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#48 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion

its good to use the fall time to have tests may it be no season and cups or a "test" season.
I would like to see the iron bomber hitbox fix being tested at some point before the end of the year too

remember people freaked out before gunboats were introduced too and it turned out fine.

props to plugin devs and admins for this one

posted 1 week ago
#58 Wallpaper check in Off Topic

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 getting angry at myself in TF2 General Discussion
i get too frustrated with myself when i don't succeed at something

That is life for you. In your head you can picture yourself 20-0ing b4nny, fucking this girl in your class, or starting the next microsoft. The truth is b4nny has played (and lost) a fuckton before making it, every chad has had blunders, and the first DOS was a copy of unix but worse.
What matters is to fail and keep trying, because what is fulfilling is not the end result but the act of trying.

it just piles up in a shitshow of anger and worthlessness. people try and give me advice but i get too angry to ever listen to it. and i don't want to quit just yet, i want to prove myself to be one of the best

I was like you when I was still addicted to starcraft. The rare times I would win it would not feel as strong a feeling as all the times I lost. It took me years to open my eyes and realize that I did not enjoy the act of playing the game, but that I craved for that perfect and satisfying win feeling that did not exist.

eventually in tf2 i lost so much that I became numb lol

posted 2 weeks ago
#17 Young Man Poll in TF2 General Discussion

no one quits tf2

posted 3 weeks ago
#26 why dafuqwizat didn't cheat: in TF2 General Discussion

Finally some activity around here

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 song recommendations in Music, Movies, TV

posted 1 month ago
#195 Diabotical Kickstarter in e-Sports

I assume that you talk about duel?

You would expect space not to be controlled in TDM/FFA as nobody has much time to get most weapons.

> Rockets feel like weird interp tf2 rockets, the playermodel isn't on the ground and that combined with really floaty jumping and surfs makes rockets even more useless

Rockets in quake compared to tf2 are faster, the rate of fire is faster and they splash much less. Duelers dont use them too much when they can use lg because hitscan but they remain a space control tool. I would say that you are just too used to tf2 pacing and need to learn a new weapon.

>All you have to do when the other guy pulls out rockets is jump and then continue to lg because its impossible for them to follow up

You are talking about an opponent pushing into you with rockets? THis is not usually what happens in a quake duel where rockets shine in a defensive position when someone chases you, or to shoot at items.

>Lg also has like no knockback so you cant punish people for pushing in bad spots

Thats different in quake. Probably a conscious choice by diabotical devs. After all, why make lg even stronger (=have knockback) when you already said it's the best weapon? If someone pushes you then you either hit everything with lg and he dies, or you use rockets.

>So many times I've picked up red+mega+another armor off spawn just to been killed by another idiot running through a tight choke at half my stack because there's literally nothing stopping them.

Nothing stops you from flying everywhere in cpma either lol, if you lose a fight with twice the stack he has twice your DM, or more weapons and you did not have to fight at that time.

>there's nothing you can do to stop the other guy from taking the tele and challenging other than just having better lg.

Fights around items just seem like 50/50 lg fights, and then you back off and try to rail just to reset for the next set of lg fights. It really feels like cpma where you regain "control" by just running at the other guy constantly hoping for good damage, with map control and positional counterplay being a nonfactor (compared to how important it is in ql).

That indeed does not sound too appealing, if true. However in all quake games, just like RTS, games become interesting, tactical and positional only when players have a roughly similar skill level. So perhaps you did not find many players with the same DM level as you and fights ended up in stomps. Which if true, is going to kill the duel scene fast like all quake clones.
Also if you come from CPMA you might not be used to the run away game you have to do in ql, and attempt to take too many bad fights.
Look here the pacing :

Does not seem to show the same issues as you had with the lg only.

posted 1 month ago
#3 Asking the real questions in Off Topic

at last insomnia LAN I asked the subway gal for the BBC sauce instead of the BBQ

posted 1 month ago
#2 2020 hindsight on ETF2L's proposed schedule in News

TLDR admins are pussies listen to community outrage and will have s37 in 2020

posted 1 month ago
#46 Quitting + my story in TF2 General Discussion

olgha back already? =) nobody quits tf2

posted 1 month ago
#6 Australian Thread in Off Topic

sǝʇɐɯ ʞuᴉɥʇ ɐʎ ʇuop ǝɹǝɥ uᴉ ʇoɥ ƃuᴉʞɔnɟ sʇᴉ sʇunɔ dnssɐʍ

posted 1 month ago
#6 German Thread in Off Topic

posted 1 month ago
#8 Turkish Thread in Off Topic
StylaxDoner meat and chips please mate.

what sauce?

posted 1 month ago
#20 Generally not well known films.... in Music, Movies, TV

lots of good movies in your posts already. I would add :
Nightcrawler (2014) : a loner becomes a crime scene cameraman for shock tv news
Moon : 2009 : a dude alone on a mining moon base learns about who he is
Event Horizon (1997): warhammer 40k prequel
Network (1976) : an old out of fashion tv host learns he's fired and goes nuts live on air

Also I noticed some of you were fond of french movies. If that is the case then watch the classics from the 60s:
Fantomas : 3 action/comedic movies making fun of james bond
Les tontons flingueurs : a comedy about french organised crime : it is almost mandatory to speak french to appreciate the dialogue
Les barbouzes : a comedy about cold war era spies fighting over some military IP held by the widow of a deceased rich man : it is almost mandatory to speak french to appreciate the dialogue
La folie des grandeurs : a comedy adapted from the theater piece ruy blas

posted 1 month ago
#46 Team Comtress 2 in Projects

at this point you should gang up with all the other tf2 community members and make your own game if u gonna do valves job but better

posted 1 month ago
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