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Generation karnax hopes to reAlizée a better season
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May 27, 2019

Raf has blown new life into veu crever who will now be known under the alias Generation karnax, as an homage to the flank scout's enjoyment of Alizée. After securing a Premiership spot last season the team hopes to make a reappearance despite being sent to the relegation zone last season, securing only 5 points. Following a class switchup, the all-French team hopes to climb up the table this upcoming season.

Generation karnax swapped around their roles within the team toward the end of the season to promote better synergy. With scout AlienSmiley feeling uncomfortable playing Product, and unable to play soldier the team decided to place him on Demoman, swapping skilled double jumper Olgha on scout and putting maincaller Raf on Pocket.

With Raf leading the charge, this team is ready to tackle ETF2L Season 33 as well as prepare for Insomnia65. (picture by Ness "uberchain" Delacroix)

Although the team managed to get an upset win in Week 5 against the other all-French minus sanz's team in Prem, l'En Avant de Guingamp, the team had to face giants such as Se7en, Ascent.EU, and SVIFT in their last four weeks. The team, having existed since Season 22 in some form and some name, has had the core of karnax, Olgha and Raf since i61. After a break following Season 28, the team had a run in Division 1 in Season 31, taking 3rd place after being knocked out by Professional Disney Fangirls. Following a minor roster change, the team managed to take one of the two premiership spots in the following season, most notably knocking out Professional Disney Fangirls. With i65 coming up and England being only a train away from France, Generation karnax hopes to take this form into lan.

Team leader Raf offered insight:

If we end up qualifying, our goal will be the same than last season. Getting a place into top 6 so we can keep our spot and try to close the gap with the teams above that is still huge at the moment We all have a a lot of room to improve as a team and as player to reach the top

The roster for Generation karnax is:

  • Scout: karnax
  • Scout: Olgha
  • Roamer: dwo
  • Pocket: Raf
  • Demoman: AlienSmiley
  • Medic: mulaa
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that pun is god tier

that pun is god tier
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