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#20 ETF2L Season 32 announced in News

I'm surprised by the high rating of sunshine for a map which copies the process layout (but with worse areas) and is so much scout/defense favored. I also wonder who, in a 4maps a night scrim session, picks sunshine over granary/badlands outside of sunshine etf2l weeks.

posted 15 hours ago
#14 Ideas around the map pool concept in Map Discussion

those maps aren't similar?
easy last to turtle into with offclasses
2nd point has highground over last lobby giving defenders a very easy time
sightlines from 2nd to last lobby impossible to deny (tbf sunshine is less flawed on this than say, snake)
highground on mid for mid defenders

To me this is is clearly maps sharing the same structure. And it's not a problem. People enjoy playing variations of the same structure. So I don't see the problem in having 2 maps using the viaduct formula.

Now in EU we dont play coalplant. I believe it's significantly different than viaduct, so what were the reasons of stopping it in esea?

posted 21 hours ago
#9 Crit boosted ambassador also has damage falloff in Q/A Help
Psycho_This actually also affects mini-crits (like on jarate or an escape plan soldier) and it's pretty annoying to do -24 with a minicrit

I sent them emails about that last year and they ended up blocking my adress so maybe they don't want to fix it

haha what the fuck volvo pls

posted 1 day ago
#12 Ideas around the map pool concept in Map Discussion
lucrativesagei thought people disliked koth more. the koth maps in the new map cup were garbage tho.
some actual great koth maps that people don't seem to know:
koth_bagel (autumn theme, best koth map of the past few years imo)
koth_whitecreek (alpine theme)
koth_cannery (asia theme)

all these maps have been tried and tested and share the same issues viaduct has already (maybe not cannery as much), lots of high ground for the defenders, easy to defend the point but harder to attack, forward holding is extremely strong.

Not saying these things are bad, it makes viaduct what it is but when it comes to new koth maps they should promote different gameplay and meta if more are going to be added. There are plenty in the works and undiscovered ones that fit this mold imo and I'm working to develop them over this season and possibly run a koth cup by the end of the season.

I disagree. By this logic why have sunshine/process/blands and not only one of the three? Even outside of those 3 several 5cp maps share the same features and flaws, and it's not a reason for not playing them. What does logjam change on the standard 5cp formula for example?

Did you do waterton in one of your maptest pugs? I've never seen/played it.

posted 1 day ago
#1 Monitor choice for office/browsing in Hardware

Hi, I'm invoking the spirits of the monitor nerds.

I'm trying to find a good 24" monitor for office/browsing use only with HDMI, 1080p, adjustable height/tilt/pivot.
I've narrowed my search to 3 iiyama models :
ProLite XB2483HSU-B3 : AMVA, couldnt find any color probe data to judge colorimetry
ProLite XB2474HS-B1 : VA, same as above
ProLite B2483HS-B3 : TN panel, i've found one resource that talks about good colorimetry/contrast

Basically if you have data to judge the panels quality I'm all for it


posted 1 day ago
#15 Hackers in dm in TF2 General Discussion
Seinfeldim always surprised pubbers aren't huge fans of DM mod, it seems like a pubber kind of mode

well even if they somehow understood what to do (classes, stay at mid, etc) do you think they'd enjoy going 1/50 for tens of hours before getting the hang of it?

posted 1 day ago
#5 Ideas around the map pool concept in Map Discussion
ConsoleUnfortunately going that route right now for tf2 would mean we would be playing turbine, swiftwater, and foundry.

What do you mean? These maps have not been reworked, by valve or anyone, AFAIK.

HyceNo, the up and coming maps aren't going to play like process/snake/gully/sunshine right off the bat

This shouldn't be a goal. New maps should strive to make different experiences. For example, granary plays different than the maps you quoted, original badlands had a more punitive ammo management + last cap, etc.

What I really disliked during some lans were the pick/ban system, where a team could ban the same maps round after round and almost get away without playing a single time the map they did not practice. Being the best should mean being the best everywhere.

