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NeedMoreSwag races into Premiership
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November 4, 2021

NeedMoreSwag is a completely new creation, featuring 6 of Premiership's most wanted talents joining forces to challenge for the top spots. Orchestrated by jeven99, NeedMoreSwag is made up of players from the now-defunct GlobalClan.EU, as well as players from the last Prem iteration of The Bus Crew and former FAINT and nerdRage members. Week 1 saw them lose out to favorites Witness Gaming, but they put up a good fight on Process and have the rest of the season to improve.

ixy and daga have featured on GlobalClan.EU for the last two seasons, reaching 4th and 5th place. The two players were hailed as standout performers while on that team, both being nominated for awards, with daga taking home the “Debut of the Season” award during S38. Their quality has been demonstrated many times now, and they both return as ambitious players ready to break their 4th place curse. daga will stay on Demoman, but ixy has opted for a slight switch, from Flank to Pocket Scout.

The only players to have played in a Grand Final on this roster are vani and nubbi, who actually faced each other in the ultimate game of Season 38, with nubbi’s nerdRage taking home the win and vani and FAINT having to make do with a silver medal. An extremely accomplished player, vani made their Premiership debut a whole 3 years before nubbi even played an official, and will be keen to bring experience and stability from the Medic spot. Renowned shoveling artist nubbi has opted to take a break after finally managing to win Prem in S38, and don’t expect to see them have less of an impact after the Market Garden ban, as they proved during their last appearances that they are a lot more than a one-trick-pony.

Finally, jeven99 and Kaper will be re-uniting once more, although this time they won’t both be on the flank. The duo first played together on The Compound, where they won Division 1 during Season 35, before featuring for the Season 37 iteration of The Bus Crew and reaching 4th place there. Kaper’s skill as Flank Scout does not need to be proven, and jeven99 has opted to switch from Roamer to Pocket, in order to lead more efficiently.

To get some insight, we got in touch with jeven99 to find out just how this happened.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: This team is a bit of a weird mixture of players, how did it begin?

A long time ago when jeven and kaper lost low grand finals to disco by they had a burning desire ever since it happened to build a top premiership team and play a game against his team once again and completely break him smithereens. After the passing of a few years worth of time, nubbi was just chilling on monday, playing a late night pug at 5:41 AM not expecting anything special, since it was the last pug of the night, nubbi won the pug too easily, he later realized something, that him and the other soldier on his pug team had the perfect synergy, put he couldn't remember the name, these were the two words he kept hearing in his head: "KHALISTAN and ZINDABAD" he immediately knew he needed to get in contact with him and start theory crafting a new project. It has taken nubbi two years to get in contact with jeven. Meanwhile jeven and kapers relationship developed deeply, they climbed through the divs together securing various first place medals and becoming roommates. Unfortunately jeven takes almost all of the bandwidth in their household forcing kaper to play from his mobile data. After months of theory crafting, nubbi recommended daga as a demoman since they go way back, and nubbi felt bad for cutting him from his own low team 4 years ago. Daga having played the past two season with ixy, whom became a father figure for him (for various reasons). We had no other choice but to put his perfect flanking and spanking talent onto someones medi BEAM, and that special someone was VANI.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: If you reach playoffs you'll likely have to play Witness Gaming, who you lost to in Week 1 - what went wrong there and how are you fixing it?

Upon the first weeks gigantesque defeat, we have lost all our hope on achieving ETF2L Season 40 PremierShip playoffs. Maks outstanding performance took everyone by surprise, even tho we felt like we were prepared for everything, this was the one joker card we couldn't have thought about. There isn't any motivation left in the team after this incident, we are folding next week.

Ready to make a few fashion victims, NeedMoreSwag is :

  • Pocket Scout: ixy
  • Flank Scout: kaper
  • Roamer: nubbi
  • Pocket: jeven99
  • Demoman: daga
  • Medic: vani
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too much swag

too much swag
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kaper smells like poo

kaper smells like poo
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nice that vani doesn't have to play in rgl main anymore

nice that vani doesn't have to play in rgl main anymore
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i didn't write any of this broken english, was daga

i didn't write any of this broken english, was daga
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No need to make excuses, not everyone is Shakespear

No need to make excuses, not everyone is Shakespear
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But did they crush Disco Boy?

But did they crush Disco Boy?
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kapertoo much swag

this one didn't age so well

[quote=kaper]too much swag[/quote]
this one didn't age so well
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