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#46 The small ammo pack on villa last in TF2 General Discussion
SetsulFor float that means the choice is between 0.199999988079071044921875 and 0.20000000298023223876953125. The latter is simply closer to the "true value" 0.2 than the former.

So who determines how rounding is done between IEEE and the CPU architecture maker?

posted 1 month ago
#14 rahThread: Class nerf discussion in TF2 General Discussion

fix iron bomber hitbox
disable banny bind to give more advantage to last offence
disable reload when holstered for all weapons such as xbow and flaregun
xbow ammo reduced : if medic wants to spam it he's gonna consume the boxes his teammates need
revert heavy back to having no penalty when he starts shooting
make vaccinator so it's not possible to stack mini ubers on one person

posted 1 month ago
#24 cp_subbase (5cp) in Map Discussion
DropKnockTwiggy'sewers' unreacheable from 2nd for the medics -> one less push option into midI'm sure you can reach it as a medic if you jump from the barrel that's near it

Okay then I stand corrected

yllenessentially I dont want 3 main flanks, I want 2 with an optional dropdown type of area that is easily watched.

Okay, makes sense. Just be careful of defenders' height advantage.
Right now u push 2nd u are blasted by the dudes on top of point
u push mid u are blasted by people on both crate stacks + the big door balcony + the sewers + people on choke in front of you have a HP super near

yllenIn terms of access to highground on mid, I want to make it harder for scouts to get on highground similar to granary, where you have to choose a different rollout path to get quick highground

Good idea, lf to playing it more

posted 2 months ago
#4 Calling All Old School (EU) Public Players. in TF2 General Discussion

Good idea. Is it fixed map rotation or votes? Also it's down atm

posted 2 months ago
#21 cp_subbase (5cp) in Map Discussion

This is fun. My 2 cents:
try to put some medium HP on the balcony area of 2nd
instead of a drop down on the 'riverside' part of last, what about connecting it to the right hand side of spawn area?
on mid the small hp on the crate is too close to the other healthpacks, i think it should be on the other crate in front of the 'sewers'
'sewers' area is really cramped with no packs and a tiny entrance to 2nd. it makes it punitive to use when you want to push 2nd
'sewers' unreacheable from 2nd for the medics -> one less push option into mid
mid crates in front of 'sewers' are unreacheable for slower classes. Maybe add something like process mid's small rock that's time consuming but gives access

posted 2 months ago
#25 rahThread: 3 minute round time in TF2 General Discussion
blAstroIt was just too much man. I felt sort of bad for the casters trying to keep up with everything, the game constantly being a slugfest either way.

that's how the game used to look like back in the day though.
You can take any vod from any league from 2012-2013.
Now you might prefer the way the game plays today, and that's fine.

But anyway one gripe I've heard is as a team, why bother learning how to push out of last/2nd if you can just learn the holds and the midfights and be rewarded?

posted 3 months ago
#3 ronz exorcises MANDEM in News


posted 3 months ago
#18 rahThread: 3 minute round time in TF2 General Discussion
mmrarkte3 minute round timer seems lame. rewards defending teams way too much, why try to ever push out or do anything when you can turtle on last for 3 minutes for another mid fight and chance to win the round.

how about if you turtle for 3 minutes the opponent scores 1 point, but if the opponent caps they score 2 points? Then you make it winlimit 10 or something.

posted 3 months ago
#32 Where is the value in TF2, for you? in TF2 General Discussion

I liked discovering the game. It was so fresh and varied and fun.

I kept playing comp because I liked the challenge. I liked the flow of 6s, fluid kind of like rugby. I felt that it didn't matter how I aimed if I knew what to do.

Then playing lobbies became my third place out of convenience of playing anytime without needing comms, and my only stop these days with the shit schedule that comes with being a wageslave.

Bottom line is, the game makes me laugh at it more than it makes me curse it.

posted 3 months ago
#4 remove marriage popups ingame in Q/A Help
MightyMeWhile we are at it... can we also remove the contracts?

tf_contract_progress_show "0"

no clue for the global system messages tho

posted 4 months ago
#21 "tf2 projectiles have aim assist" in TF2 General Discussion

was that in issue in quake? you could alter Rocket Launcher position too.

is it a common coding trick in other FPS?

posted 10 months ago
#21 Windows 11 in Off Topic

still using win7 lmao

posted 10 months ago
#15 tf2 draft tournament idea in TF2 General Discussion

we did this in the french community using team budgets and rating players and it was a fun balanced dmix cup

posted about a year ago
#20 talking about pl_badwater in Videos

the deep good part of youtube

posted about a year ago
#14 POLL: which tftv subforums do you actively browse? in Off Topic

i dont browse any but just look at recent activity

posted about a year ago
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