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Ascent and SVIFT NA duke it out in an arduous three map series
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February 18, 2018

Ascent overpower SVIFT NA 2-1 in a neck-to-neck series, spanning all three maps with two going into overtime. (Sunshine 2-3, Process 2-1, Snakewater 5-0)

Ascent and SVIFT NA go head to head for one last time in Santa Ana to see who will stay alive in the Lower Round of 4, with the winner going on to fight the European titan: Se7en. With nearly $1,500 on the line in this match alone, both teams are determined to see who will stay alive in the Rewind II Playoffs.


The first map of Sunshine started with a surprising amount of damage and aggression on the side of SVIFT NA, taking the middle point and the following second point. After two failed sacrifice plays by SVIFT NA, Ascent pushed out onto their second and Nursey was able to hit a miracle arrow, dropping skeez. Ascent moved onto the middle point with no SVIFT NA presence and pushed through valley, again without any SVIFT NA opposition. An attempt to push last would be thwarted and SVIFT NA pushed back, taking second and mid again in a tug o’ war. SVIFT NA valoriously continued pushing into Ascent’s territory, eventually capturing Ascent’s last and turning the tide in their favor 1-0.

Ascent displayed their dominance the next mid, taking the middle and second points respectively. Ascent mowed through SVIFT NA’s defenses, bringing the score to an equilibrium 1-1.

Despite the mid going into Ascent’s favor initially, SVIFT NA were able to kite Ascent’s damage and take the middle point. Ascent retained aggression towards mid, taking the point after wasting SVIFT NA’s Kritz charge. The aggression continued, but Ascent was unable to successfully convert on the last point, with SVIFT NA recapturing their second point. But a repush from Ascent mowed down the SVIFT NA players and a scrappy fight would gain Ascent almost enough time on point to cap, but SVIFT NA were able to just barely hold off Ascent. Ascent and SVIFT NA traded frags and SVIFT NA crept slowly through their own second and the middle point. SVIFT NA and Ascent continued to trade their second points, with a succesful push on the side of SVIFT NA finally ending the round, turning the tides in their favor 2-1.

A war of attrition broke out the next round at mid, with Ascent barely holding onto their players through an uber by Nursey. Ascent continued to SVIFT NA’s second and last points, easily stomping SVIFT NA’s non-existant defenses. The score is now tied 2-2 with seven minutes remaining.

SVIFT NA managed to barely win the mid, thanks in part to a 4k from highfive. An attempt at a repush through cafe by Ascent provided no results and SVIFT NA continued onto Ascent’s last. With just over three minutes remaining, either team had to make a play or they’d be forced into overtime. Ascent pushed out of their last with uber, successfully taking down SVIFT NA and recapturing their second point and middle point. With only two minutes remaining, Ascent had only two uber pushes left before they go into overtime. But Ascent’s pushes were both unsuccessful, and SVIFT NA pushed the game into a golden cap 2-2.

SVIFT NA started off strong in overtime, forcing Ascent into their valley and wrapping around them, immediately capping middle, second, and last each after the other and winning SVIFT NA the first map 3-2 in golden cap.


Going into the second map of Process, the control of the map’s middle area was traded between the two teams, eventually falling to SVIFT NA. Coming off of the aggression in the first map, SVIFT NA continued pushing forward, capturing Ascent’s second point and putting them one control point away from winning the first round. Ascent was able to push out of their last, capturing the second and middle points. An uber push in SVIFT NA’s second gave Ascent another control point, but at the cost of full uber disadvantage. Repushes from both teams swapped the middle point multiple times, with failed last pushes from Ascent giving SVIFT NA control of their second time after time again. Another failed push from Ascent by Nursey and paddie pushed Ascent all the way back to their own last. SVIFT NA and Ascent fiercely traded points back and force, each team getting closer yet farther from winning the first round. Eventually, Ascent put the first round on the board after a grueling 22 minute round, finally putting the score 1-0.

Ascent pushed forward in the second round, winning the first middle and pushing forward onto SVIFT NA’s second, but were denied an entry onto second through IT. After yet another tug o’ war between the teams, SVIFT NA finally pushed onto Ascent’s last with uber, tying the score up 1-1.

With one minute and forty seconds left on the clock, either team had the opportunity to clutch the game out in just over one minute or stall the match into overtime. Ascent captured middle point and attempted to push onto SVIFT NA’s last, but without time for uber, Ascent’s aggression was shut out by a sentry, pyro, and heavy, pushing the game into a golden cap, the second in this series.

