overlapping stickies or stickies closely touching each other. likely caused by valve's attempt to fix overlapping stickies not all applying explosive damage/force when detonated (noticeable most with traps and jumping)

banned in most/all leagues I think

posted about a year ago
#18 S28 Newbie Mix Team Drive in Projects

last season

I didnt reset the numbers because I didn't want to confuse the newbies to which mumble channel was theirs

posted about a year ago
#16 S28 Newbie Mix Team Drive in Projects

Teams are completed!

Team 11
Coach: Jaguarfiend
Medic: DCKM
Demo: Qasist
Pocket: golden
Roamer: Bradlis
Scout: boat
Scout: SteinerW
Backup: varrick

Team 12
Coach: Phantom
Medic: raisins
Demo: Zalway
Pocket: TheRealWeiner
Roamer: koolaidalan
Scout: Yirktos
Scout: TBD

Team 13
Coach: Slicerogue
Medic: Trauma Queen
Demo: Classy Lizard
Pocket: Ajax
Roamer: JayKay
Scout: Treatz
Scout: CrimeScene
Backup: Solemn Shadow

Team 14
Coach: reece
Medic: Allen
Demo: Cyrus
Pocket: Johnny_Tower
Roamer: smokey
Scout: noom
Scout: Sanity
Backup: Prodi
Backup: Crusader

Team 15
Coach: Grape Juice III
Medic: Fuzbuzz
Demo: X3noxide
Pocket: Arryu
Roamer: Spinda
Scout: DannyHollow
Scout: Copper
Backup: R1ce
Backup: Robbotjam

A smaller list than last time, but that's okay. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to coach, the admin staff for helping with the document, and everyone who donated to help pay for multiple of these players.

posted about a year ago
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