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#42 May I ask talk about the current pandemic? in World Events

I think you're making the fundamental mistake of assuming you not being given a platform to express your opinion is the same as you being silenced.

posted about a year ago
#9 The Top 10 Fragmovies of All Time in Videos
mustardoverlorddon't agree with the entire list but I definitely agree with #1

it's a sad fact that the best frags are found in simple frag+music compilations by guys like botmode or elacour or redcoatzygote or whoever, whereas the best editing was found in older videos where the frags look less impressive but beast editors like subtitled, decap, bones, bonez, cube, and cla were still around

Personally I prefer the simple frag shows. The overeditted stuff comes across as a little too edgy most of the time.

posted about a year ago
#135 2nd Place B4nny in TF2 General Discussion
You have to pay for the flight there (at this point in time, it's probably at least $1000 from the closest places in NA, hundreds more as you go west), the hotel, the transportation, the food, and lastly, the drinks, who almost everyone will partake in, as you don't just go halfway across the world to not socialize and have fun. If you have all the money settled, and you actually want to attend, you have to take off of work that Monday and likely Thursday/Friday, maybe even Wednesday if you decide you don't want to spend only 3 days at a tournament where you'll be playing for almost 2 entire days. In reality, for those who work regular schedules, you're losing even more money than simply the amount of the flights, travel, and LAN.

I really enjoyed going the first couple of times (the second time only because I met everyone I hadn't met the first time), but any amount more and it becomes kind of tiring. You dread the travel, you dread playing day 1 from like 9 am to midnight the next day on jetlag and minimal sleep, you dread the loss of money. It's not like it's some kind of fucking conspiracy that no one wants to go, as if you're all better people who would die for a chance to go to LAN and you're disappointed that everyone on froyo is missing this deal of a lifetime. Yeah, no shit, it would be your first time there, you're thinking entirely hypothetically, and you have no idea what the process actually entails. Once you've experienced everything, it can become not only overwhelming, but you can easily think of more reasons to not attend than to attend. And as banny says, if one person doesn't want to go, it becomes a domino effect. One person not wanting to go makes the next person, who thinks his presence invaluable, uninterested in attending. If you're going to spend money out of pocket to miss days of work and attend a LAN in Europe, you're going to want to do it correctly, with a real roster.
I don't agree with the idea that b4nny is a LAN dodger though - Given clockwork's insight on attending European TF2 LANs in his time it's pretty understandable as to why b4nny wouldn't want to travel to Europe again to play at insomnia, for instance.

What's the point of going to LAN in another continent for a second place in the best scenario.

Also where did b4nny really complain about the shittalking?

posted about a year ago
#14 How does Jayhyunpae compare to other top pockets ? in TF2 General Discussion
alfaflyingbuddy He literally created a new way to play soldier with an unlock all of us thought was dogshit, so the only comparison of old ages I think would be platinum, so I think Jay/Plat/Lansky are like the same top level pocket.

Market gardener?

posted about a year ago
#6 if you dont like ducks you are dumb and lame in Off Topic

hell yea


posted about a year ago
#23 satan has fully emerged in TF2 General Discussion

I enjoyed this.

posted about a year ago
#2 MikeyA? in TF2 General Discussion

it appears i have been baited

posted about a year ago
#1 MikeyA? in TF2 General Discussion

join my mid team?

posted about a year ago
#999 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion

6s is an acquired taste and if it would be my first introduction to tf2 I would've quit after 30 minutes. At its core my first 1000 hours were just enjoying the chaos in pubs, and once that got boring and I was somewhat familiar with in-game mechanics I felt like 6s was a nice way to continue because it adds a lot more depth to the game.

posted about a year ago
#35 How would you buff the spy? in TF2 General Discussion

Make spy 30 cm.

posted about a year ago
#63 Why aren't you prem/invite yet? in TF2 General Discussion

brain and coordination bad

if i watch certain prem players pov, the immediate decision making is admirable, even if it's "only tf2"

posted about a year ago
aboOodbearodactylits a shame cause she was a legitimately nice person from all my interactions at lans and stuff and did seem to actually care a good bit about the game, but after fucking up colossally and getting both rewind 3 and BTS cancelled, and defending dashner despite knowing what he did, can't have any sympathy whatsoever
what was her argument for defending dashner

They were friends and he was "good" for the tf2 community. If I recall correctly sami even blamed the tf2 community for outing Dashnerr ("the tf2 community would eat their nose to spite their face" or something).

posted about a year ago

This was worth the 1 year wait.

posted about a year ago
#20 Hours Past 2 Weeks Challenge (!!!IMPORTANT!!!) in TF2 General Discussion

i have no shame


posted about a year ago
#12 What happened to the old STAR_? in Videos
funhaver1998do people really feel like that tho? i feel he cherry picked comments mainly probably posted by children and his audience does appreciate vids like the sweet genius ome

Considering it has 57k likes vs. 568 dislikes, I'm inclined to agree.

posted about 2 years ago
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