Ascent was able to capture the middle point, but didn’t pursue the second point. One map down in the series, Ascent needed to play out this round as best as they could or they would be knocked out of Rewind II for good. After three kills from bo4r, bo4r was finally able to find an angle onto skeez, dropping SVIFT NA’s uber and giving Ascent full uber advantage pushing into last. With second captured, Ascent aggressed onto last and captured the last point along with bo4r racking up seven kills in one life. With the final score of 2-1 in overtime, Ascent tie the series 1-1 and move onto the last map: Snakewater.


Ascent started Snakewater building off of their aggression in the previous map, winning the middle point and SVIFT NA’s second point. An initial push onto SVIFT NA’s last gained Ascent lots of time onto the last point, but paddie’s cap was shut down and Ascent were forced to pull out to second. A repush succeeded however, gaining Ascent the first round in the third map.

Ascent’s belligerence continued in the second round, winning the mid over SVIFT NA, but were not able to advance onto SVIFT NA’s second immediately. SVIFT NA kept Ascent at bay, eventually pushing through mid and onto Ascent’s yard. Ascent collapsed onto SVIFT NA, pushing through mid and onto SVIFT NA’s second point, firmly capturing it and gaining map control. With full uber advantage, Ascent advanced onto the last point, but were forced to pull out to mid amidst the loss of their soldiers and a scout. Another repush from Ascent proved to be unsuccessful once again, but a third push finally captured SVIFT NA’s last point, bumping the score to 2-0 in favor of Ascent.

Ascent’s dominance continued into the third round, winning the mid fight as they had for the past three rounds and pushing stoutly onto SVIFT NA’s second point. Ascent were unable to fully capture SVIFT NA’s second, but a spy play from paddie successfully picked off skeez, giving Ascent the uber advantage. However, a drop onto Nursey by botmode gave SVIFT NA the upper hand on the fight at second, allowing SVIFT NA to push out to mid and aggress Ascent’s second point, which they subsequently captured as well. Pushing onto last with uber, SVIFT NA’s uber push was unable to find any ground on last, but Ascent’s ubercharge was building to 100%, giving Ascent the upper hand as they pushed out from last, capturing second, and killing skeez. Ascent pushed forward, capturing middle after a small skirmish, capturing second, and exchanging ubers at last. Ascent fell out of second from SVIFT NA’s reaggression, with the middle point falling to SVIFT NA afterwards. SVIFT NA pushed onto Ascent’s second, but were unable to convert onto last. Ascent reverse swept through SVIFT NA’s points, pushing them all the way back to their last, eventually capturing the last point and bumping Ascent’s score to 3-0.

The immediate loss of both of Ascent’s scouts gave SVIFT NA the upper hand with Ascent retreating to their second. Botmode was almost able to catch Nursey off-guard, but a save from Bdonski kept Ascent in the round. SVIFT NA captured the second point, but with only seven minutes remaining, SVIFT NA had to move fast if they wanted to keep their presence at Rewind II alive and a failed push was the opposite of what they wanted. Ascent pushed forward, capping their own second, the middle point, and SVIFT NA’s second point. Aggression from Ascent, including a flank by bo4r onto skeez and yight, wiped SVIFT NA’s full roster and Ascent took the last point for the fourth time, the score now 4-0.

With only three minutes remaining and SVIFT NA four points down, it was virtually impossible for SVIFT NA to win, let along push the game into a golden cap. Both teams played around in dead time; Ascent eventually capping the last point, rounding the score out to 5-0 in favor of Ascent. Ascent successfully eliminate SVIFT NA, winning the series 2-1.

Ascent will move on to the Lower Bracket Finals, where they will meet the European giant, Se7en. SVIFT NA have been eliminated from Esports Arena’s Rewind II, taking home 6% of the prize pool, currently projected to be $1,014.89

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Damn, nice quick write up! Also, that was a hell of a match, especially those first two maps.

Damn, nice quick write up! Also, that was a hell of a match, especially those first two maps.
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svift did so well in the first two maps, their snakewater game is weak........

svift did so well in the first two maps, their snakewater game is weak........
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good title choice :)

good title choice :)
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skeez loses lan v2 :(

skeez loses lan v2 :(
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my god are the days of tftv spoilers finally over

my god are the days of tftv spoilers finally over
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