What about a "map wildcard"? A team could choose a map, and, a certain number of times during a season, force a fixture to happen on this map (unless the other team counter-wildcards you). You would then make the pool of wildcardable maps larger than the league pool to include whatever slightly sub-par maps, and let teams metagame each other.

posted 1 day ago
#8 warcraft 3 reforged in Other Games

no. get the original by whatever means then play it either on official servers, or on gameranger. don't give money to those lazy gits

posted 1 day ago
#4 Crit boosted ambassador also has damage falloff in Q/A Help

maybe if you shoot an email at valve, and they acknowledge it's a mistake, they will "fix" it and accidentally buff the weapon (like the stickies some years ago)

posted 1 day ago
#1 Ideas around the map pool concept in Map Discussion

With all the mapmakers, and maps that deserve more play time, the map pool system has never been questioned.
AFAIK it's 8 maps in esea, 7 in etf2l, each played twice.

I can tell that in starcraft, each tournament org chooses its map pool freely. Blizzard does a bunch of maps ( that mostly come, stay, then are never seen again after some time. Kespa when it was around had its own team of mappers. Some maps were shared, some were not. This could lead to several events in a year a player would attend that would have different maps.

How is it in CS events?

For TF2, I wonder if we could have something else to somehow make room for all the maps, over a slower rotation encompassing several seasons for example.

posted 2 days ago
#14 cp_bluff in Map Discussion

a6 feedback as scout/medic

the bridge above mid point is really obnoxious to walk forward on. scouts can get easy access to the height on the train cars but medics and demos are too restricted. The walkable path on the sides is too narrow and impossible to dodge spam on.

I didnt like the drop down + secret on last. It's a death corner if you ever get juggled down here, I don't see what it brings to the last fight.

Overall no memorable fights happened in the lobby area. Frags were only people caught badly out of position.
Dungeon did help defenders going around the attackers (i got forced easily cuz we didnt watch it), which is good.

I suggest getting rid of it, or somehow connecting it to the low ground in lobby here :

It could then allow you to make a lobby with two levels a la badlands : top level gives you top right and top left entrances, lower level gives you main and this new entrance, dungeon could be simplified and lead to second in a straight line from here for example :

The new pillar behind the last point felt somehow wider than the gullywash ramp to water. It made fighting there seem cluttered, but wasn't too impactful.

I liked the new 2nd forward spawn door to the safe side

I didn't like the second hold too much : holding from inside there :

is safe, but boring, and useful regardless of where the attackers come from. Overall not much rotation was needed from 2nd defenders and this is IMHO bad.

This highground :

Was never used by the defenders. I still think it's too powerful as a position for a team holding 4th and looking after a force of people going out of last, which makes holding 4th too strong (also the shape is weird). It doesnt even block a dangerous sniper sightline imo.

Getting shoved/juggled into here as you're trying to push happened a few times :

and is both misleading and hard to escape.

I suggest getting rid of the forward spawn and making it a flank route with wider exit to lobby, and making the door leading to above second wider.

posted 3 days ago
#7 Laptop recommendations in Hardware

What about a refurbished professionnal office laptop with linux? You could get a 15" with decent battery life for much less than $1500.

posted 3 days ago
#4 making friends :) in Off Topic

you can talk about things here too, its what forums are made for

posted 4 days ago
#12 cp_bluff in Map Discussion
TwiggyYeah I heard you lucrative, but i think it's good to tell the map maker that there is different opinions/feelings on this. Disagreements are also useful feedback.

How did the third game go about the 'not pushing rollout' thing?
posted 1 week ago
#11 cp_bluff in Map Discussion

Yeah I heard you lucrative, but i think it's good to tell the map maker that there is no consensus on this. Disagreements are also useful feedback.

How did the third game go about the 'not pushing rollout' thing?

posted 1 week ago
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