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#40 TF2 player nationalities by toxicity in Off Topic

Just how can you not give brits the D tier

posted 2 days ago
#222 The nicest player? in TF2 General Discussion

KLR and Sanz for sure

posted 1 week ago
#128 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

It's horrific how i think back to GA2017 when i was 16, and many players attending where minors, that this guy is coming to production, hanging out drunk in the venue and talking to people like it was nothing.

Now, i'd like people to understand also that shitting on personal people through this forum isn't the best idea to solve anything, it's just called cyber-bullying, so please for the love of god, moderate your terms

posted 1 week ago
#57 Offclassing social stigma in TF2 General Discussion

tbf in-game competitive has no support from anyone atm

posted 1 month ago
#33 Offclassing social stigma in TF2 General Discussion

Every one do not want me to add a comment here so i'll start :

running offclasses in different situations can always be viable for a team, as long as they know what they're doing, if they made a plan before. you don't make your team better by taking offclasses at random times for fun/ to make the ennemy tilt. For me, se7en has the best use of non-standart offclasses, because usually starkie has made a strat around it.
But thing is, se7en is worldwide known as one of the best team of the world + a very fair-play team to play against, so you know they won't try to troll you in scrims, result is, if they offclass, you know that's a strat.
Let's now imagine, a team running full pyro most of the games BECAUSE they think it is viable for them. I can tell by experience that at first, every one will try to make think it's stupid, that it doesn't work even though they've never actually try to do strats. We, in DABZLANDS, had the chance to be really united so they trusted me, but i think for most teams, if you get shit on everytime you play because a guy in your team tries to make his stuff happen, it's more likely you'll not trust a lot your team guy. Once you made it clear that you'll play with this offclass strat in officials matches, and gain some street cred in terms of performance. you'll encounter different type of teams to scrim against :

-There will be the teams that just think you're a clown, and so they will not scrim you (+ in some cases insult in public forums and so on...)
-Teams which will not scrim you BECAUSE it's too unique. It's a fair point that i agree with, because if you're not in direct opposition with this unique team during your season, it is not useful to scrim them, as they're playing differently.
-Finally Teams, very rare ones, that wants to scrim you because you're playing unique, which is for me a good thing to do (Special thanks to the polish team of s28-29, who even adopted this strat back then, and also the russian team with dima, and obviously ringo squad)

Basically, you don't get a lot scrims, so i remember i had to swear to the ennemy team that i won't go pyro during our scrims. which is disapointing.

As it stands today, if you want to make your off-classing strat a real thing, you have to look clean and friendly, having a team full of good dudes, being at least known for being good at the game, not listening to the community of people harrassing you to stop it, and practise against the very 2-3 same teams which has agreed to play against you. That, along with many other reasons, is why we don't have a lot of these nowadays.

posted 1 month ago
#6 Team Fee 4 UGC Ultiduo 2020 in TF2 General Discussion
charleulti tournament means vis and syncing will again and i will not be playing if i have to give either of those players money

try beating them then

posted 1 month ago
#3 Add a new country to the list maybe? in Site Discussion

Can we get a breton flag, very important


posted 1 month ago
#19 BTSTF2 in LAN Discussion

is there anything to help the teams coming to the event other than crowfunding ?

posted 1 month ago
#2 ETF2L S34 Prem Qual Finals: The Bus Crew vs. karnax : ok donc nice calmonie in Matches

Quick changes : I'm on medic, Alien is on scout and Deli is demo

posted 2 months ago
#1 UGC unveil new Ultiduo league for 2020 in News

good news !

posted 2 months ago
#17 Your Greatest Achievement? in Off Topic

My winrate of 75% to girls

posted 2 months ago
#17 Alternative Strategy : Heavy to replace P.Soldier in TF2 General Discussion

Yo starkie give me credit for the next snakewater game

posted 2 months ago
#10 GrumpyKoi cast review in LAN Discussion

Not enough DrunkyKoi :/

posted 2 months ago
#13 Olgha - AMA in LAN Discussion
plusProtonThoughts on detonator getting banned

on 1 side, the weapon is broken, does too much after burn duration on splash and is too easy to spam
on the other hand, the weapon itself is one of the most interesting weapon in the game in my opinion, allowing a lot of plays.

I feel a bit stab by that, as one of the only person using it, but if that allows players to have a better time playing then it's fine

dishsoapfavorite word?


posted 2 months ago
#9 Olgha - AMA in LAN Discussion
T-Macfavourite scatter gun bullet in the clip? between 1 and 6 obviously

I'd say 5th cause it's orgasmic to land a clean 2 shots, but i prefer pistol anyway

Azazel-do you think this one will be lost among all the others

I'm truly looking forward to downgrade my winrate at arm wrestling from 10% to 7%

yak404Snackwhat makes your AMA stand out compared to all the other AMAs out there fighting for the top spot?He has the best smile

he got it

posted 2 months ago
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